Ah siblings! We love to hate them and hate to love them! Simply put we can’t live with them or without them; it is a love-hate kind of relationship. From pulling their hair to trying the latest WWE move on them, from scratching their face to calling them names, from fighting with them on family trips to stealing their hidden stash of snacks and candies, from getting them in trouble to at times even saving them from trouble, siblings have been an important part of us growing up. If you are feeling nostalgic and wish to re-live or re-visit some of these memories, then we highly suggest you to travel with your siblings.


We know people often travel to get away from their worries and reconnect with themselves apart from the obvious reasons like – to travel the world, to explore new places, have an adventure and try different cuisines, etc. And we also know many people consider siblings to be the bane of their existence!


But, if you take a leap of faith and set out on a journey with your siblings, you will soon realize how siblings can actually be a blessing in disguise! Travelling with siblings need not be a dreadful experience and we are here to prove why!

1. Parent’s Approval


What is the most important aspect of any vacation? Finding a good hotel with a view, great amenities, in budget? No! Applying for your travel visa? Not if you are applying through Akbartravels.com. Buying cheap flight tickets? Not really!

Its getting parents’ approval! 

Compared to asking them to let you go on a solo-trip or even on a trip with friends, asking them to let you travel with your siblings can be a piece of cake since technically you will still be travelling with your family. And if they don’t agree, you can easily make a boss move and ask them whether or not they trust your siblings to take care of you. And Boom! Permission Granted!

2. Personal Bodyguard


When you travel with your siblings, it doesn’t matter who’s the oldest, the youngest, or the middle child – siblings will naturally always take responsibility for each other regardless of the birth order. So, if you are planning on trying any crazy stuff this is the time to do it! Paint the town red, your siblings got your back!

3. Quality Time


When was the last time you actually sat down with your siblings and had a heart-to-heart conversation? We get so busy in our day-to-day lives, trying to maintain that work-life balance that we hardly ever get to talk with our siblings as we used to do in the past. If you are looking for an opportunity to strengthen your bond and overcome the age-old sibling-rivalry then you must travel with your siblings. It will provide you with a perfect chance to reconnect with each other.   

4. No Surprises


Just like scrolling through our India tour packages filled with familiar places and fun-packed activities, you can enjoy the comfort and familiarity of having a travel buddy that you know very well or are familiar with. No shocking surprises or major revelations in store for you! You guys are well adjusted and are in-sync with each other; know each other’s habits, routines, likes, dislikes, and even taste in music! You don’t want to be stuck on a long road trip with someone who only listens to sappy songs, or do you?

5. Discover New Things


Since you knew them practically all your life, there is very little scope for surprises left but there may still be some hidden surprises. Use this opportunity to get to know them a little better. The weird or unusual things about your siblings’ life or special skills that they may foster can come to the surface when you travel with your siblings. Who knows they may turn out to be good hagglers or have an unbeatable sense of direction that can come in handy during your trekking trips?

6. Sharing Is Caring


Now, if you plan to travel with your siblings who are of the same gender as you, this is the perfect chance to pack light. Share and mix and match each other’s clothes to create different outfits. If you are planning on booking an international tour package then use this as an advantage to shop till you drop and avoid paying fee for extra baggage. But what if the siblings are of different gender? Then sisters can easily borrow their brother’s shirts and jackets, after all, jo tera hai wo mera hai, right?

7. Paise, Kaise Paise?


Travelling with siblings, notably older siblings, is at times like travelling with a personal ATM or a bank. As they are mostly the first ones to leap for the bills and dip into their wallets when the time comes. You need not worry about splitting bills, asking for money, or sorting the expenses as ye toh ghar ki hi baat hai!

8. Comfort Zone


Siblings are our family and our family is an extension of our home. So, essentially you won’t feel homesick while you travel with your siblings. They will provide the necessary sense of familiarity and comfort zone, as you explore the world around you. It’s like travelling with your own little piece of the home where you don’t feel any shyness and can be your true self and even let your inner be child free without any fear of judgement.

9. Designated Photographer


Clicking pictures is a great way to preserve memories and cherish them for a lifetime. Taking selfies everywhere you go may get monotonous. This is where siblings will come in handy. Pose as much as you want, from supporting the Leaning Tower of Pisa with your hands to picking up the Taj Mahal in a pinch, your siblings will grudgingly oblige until you get that perfect picture!


And the most important reason – Memories! Imagine, years down the line you are sitting down with your kids, nieces and nephews and reminiscing about your trip. You’ll share stories about how your sibling’s tardiness nearly made you guys miss your flight, or how you guys almost ended up on a wrong train, or how you forgot your wallet which had all the documents and cards back at the hotel, etc. all these and so many memories! You will find yourself including these stories in your conversations for a long-long time to come.

Since it’s Siblings Day, it will be the perfect excuse to try and test out our theory of why it is a great idea to travel with your siblings!


So when are you planning your “siblings only” trip? Drop a comment and let us know!

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