Sri Lanka is a gorgeous, striking destination full of culture, wildlife, nature, and smiling faces. For a country that has had such an intense history, Sri Lanka is home to some of the friendliest people out there. Situated between India and Southeast Asia, it is neither quite like India nor Asia, leaving it in somewhat of an inquisitive middle ground as far as geography, features, culture, landscape, and customs. So if you’re planning a visit here, here are 6 things you should know before traveling to Sri Lanka!

Sri Lanka is safe to travel

While there are some precautions tourists should take when travelling to Sri Lanka, the country as a whole is mainly safe. For some historical context, between the years of 1983 and 2009, Sri Lanka was riddled with a brutal civil war causing most explorers to stay away. However, since the war’s end, Sri Lanka has been progressively rebuilding its tourism and more and more visitors enter this stunning country each year.

Sri Lanka, though a small Island is much smaller

Being an Island destination, there are tons of things to see and do in Sri Lanka. Get up close with elephants in one of the Sri Lankan national parks, Climb the Sigiriya Rock, explore untouched islands or relax on the white sandy beaches, the activities to undertake are endless.

Sri Lanka can be expensive

You maybe doubt, “Is Sri Lanka expensive?” Yes! Unlike other places like Vietnam or Thailand that are quite cheap, Sri Lanka can make for an expensive visit depending on what you do. A lot of things on the island are imported, which mainly hikes up the price of imported liquors and certain foods. However, the more luxurious restaurants tend to be at high-end resorts, so stick to Sri Lankan foods such as delicious curries and local Lion lager for a very budget-friendly meal.

Rental Cars require a special Driver’s License

Another obstacle to traveling to Sri Lanka is that some foreign drivers need a special license to rent a car. Unlike anywhere else in the world, you cannot rent a car for a self-guided holiday. You will need a valid license from your home country in addition to a valid International Driving Permit.

Trains are better than Buses

If choosing for public transportation, trains are much more pleasant experiences than buses. For example, trains are inexpensive and often a scenic way to see the scenery. Seats can be reserved weeks in advance and are equally comfortable. Buses on the other hand are surely dirt cheap, but the drivers often drive dangerously. Furthermore, buses usually fill up and are packed with people sitting and standing.

You will need a Sri Lanka Visa to travel to the Island Country

Most tourists will need to apply for a Sri Lanka Visa which is a simple online visa process.

All of these reasons make Sri Lanka one of the best international destinations to visit in the world. So, plan a Sri Lanka trip right away! Choose among our all-inclusive Sri Lanka holiday packages that feature the best accommodation and sightseeing options. 

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