“Yaara Teri Yaari Ko, Maine Toh Khuda Maana,
Yaad Karegi Duniya, Tera Mera Afsana”

The perfect song to dedicate to your best friend this friendship day.

Well, as we all know friendship day 2023 is here and is a celebration of the beautiful souls who color our lives with love, joy, laughter, and unforgettable memories.

Imagine embarking on a whimsical trip with friends, a journey that caters to each of their unique likings. So, how about surprising your friends by planning a trip on the basis of their liking and taking a moment to celebrate the magic of friendship and the friends who make our lives brighter?

Planning a trip with friends is an adventure like no other and we all have that diverse group of friends who add colors to our lives. Each friend brings their own flair to the group, whether it’s a sense of adventure, a love for history, a passion for fashion, or a need to chill on a beach, it will undoubtedly lead to stronger bonds and an indelible heartwarming and joyful experience for all.

A holidate, as we call it, is where everyone’s interests are embraced, creating magical moments and harmonious vacation experiences. Let us explore the process of planning the ultimate trip to places based on your friends’ liking, passions, and personalities creating cherished memories that will last a lifetime.

1. If your Friend is into Adventure, Singapore/Dubai/Iceland it is!

Skydiving in Dubai
Skydiving in Dubai
Image Credit: ViktorKozlov

Looking to embark on an exhilarating adventurous trip with your friends this friendship day 2023? Well, for friends seeking adrenaline-pumping adventures, Singapore, Dubai, or Iceland are the ultimate destinations to quench your thirst for thrill.

Ziplining in Sentosa Island
Ziplining in Sentosa Island
Image Credit: Mega Adventure Singapore Official Instagram Account

Singapore’s Sentosa Island offers bungee jumping, zip-lining, and water sports. Dubai’s desert safaris promise exhilarating dune bashing and sandboarding, while indoor skydiving and jet skiing brings the thrills. Lastly, Iceland’s dramatic landscapes offer glacier hiking, ice cave exploring, and soothing geothermal springs.

Inside an ice cave in Vatnajokull, Iceland
Inside an Ice Cave in Vatnajokull, Iceland
Image Credit: Zhukova Valentyna

From cityscape to the desert to the ice, these destinations are perfect to travel with your daredevil friends as they offer a diverse range of heart-pounding activities for the ultimate adventure. After getting your Iceland visa, don’t forget to pack your courageous spirit, for your holiday in Iceland, before embarking on an unforgettable journey filled with excitement and exhilaration!

2. If your Friend is into Beaches, Islands and Mountains, Bali/Maldives it is!

Unwind at the beaches of Bali with your friends
Catch up with your Friends at the Beaches of Bali
Image Credit: Dmitry Molchanov

For friends seeking sun-soaked shores and blissful serenity, plan a trip to Bali or Maldives, these destinations beckon with a promise of unparalleled beach getaways. Bali’s vibrant culture and stunning beaches like Kuta and Seminyak offer an enchanting blend of relaxation and adventure. Meanwhile, the Maldives’ pristine white sands and turquoise lagoons provide a dreamy paradise for luxury-seeking beach lovers.

Unwind at the overwater villas in Maldives
Unwind at the Overwater Villas in Maldives
Image Credit: icemanphotos

Whether it’s unwinding in overwater bungalows on your Maldives tour or indulging in rejuvenating spa treatments during the Bali trip, both destinations offer idyllic escapes where all your beach bums and laidback friends can bask in the beauty of nature.

Wait, are you already planning a blissful beach escape and confused about your stay? You can easily find luxurious and comfortable accommodations at both of these destinations. And the best part? Both Maldives and Indonesia provide visa-on-arrival for Indians, so you don’t even need to apply for a Maldives visa or an Indonesia visa in advance.

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3. If your Friend is a Big-time Foodie, Dubai/India it is! 

Variety of chaat - a famous street food in India
Variety of Chaat – a Famous Street Food in India
Image Credit: Indian Food Images

Calling all food enthusiasts for a trip on friendship day! India and Dubai are the ultimate foodie’s haven that will tantalize your taste buds and satisfy every craving. India’s diverse cuisine boasts aromatic spices and mouthwatering street food that will make your friend go crazy. Dubai’s culinary scene is a fusion of international flavors and fine dining experiences with breathtaking views making it a perfect trip for your friends.

Image Credit: Visit Dubai

From India’s rich curries and biryanis to Dubai’s best local food, these delicacies will take your tastebuds on a delectable journey. Prepare for a big-time culinary adventure with your friends and make your special travel friendship day!

Already thinking about your foodie friend’s reaction? Well, our India tour packages are the perfect way to surprise your best friend and celebrate friendship day, 2023.

4. If your Friend is a Nature Lover, Singapore/Sri Lanka it is!

Night view of Super trees at Gardens by the Bay
Night view of Supertree Grove at Gardens by the Bay
Image Credit: May_Lana
Botanical garden
Botanical Garden in Singapore
Image Credit: AliveGK

For friends who are into nature, a trip to Sri Lanka or Singapore would present an exciting opportunity to be surrounded by nature and soak in the untouched and breathtaking natural beauty of the land. With our Singapore tour packages, you can explore the stunning Gardens by the Bay, discover the lush Singapore Botanic Gardens or embark on a serene boat ride through Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve. In Sri Lanka, you can witness the marvels of wildlife at Yala National Park or wander amidst the rolling tea plantations in Nuwara Eliya with your friends and click thousands of pictures for Instagram.

Leopard crossing the road in front of audience
Leopard crossing the Road in front of audience in Yala National Park
Image Credit: Amateur007
green tee terrasses in the highland from Sri Lanka in fog near Nuwara Eliya
Green Tee Terrasses in the Highland from Sri Lanka in fog near Nuwara Eliya
Image Credit: travelview

These captivating countries will fuel your nature lover friends love for the great outdoors. By applying for a Sri Lanka visa, and receiving it within 6 hours you can successfully surprise them with a memorable trip.

5. If your Friend is into Budgeting and Saving, Bangkok, Thailand it is!

Tourists enjoying Khao San Road
Tourists enjoying Khao San Road
Image Credit: Luciano Mortula – LGM
View of beautiful Temple of Dawn or Wat Arun
View of Beautiful Temple of Dawn or Wat Arun
Image Credit: Beautiful landscape

For friends seeking exciting adventures without breaking the bank, a trip to Bangkok with a ton of budget-friendly experiences will be a perfect fit! Explore vibrant markets like Chatuchak and Khao San Road, where you can haggle for unique souvenirs and relish in street food delights. Visit majestic temples like Wat Arun and Wat Pho, with affordable entrance fees. Discover the city’s cultural gems at the National Museum and Jim Thompson House. Don’t miss the thrills of a long-tail boat ride on the Chao Phraya River.

Aerial view famous floating market in Thailand
Famous Floating Market in Bangkok
Image Credit: Avigator Fortuner

Bangkok offers a plethora of bucket list experiences, mouthwatering street food, beautiful tourist attractions, and the best markets, to ensure your super saver friends’ dreams come true within budget! What’s more? You can grab amazing deals and discounts while booking cheap flight tickets and applying for Thailand visa online – think of this as the final flourish on an already perfect trip.

6. If your friend is into History, Architecture, or Culture, Europe/UK/Egypt it is!

Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, Spain
Image Credit: anek.soowannaphoom

For friends captivated by history, architecture, and culture, a holiday in Europe, UK or even Egypt is all you need. Plan a trip with history-buff friends across Europe, and explore medieval castles, Gothic cathedrals, and Renaissance art in cities like Florence, Paris, and Prague. Or a trip to UK, to delve into centuries of history at iconic landmarks like the Tower of London and Westminster Abbey. Unveil the secrets of ancient civilizations during your Egypt tour, and explore the Pyramids of Giza and temples along the Nile.

Red Double Decker Bus crossing Westminster Bridge, London, UK
Big Ben and Westminster Abbey from the Westminster Bridge, London, UK
Image Credit: pisaphotography

From the majestic allure of Europe, the historical treasures of the UK, and the enigmatic aura of Egypt, these destinations offer a once-in-a-lifetime experience for the history, architecture, and cultural buff friends.

Stock Photo ID: 1353953285

The Pyramids of Giza and the Great Sphinx, Egypt
The Pyramids of Giza and the Great Sphinx, Egypt
Image Credit: AlexAnton

So, what are you waiting for? A Schengen visa is all you need to be captivated by the stories of the past and plan a historic holiday in these historical destinations where timeless beauty awaits!

7. If your Friend is a Glamorous Fashionista, or a Shopaholic, Dubai/New York it is!

Waterfall in Dubai Mall
Dubai Mall
Image Credit: Sergii Figurnyi

For friends with a flair for fashion and a love for glamour, Dubai and New York are the ultimate destinations to indulge their shopping fantasies. After getting your Dubai visa online, you can explore Dubai’s opulent shopping malls, such as The Dubai Mall and Mall of the Emirates, which showcase the latest designer collections and luxurious boutiques as a part of your Dubai tour. In New York, taking your friends to iconic shopping streets like Fifth Avenue and SoHo boasting high-end fashion labels and chic boutiques is the best way to celebrate the friendship day for any shopaholics.

Both cities offer a plethora of trendy streetwear, vintage finds, and unique accessories to cater to every diva’s taste. With their glamorous vibes and fashion-forward scenes, these cities guarantee an unforgettable shopping experience.

 New York USA skyline
New York, USA
Image Credit: Sean Pavone

Well, along with shopping, you can also plan to visit some Instagrammable places in Dubai to celebrate your friendship day and make your travel friendship even more special and photographic. And as for your trip to New York, all you’ll need is a US visa and you will be ready to shop till you drop with your friends in the city.

8. If your Friend is into Nightlife and likes to Partayyyy, Thailand/Singapore/Dubai it is!

Full moon party in Thailand
Full Moon Party in Thailand
Image Credit: Vasit Buasamui

Excited to party with your friends on friendship day, 2023? Well, for friends who love to dance the night away and revel in the vibrant nightlife, Thailand, Singapore, and Dubai offer an electrifying party scene unlike any other place. Thailand’s beach destinations like Phuket and Koh Samui, are renowned for beach clubs and full moon parties that create an unforgettable atmosphere. Singapore’s Clarke Quay and Sentosa Island host trendy and lively gatherings at clubs and rooftop bars overlooking the cityscape. Dubai’s glamorous nightlife boasts of lavish clubs in iconic hotels and beachfront party venues.

aerial view of Clarke Quay in singapore at night
Clarke Quay in Singapore at Night
Image Credit: Amateur007

These vibrant cities are a haven for party lovers, just apply for your Singapore visa online and get ready for exciting getaway filled with pulsating beats, lively vibes, and unforgettable memories on the dance floor!

Wondering what to pack on your trip to Singapore? Just pack your spirited energy and dancing shoes to set the floor on fire with your moves.

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All set for an exciting journey with your best friends on this friendship day? Together, a trip with friends will weave a tapestry of cherished memories, strengthening your bond, making your friendship day 2023 more special, and creating stories that will be retold with laughter and nostalgia for years to come. A holidate with friends based on their likings promises to be a magical and heartwarming experience.

From nature lovers’ retreats to beach bums bliss, from cultural wonderlands to adrenaline-fueled escapades, from shopping sprees to culinary journeys, every journey will be etched in your heart forever. So, gather your beloved friends, plan the perfect holidate, capture your moments on Instagram, and let the magic of togetherness and friendship infuse every step of your mesmerizing journey.

Akbar Travels wishes you all a very Happy Friendship Day and Happy Holidating!

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