One of the most famous destinations out of the seven Emirates is the grand and glamorous, Dubai. The city has come a long way and has finally become a global entertainment hub of the world attracting tourists around the globe. The city of sand, sun and sheikhs will surprise you with the whacky and crazy things to do in Dubai. Apart from being the world’s most popular shopping destination, Dubai has some exclusive things that no other city offers.

Here are 10 most crazy things to do in Dubai that will surely blow your mind.

1. Go for a crazy Skiing and Snowboarding session

7 Crazy Things To Do In Dubai

You must be wondering… Skiing that too in Dubai? Well, yes! It is as crazy as it sounds. Dubai is one of the only cities in the world to have an artificial ski slope in the middle of a desert. The part of the world that is known for its vast dunes also has a skiing point located in Emirates Mall. It is hard to believe, right? Yes, Dubai has an entire world in itself which is bound to surprise you at unexpected moments. Ski Dubai is the city’s own winter experience where you can enjoy an adventurous ski ride.
Ski Dubai spans massive 242,187 sq ft – the size of three football fields. This ski destination is open late till night and it is fun imagining that you are sliding over the snow filled mountains under a starlit sky.

2. Enjoy Sky Diving in Dubai

7 Crazy Things To Do In Dubai

Sky Diving is the closest you will get to witness the city from a bird’s eye view. We urge to plunge in, and romance the air with a skydiving experience in Dubai. Dubai has some of the amazing places to try skydiving. They have options for all age groups and for beginners as well.

The Desert Campus DZ and the Palm DZ are two popular drop zones if you’re looking for some crazy things to do in Dubai. Take a dive from 13,000 ft. and enjoy the breathtaking view of Palm Jumeirah.

3. Buy gold from an ATM

7 Crazy Things To Do In Dubai

Everyone knows about Dubai’s penchant for gold, but ever thought of withdrawing gold from an ATM? Yes, sounds weird, but that’s true! The city has gold ATM machines where you can withdraw 24 carat gold in the form of bars and jewellery. One of these gold ATMs is at the observation deck of Burj Khalifa. The first-ever gold vending machine was found in The Dubai Mall. So don’t forget to stock up some gold on your visit to Dubai and tick off your list of crazy things to do in Dubai.

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4. Try a 24 Carat gold facial

7 Crazy Things To Do In Dubai

Another crazy thing that we bet you cannot try in your city is taking a gold facial; and when we say gold facial, we mean the actual 24-carat gold.

Only in Dubai, you can pep up your skin with 24-carat gold facial. A beauty expert will apply gold-leaf sheets all over your face. The facial is offered for as low as AED 89. We highly recommend you to try this one-time crazy thing in Dubai, and this will as a magic on your skin.

5. Sleep with fishes

7 Crazy Things To Do In Dubai

Sleeping in a regular hotel room is too mainstream, have you ever tried sleeping with fishes? Immerse yourself in wonder and experience the magnificent marine life of Dubai. If your pocket allows then book a pricey underwater suite at Atlantis and enjoy this one of the crazy things to do in Dubai. It’s a great way to indulge in luxury and opulence.

6. Watch a Camel Race with Robot Jockeys

7 Crazy Things To Do In Dubai

Experience it or regret it! Camel racing is a popular sport in Dubai, with Al Marmoum Racetrack being the main venue. But, everything comes with a twist in this extraordinary city of Dubai, and this camel race is no exception. This will might sound little bizarre but the robot jockeys have replaced human jockeys but the rules remain the same. During the race, the trainers control the motion of the reins and whip through remotely operated systems.

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7. Enjoy Camel Polo

7 Crazy Things To Do In Dubai

You might have heard of playing polo sitting on a horse back, but as we call Dubai ‘the extraordinary city’, they’ve replaced horses with camels. The game allows you to be more than a spectator. So, get on a camel, try your luck in trying to control these gangly creatures.

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Let us know in the comments which of these activities would you like to try on your trip to Dubai.

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