Any kind of holiday is a good holiday, but unplugging with your friends calls for a very specific type of trip. Group trips allow us to share common experiences, strengthen the friendship, and have moments of fun and adventure that will always remain in our memories forever. And a good dose of fresh air is even more therapeutic when shared with your gang. Isn’t it?

Are you friends planning another weekend getaway? Bored of going places you’ve been to already and want to explore something new? Something out-of-the-ordinary to make your trips more interesting, not just the “standard” vacation? You’re in luck; there are numerous getaway locations in India that can be missed in the blink of an eye. India is known for some of its more unique vacation spots so how about a different kind of holiday experience the next time you travel with friends? If you are the sort who likes to explore uncharted and mysterious locations, then make sure to cross off this list of seven Indian destinations.

Although a trip with friends guarantees unlimited happiness, planning it can be incredibly stressful. Besides, it’s important to pick the right destination that offers something to please everyone in a group. In order to help you decide, we’ve selected the best destinations to travel with friends and have an epic experience!

Pack your bags and your best friends and head to these 7 exciting Indian destinations for an adventure like no other.

1. Gurez Valley, Kashmir

Gurez Valley
Gurez Valley, Kashmir

Kashmir tops the list for many travelers as the best tourist location in India. While there are many charted and highly popular tourist spots, not many are aware of Gurez Valley. Located 150 kilometres from Srinagar, Gurez Valley is the sort of place you have to visit if you love nature’s wonderlands. Surrounded by lush green lands and rocky slopes, the valley is sure to make you stand still and feel elated in the sights and sound of nature. When you reach the location, you can set up camp at Dawar- a small settlement that offers tourists some good rest from the long journey.

Can you imagine a better scenario to spend a night with your friends?

Tip: Make sure to carry your ID and other relevant documents, as the alley is very close to the heavily militarized zone in the Line of Control.

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2. Kolad, Maharashtra

River rafting in Kolad
River rafting in Kolad

Kolad is synonymous with adventure sports!

Are you and your friends the adventurous sort? Do away with all the usual adventure sports destinations in India and pick the unique spot that is Kolad. Snuggled away as a small village in the Raigad district of Maharashtra, Kolad offers adventure sports lovers one of the most challenging river rafting experiences. The Kundalika River is known for its extreme currents and speed of water that stretches 14 kilometres.

Get pepped up for some awesome zip lining, kayaking and rafting at this wondrous location.

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 3. Lachung – Yumthang, Sikkim

Lachung - Yumthang, Sikkim
Lachung – Yumthang, Sikkim

There are many locations in India that offer that much-needed tranquility, but none do it better than Lachung-Yumthang. The pristine location in Sikkim offers those travelling to Gangtok an opportunity to experience nature at its finest. Hidden by the Himalayan mountain range, Lachung-Yumthang has some fascinating sights like the valley of flowers, the calm waters of Teesta River and an edge-of-the-Earth viewpoint at Zero Point that makes you feel like Leonardo DiCaprio in Titanic.

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 4. Sanchi, Madhya Pradesh

Sanchi, Madhya Pradesh
Sanchi, Madhya Pradesh

If history is a highly talked about subject among your peers, Sanchi is one place you must visit. Believed to have been inaugurated as early as the 3rd Century BC, this historically significant location is sure to keep your eyes peeled throughout. The most awe-inspiring sights include huge structures of Buddhist monasteries and the Great Stupa – the oldest standing stone structure in India and a world heritage site, constructed by Emperor Asoka himself.

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5. Chilika Lake, Orissa

Chilika Lake, Orissa
Chilika Lake, Odisha

For time away that includes the shores of Lake Chilika, hiking, birding, biking, and s’mores by the campfire, this getaway makes for a full weekend.

Nothing spells rare and beautiful better than Chilika Lake – the largest water lagoon in India and second largest in the world. Comprising of brackish water, which is a mix of fresh water and sea water, Chilika Lake plays host as a winter nesting lagoon for over 160 species of birds, most of which are endangered. If you manage to visit this area, you will spot many fishermen in the locality, and if you need a rest-stop away from the waters, you can set up camp on Nalaban Island. Moreover, Chilika Lake is a great getaway location for bird watching and fishing.

A peaceful weekend getaway in Odisha’s Chilika Lake will remind you of life’s simple pleasures.

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6. Chakrata, Uttrakhand

Chakrata, Uttrakhand
Chakrata, Uttrakhand

Hill Stations top the list for many travelers as great getaway locations, but there are too many very well-known hill stations that end up getting crowded during the weekends. If you are still keen on exploring a hill station, pick Chakrata as your next must-visit spot. Like most other hill stations, Chakrata is peaceful, beautiful and majestic, offering much to see and loads to do.

There are plentiful hiking areas with multiple trails that can fit both leisure hikers and those looking for a challenge.

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7. Nighoj Potholes, Maharashtra

7. Nighoj Potholes, Maharashtra
Nighoj Potholes, Maharashtra

One of the most mysterious yet majestic sights in India is the Nighoj potholes in Maharashtra. The potholes were formed naturally due to the violent current of the Kukdi River splashing against the basalt rocks. This is a fun location to visit as you can even fit yourself into one of the potholes and click unique selfies and pictures with your friends. 

Tip: Ensure to carry a supply of food and beverages as there are not many rest stops nearby.

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Whether you’re looking to crash out on the beach, explore the great outdoors, take up a road worthy trip or a place for scenic photography, these Indian destinations make for perfect friendship escapes.

So grab your sunscreen, pack your bag, grab a buddy and set out on a journey that’s going to leave you and your buddy wanting way more than you bartered for. Once you’re settled in one of these spots, you’ll be on your way to some serious chill time, we promise.

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