One of the biggest concerns for travelers is whether or not the place they’ve chosen to visit is safe. Having this concern is quite natural. Thousands of travelers visit Dubai each year for its marvelous wonders and creations. One of the biggest questions on everyone’s minds when planning Dubai vacations however is; Is Dubai safe to travel to? Travelers who worry about their safety abroad might find some peace of mind to know that Dubai and the rest of the UAE are very safe destinations to visit.

The city is deeply rooted in cultural traditions and yet has a modern outlook, making it the most liberal Islamic country in the world. Twice, the UAE has been named the safest place in the world to visit. In fact the UAE beat the likes of Singapore, Thailand, France, United States and many popular European holiday destinations to be the world’s second safest country to visit. The legal system in the United Arab Emirates is of big difference than in many other countries and penalties for breaking the law there are significantly more severe than you are accustomed to. For instance, public intoxication and public displays of affection (PDA) are both immediately punishable by imprisonment, fines or even deportation. Drug laws are enforced extremely harshly.

The UAE is an impressive, oil-rich region situated in the South East of the Arab Peninsula, bordering the Persian Gulf. When people think of the UAE, one place typically comes to mind: Dubai, the largest and most populated city in the UAE as well as a glamorous city. Dubai is a city that welcomes a large number of visitors from around the world and is a popular holiday destination for young and old, beach lovers and wanderers, foodies and history buffs. Known for its luxury shopping, modern cityscape and lively nightlife, the city also boasts some of the biggest, tallest and most luxurious architectural wonders in the world.

Constantly pushing the boundaries of technology and architecture, Dubai is home to the tallest building in the world: the Burj Khalifa which stands 828 metres (2,716.5 feet) and 163 floors tall, the largest city-sized mall, indoor ski-slopes, and palm-shaped islands. The Dubai Mall contributes greatly to Dubai’s reputation as a shopper’s paradise, with over 1,200 stores, 120 restaurants, an aquarium, a theme park, an Olympic-sized ice skating rink, dancing fountain, huge artificial waterfall and even a 250-room luxury hotel. Dubai is also an adventurer’s paradise, wherein you can let the desert be your playground: You can go skydiving, para-motoring and get a glimpse of gazelles sprinting through the sand from the aerial view of your hot-air balloon. But it’s not all super-tall skyscrapers and shifting sands. The country founded just 48 years ago by the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan is now home to more than 100 nationalities and a world pioneer in many segments.

Though Dubai is 100% safe, but to rule it out of your plans would be a mistake. Caution must be maintained while traveling or sightseeing in the city. Safe traveling behavior should always be practiced.

Few handy safety tips when traveling to Dubai:

  • Keep personal belongings including passports, locked up in the in-room safe provided at your lodge or hotel and carry a copy of your passport at all times during your trip.
  • Be respectful of the laws when abroad.
  • Strictly obey traffic rules while driving.
  • Do not leave valuables or cash on display.
  • Do not over-stay your Dubai visa. Leave the country before the visa expires.
  • Do not take up employment on tourist/business visa. Refrain from working illegally.
  • Respect the traditions of the country especially during Ramadan.
  • Cursing, swearing, shouting, fighting, making obscene gestures in public or showing disrespect in any way are all forbidden and may land you in legal trouble.
  • Don’t display affection in public as well as do not take photographs of government buildings or local people without consent.
  • If carrying medicines, ensure you carry its prescriptions along.
  • Avoid visiting informal settlement areas unless you are with a guided tour offered by a reputable company.

In short, keep track of the safety situation of the country and don’t forget to check the warnings from the government website (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) before you travel. If you’re still concerned about safety, a possible option is to join a guided tour for an extra sense of security.

One of the best ways to ensure that you are safe while traveling is through working with a trusted Travel Agent with local knowledge. Safety is one of our core focuses whenever we at help people from all over the world plan unforgettable vacations and happy experiences.

Exploring the Middle East is an adventure that too many people pass up: are you ready to discover it for yourself? If you’re looking to plan the adventure of a lifetime but need help matching your interests to places in Dubai, then let one of our Holiday Experts get in touch with you to plan the perfect Dubai tour package for you. This beautiful region shouldn’t stay a hidden gem!

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