“Mere Jhopdi Ke Bhaag
Aaj Khul Jayenge, Raam Aayenge” 

As we all know, the countdown has begun, and the excitement of devotees is reaching its peak as the sacred city of Ayodhya prepares to witness a historic event—the ‘Pran Pratishtha’ ceremony of the Ram Mandir on January 22. This momentous occasion marks a significant milestone in the cultural and religious landscape of India, drawing pilgrims and devotees from every corner of the country.  

Ram Mandir, Ayodhya
Proposed look of Ram Mandir in Ayodhya
Image Credit: NDTV.com

According to one of the leading online travel companies, their platform has recorded a 97 percent growth in searches for spiritual destinations with Ayodhya being searched across the globe in the last two years since the inauguration announcement. The statement further added that “Ayodhya is being searched from across the globe, with the maximum search contribution coming from the USA: 22.5 percent, Gulf: 22.2, Canada: 9.3, Nepal: 6.6 and Australia: 6.1.”  

Wondering what makes Ayodhya so special? Let us take you on a journey through everything that you need to know before you embark on your Ayodhya travel trip. 

Historical Importance of Ayodhya 

Nestled along the banks of the serene Sarayu River and situated in Uttar Pradesh, Ayodhya (called Saket in ancient times) is believed to be one of the seven most sacred places in India and was . Steeped in history, this sacred land is believed to be the birthplace of Lord Rama and is best known for being the city of the Hindu mythological epic Ramayana.  

The Atharva Veda portrays Ayodhya as a city constructed by gods, flourishing like paradise. Hinduism isn’t the only religion that prospered here; Jainism, Buddhism, and Islam did too and their influences can be seen around the town. Ayodhya is also the birthplace of five Jain Tirthankars such as Rishabhanatha (First), Ajitanatha (Second), Abhinandananatha (Fourth), Sumatinatha (Fifth) and Anantanatha (Fourteenth). 

So, ready to embark on your Ayodhya Travel trip? Well, let us know more about one of the important tourist destinations in the world below. 

How to Visit Ayodhya:

Planning an Ayodhya trip? Well, reaching Ayodhya is easier than you think, with multiple travel options catering to every adventurer’s preference. Below are all the different options for how you can reach Ayodhya. 

By Flight: The Maharishi Valmiki International Airport (AYJ) was inaugurated recently with direct flights to Ayodhya from Mumbai, Delhi and Ahmedabad. You can opt for direct or connecting flights depending upon the availability and Ayodhya flight airfare. Alternatively, you can book affordable flight tickets to Faizabad from major cities, and after a short drive of around 20 minutes, you will find yourself amidst the ancient charm of Ayodhya. 

By Train: For those who prefer to travel to Ayodhya by train, Ayodhya Junction is the final destination. Connected by an extensive rail network, Ayodhya is easily accessible from various corners of India by train. You can check the train schedules and book train tickets in advance to get comfortable seats. 

By Road: You can surely opt for a road trip and witness the changing landscapes as you approach the city. Ayodhya is well-connected by road, and major highways lead to Ayodhya from different directions. Well, you can also reach the city by bus or private vehicle.  

Planning an Ayodhya pilgrimage? Here’s all you need to know about how to travel to Ayodhya – Road, Rail and Air Routes from India

Places to Visit in Ayodhya: 

Ayodhya travel
Ayodhya Travel places to visit- Gulab Bari
Image Credit: Now Ayodhya
  1. Ram Janmabhoomi: The heartbeat of Ayodhya, Ram Janmabhoomi, is believed to be the birthplace of Lord Rama. You can marvel at the stunning architecture and immerse yourself in the spirituality of this beautiful place.  
  2. Hanuman Garhi: Perched atop a hillock, Hanuman Garhi is not just a temple but a vantage point offering panoramic views of Ayodhya. Visitors can feel the positive vibes as they climb the stairs to this temple dedicated to Lord Hanuman. 
  3. Kanak Bhawan: When in Ayodhya, you must surely step into the divine at Kanak Bhawan, a temple dedicated to Lord Rama and Sita. Admiring the intricate carvings that adorn the temple, makes you feel like each carving is narrating a chapter from the epic Ramayana. 
  4. Treta Ke Thakur: Visitors can explore the pages of mythology at Treta Ke Thakur, believed to be the spot where Lord Rama performed the Ashwamedha Yajna. The temple’s serene ambiance and surrounding gardens make it a must-visit. 
  5. Gulab Bari: The Garden of Roses, commonly known as Gulab Bari, is located in Vaidehi Nagar. Recognized under the Ancient Monuments and Archaeological Sites and Remains Act, Gulab Bari is presently conserved as a significant part of the national heritage. 
  6. Nageshwar Nath Temple: Named after the local deity Lord Nageshwarnath, the Nageshwarnath Temple is situated next to the Theri Bazaar in Ayodhya. As per traditions, it is believed that it was established by Kush, the son of Lord Rama. 

Things to Do in Ayodhya: 

Sarayu river, Ayodhya
Sarayu River decked up for Ram Mandir Pran Pratishtha
Image Credit: Newsclick.in
  1. Boat Ride on Sarayu River: Experience serenity with a boat ride on the Sarayu River. The gentle flow of the river and the picturesque surroundings provide a peaceful escape.  
  2. Explore Ayodhya’s Street Markets: Dive into the local culture by exploring Ayodhya’s bustling street markets. From traditional handicrafts to vibrant fabrics, the markets offer a glimpse into the city’s artistic heritage. 
  3. Attend Evening Aarti at Ghats: Immerse yourself in the spiritual ambiance by attending the evening aarti at the River Ghats. The harmonious chants, the flickering lamps, and the gentle breeze create a captivating atmosphere making visitors mesmerized in the Aarti. 
  4. Visit Ayodhya Museum: Visitors must surely delve into Ayodhya’s rich history at the Ayodhya Museum. The artifacts and exhibits provide a fascinating journey through time, offering insights into the cultural evolution of this ancient city. 
  5. Watch a Cultural Show at Ramkatha Park: Ramkatha Park was constructed to provide both locals and tourists with a space for enjoying cultural activities outdoors rather than in crowded theaters. Presently, the park is utilized for hosting cultural events and performances, especially during significant festivals. 

Travel Tips for Ayodhya: 

  1. Follow the Footwear Etiquette: When visiting temples and holy sites, it is customary to remove your footwear as a sign of respect. Be prepared to go barefoot at various religious places in Ayodhya, so wear easily removable shoes. 
  2. Respect the local Customs: Ayodhya is a city deeply rooted in religious beliefs. Respect local customs, and dress modestly when exploring temples and other religious sites.  
  3. Taste the Local Cuisines: Don’t shy away from trying the local delicacies. Ayodhya boasts a rich culinary heritage. Savor the flavors of street food, and don’t miss out on the delightful ‘Ram Laddoo’ and ‘Chappan Bhog’ in the city. 
  4. Check about the Weather Conditions: Ayodhya experiences diverse weather conditions. Check the weather forecast before your trip and pack accordingly. Carry sunscreen, and a hat, and stay hydrated, especially during summer.  

Isn’t Ayodhya your dream place to witness the purity and spirituality in the country? 

Ayodhya is a city that encapsulates the soul of ancient India. Every corner of Ayodhya whispers tales of the past, inviting pilgrims and wanderers to immerse themselves in the land of magical history, spirituality, and rich cultural heritage. From the spiritual importance to the vibrant streets, Ayodhya offers a unique blend of divinity and culture. So, pack your bags, book your accommodation in Ayodhya, and let your Ayodhya travel trip spread its magic and peace around you.  

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