Dubai is a paradise for anyone who wants to have a taste of luxury travel. The shopping centers, the malls, the entertainment hubs and a lot of more make Dubai worth exploring. There is something hidden in this city for every traveller. But life doesn’t end in Dubai once the sun goes down. The parties, the dinner cruises and the restaurants are open until late at night. If you are travelling to Dubai then exploring this city of charm and grandeur will be incomplete without taking a taste of nightlife in Dubai.

Important Point– The pubs and clubs of Dubai have a strict 21 plus policy. They don’t allow minors and it is mandatory to carry an identity proof while visiting these places. Also, you need to make sure that these places don’t have reservation policy otherwise you’ll have to return with a sad face.

Here some of the must-have experiences for anyone who doesn’t want to miss the nightlife in Dubai tucked inside their hotel bed.

1. White Dubai

White Dubai

White Dubai has been the winner of multiple awards including the Time Out Dubai’s prestigious Club of the Year.  It is the home to the most exquisite cocktails, expensive champagnes and is the most exclusive nightclub in the city. Tucked away from the hustle bustle of the city, White Dubai offers gorgeous views of the rooftop from its terrace seating area.

White Dubai is also one of the places where celebrity sighting is common. Open only during the winter season, they have a policy of giving entry only to the best-dressed people and that too free of cost.

2. Club 360

Club 360

There are only a few clubs in Dubai that are as vibrant and hip as Club 360. This club is perched on a rooftop down a jetty and is only a kilometre away from the Arabian Gulf. This uniquely located club offers amazing views of the coast and the lavish Burj Al Arab. As a mandatory rule, Club 360 has a strict dress code and only allows the best-dressed people inside.

Club 360 invites some of the world’s most famous DJs and EDM artists to perform here and the on certain weekends, the party goes as long as till 4 AM in the morning and makes it one of the best places to experience the nightlife in Dubai.

3. Skyview Bar

Skyview Bar

Dubai’s bars and restaurants have a thing for offering spectacular views of the city’s skylines from different angles. Skyview Bar is one of the prime venues where you cannot help yourself falling in love with the view of the city after the sun goes down. Located on 27th floor, the lift to Skyview Bar itself offers amazing panoramic views of the city as you climb upwards.

Try one of their signature cocktails or dance on the beats of some of the renowned DJs of the world while sipping some of the most expensive wines and champagnes.

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4. Dinner at Dubai Creek

Dinner at Dubai Creek

Dubai Creek is a beautiful amalgamation of the era that went and the modern Dubai that exists in the tall skyscrapers. This pristine saltwater creek provides lovely views of the sparkling Dubai skyline filled with numerous skyscrapers. This is the reason that Dubai Creek invites so many visitors after the sunset.

Dubai Creek is one of the must-visit places in Dubai at night. Of course, the most popular activity in Dubai is cruising down the tranquil waters on a traditional Dhow Cruise. This is a must have experience in Dubai. Dhow Cruises also offer delectable dinner as you enjoy beautiful views of Dubai city from a distance.

The Dhow cruise also offers pleasant traditional music and an alluring Tanura Dance show for a holistic cultural experience of this luxurious city.

5. Uptown Bar for the Jazz Lovers

Uptown Bar

Located on the 24th floor of the Jumeirah Beach Hotel, Uptown Bar is designed for those who would love to spend a sophisticated night rather than getting tired of the loud beats. Uptown Bar is famous among the Jazz Lovers as it invites some amazing artists.

The amazing menu here consists of amazing cocktails, bubbly and vintage grapes, combined with the elegant atmosphere and tempting tapas prepared by the expert mixologists. Sip cocktails enjoy pristine views of illuminated Dubai Skyline while listening to soul-soothing music. What else would one want for a memorable night out?

6. Spend a night at Cirque du Soir

Cirque du Soir

Cirque du Soir offers a unique experience of nightlife where you get to have an outrageous fun, lots of exotic cocktails along with a quirky dark humour that accompanies you throughout the evening. The interiors of Cirque du Soir are bright and colourful. The entire space speaks of a vibrant charm that resembles a classy and sophisticated circus.

The main performance stage is located in the centre. Here the various acts bring a plethora of emotions in the audience. It is enough to thrill and shock – the audience – at the same time.
Circue du Soir comes with a fair warning that the place is not for the faint-hearted. Clowns, snake charmers, dwarfs, contortionists, stilt walkers, sword swallowers, fire eaters and mixologists, everyone come together and give you a night to remember for a long time.
This is a part of the amazing nightlife in Dubai at starts at 11:00 PM and runs upto 3:00 PM and is closed on the weekends.

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7. Russian cabaret at Tchaikovsky


Want to experience something extremely offbeat and out of the books, then Dubai also offers you Russian Cabaret. Located in Dubai Marina, this venue offers an exotic singing and dancing session. The interiors of Tchaikovsky are filled with disco lights giving you 80s vibe. For the food enthusiasts that Russian menu from the dinner table is also something that is not to be missed.

Tchaikovsky has special dinner menu offerings like Sea Food night on Saturdays and Russian Buffer Nights on Tuesday. The early cabaret show starts at 10:15 PM and is supremely entertaining.

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