The Land of Lions – Sri Lanka is known all over the world, be it for its history, culture, tropical climate, unique location, peculiar shape, wonderful wildlife, diverse ecosystem, etc. Every nook and corner of the country is filled with exciting things to do, places to see and friendly locals who make your holiday in Sri Lanka all the more memorable. Add to it; a quick and easy online visa process to acquire a Sri Lanka visa and the reason why it is a hot favourite destination for travellers becomes very apparent.

If you are planning a family holiday in Sri Lanka then let us assure you, it will be the perfect bonding experience for all members of the family, no matter their age or interests. From archaeological sites and ancient ruins for history buffs to white sandy beaches and nature parks filled with wildlife for nature lovers, to tea plantations for tea connoisseurs, and fresh sea food for sea food lovers, you name it and the country delivers.

Let’s have a look at the top experiences you must have for a perfect family holiday in Sri Lanka.

1. Head over to Hikkaduwa

Hikkaduwa Beach
Hikkaduwa Beach

Located in southwestern Sri Lanka, this sea side resort town is famous for its beaches and fresh seafood. With a dedicated coral sanctuary called Hikkaduwa Coral Sanctuary, the town attracts all, doesn’t matter if its the locals or foreigners on a holiday in Sri Lanka. Glass bottomed boats are available for rides, that allow you to witness colourful corals and vibrant marine life that will surely entertain the kids and adults alike.

2. Take some time out for some Tea

Tea Plantations in Nuwara Eliya
Tea Plantations in Nuwara Eliya

Sri Lanka is home to some of the most aromatic tea in the world. With hill stations like Nuwara Eliya that has mountains covered with terraces full of tea plantations that fill the air with the smell of tea, and Ella where the train ride from Kandy to Ella is totally Instagram worthy and Kitulgala where apart from sipping tea you can indulge the adrenaline junkie of your family by taking them for white water rafting, these hill stations have a lot more to offer than just strongly steeped tea.

3. National Parks for Nature Lovers

Black and light yellow Sri Lankan Giant Squirrel feeding on fruit berries
Black and light yellow Sri Lankan Giant Squirrel feeding on fruit berries

With 26 national parks scattered across this tropical island, you will never be too far away from one. From Wilpattu in north to Bundala in south and Gal Oya in east to Sinharaja Rain Forest in west, every region has nature parks with diverse fauna and flora that provide perfect atmosphere for various ecosystems to flourish. So if you have a nature lover among your family, don’t forget to book a Sri Lanka tour package to make sure they have the time of their life.

4. Meet the Whales in Mirissa

Whale watching in Mirissa
Whale watching in Mirissa

Who doesn’t love watching videos of whales jumping out of the ocean and splashing water with the flick of their tails? Or of dolphins racing along as a boat tears through the water? We know we love watching them! On our next holiday in Sri Lanka, head over to Mirissa to experience these majestic sights of world’s largest mammal and dolphins, swimming, playing and just being in their natural element in the Indian Ocean.

5. Something for History Buffs

Ancient caves in Dambulla
Ancient caves in Dambulla

With the existence of mankind in the country dating back to the late Pleistocene period and relics of eras bygone found in several archaeological expeditions, Sri Lanka has a rich history waiting to be explored. From ruins of ancient stupas in Kaudagala Forest Monastery, and the ancient fortress at Sririgiya, and the statue of reclining Buddha made in 9th century at Bambaragasthalawa Naga Pabbata Monastery, and formed millions of years ago Hunugalagala Limestone Cave in Haldummulla has proof of settlements from 5,000-4,000 years ago, to the ancient caves of Dambulla that house ancient Buddha paintings and statues, etc. the country has many historic sights to witness.

Sri Lanka is full of life and unbelievable sights, which makes it a great option for a family holiday. Imagine cheerful youngsters enjoying themselves while watching the sea and marine life from the glass bottom of a boat, elders enjoying steaming cups of tea while the teenagers feel the rush of adrenaline while white water rafting, nature buffs squealing with joy while spotting leopards or elephants or simply history buffs getting a moment to live their Indiana Jones fantasy while visiting one of the several archaeological sites of the country, all of these moments could forever be captured and saved in your memories forever and you can revisit them every time you think of your family holiday in Sri Lanka.

What’s more? A Sri Lanka trip cost from India is not as high as you would expect, meaning you can bond with your family on a holiday in Sri Lanka without having to worry about burning a hole in your pocket! Sri Lanka is a destination for every budget.

That’s it from us! Are we missing on any experiences which you may want to share?  Please feel free to leave a comment below. We would love to hear from you!

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