Many of those who look for a unique location to make the most of their holidays finally end up choosing the Maldives Island. This is because, despite its popularity, Maldives Island assures an exhilarating yet peaceful time, the one that gets you closer to your within as well as the magical world around you. When you plan on your much-awaited trip, go through our guide to Maldives travel and get to know what to expect in the Maldives.

A picture perfect view of the scenic white sand beach on Maldives Island

The enchanting Maldives archipelago consists of around 1.200 islands and hundreds of activities to do. This can make your trip to Maldives a little bit difficult to plan. On the other hand, you may come across numerous misconceptions surrounding Maldives Island.

So, here is the ultimate guide for your Maldives island travel plan and an overview of what to expect in the Maldives. It can come in handy before you start your journey and whenever you are in times of confusion.

Tourism in the Maldives Island

The people of Maldives depend on tourism as their major source of income. Tourists from all over the world visit the Maldives Island archipelago and involve in various activities. 

Whether it be a honeymoon, leisure, family, or individual trip, don’t forget to check out our Maldives Island tour packages for a trip full of adventures and memories.

What awaits you in the Maldives Islands are numerous thrilling activities, exquisite cuisine, attractive beaches, and exotic tropical weather. People take tourism packages that comprise activities or locations that are suitable and desirable for them or their co-travelers.

The only option for you to reach Maldives is by flight. Malé Airport – the largest airport in the country, and Gan Airport are the only international airports in the Maldives.

As you embark on your Maldives Travel, you do not need to have any concerns about the facilities or the service of staff across the country. Besides, the infrastructure of tourism has grown vastly to facilitate a highly enjoyable stay. Moreover, if you take a Maldives travel package, your time on Maldives Island can be enjoyed to the fullest at the cheapest price.

What to expect in the Maldives Island

The Maldives, as you know by now, is an archipelago of more than a thousand islands. Hence, you will find no shortage of fun and relaxation in the Maldives. There is a lot for you to know about this haven of love on the Indian Ocean. 

But you must only focus on the things that matter the most. Therefore, we compiled a few focal points to help explain what to expect in the Maldives Island.

Scenic Locations on the Maldives island


Malé, the city surrounded by the blue waters of the Indian Ocean is surely a sight you should behold. You will have no problem walking around this beautiful city as it is only 6 Square Km in area. That way, you can get a closer look at the Maldivian lifestyle and make your Maldives travel more meaningful by visiting the local bazaars and the Golden Domed Friday Mosque.

Banana Reef

Gaathugiri or Banana Reef is the most famous diving site in Male Atoll. It is home to some extraordinary marine life and beautiful fishes. As you dive and swim inside the deep waters, you will witness beauty in fantastic proportions. Moreover, the conditions for diving in the Banana Reef is the probably the most ideal in all of Maldives.

Artificial Beach

You may think that an artificial beach would be no match to the natural wonders in the Maldives. But you will not regret including the Artificial Beach of Male in your Maldives travel itinerary. Because it is a great spot for hanging out and finding some time away from the busy world.

HP Reef

A paradise for divers, HP Reef is known across the world as the capital of soft coral. In the language of the Maldivians, it is called ‘Girifush Thila’ and it houses varieties of exotic fish species such as grey reef sharks, barracudas, and eagle rays. You will be amazed at how ideal this site is for snorkeling as it has a lot of caves, overhangs, and crevices. It is yet another must-include location in your Maldives travel plan.

Hulhumale Beach

Turquoise waters and a long stretch of white beach await you at Hulhumale Beach. You can swim through the waters of this beach as it is shallow and is protected by a reef around 100m out. Besides swimming in the beautiful waters, you can indulge in various other activities at Hulhumale Beach such as snorkeling, kitesurfing, and parasailing. Also, you will remember the sunset that you experience on this site as it faces towards the east and offers a wonderful sight to behold.

Bandaara Kilhi Lake

Bandaara Kilhi is an absolute hidden gem, as it is in a secluded area from the rest of the Maldives. This lake is known for its richness in mineral deposits as well as its beauty. You can get mesmerized by the beautiful landscape that the lake and its surroundings offer. On the other hand, it is an officially protected area, making it less disturbed by human interference. In all possible ways, Bandaara Kilhi Lake exceeds your expectations of what to expect in the Maldives.

Vaadhoo Island Beach

Do you want to get enchanted by the magical creations of nature called bioluminescence? Visit Vaadhoo Island Beach in the Maldives and spent your time getting baffled by the blue glowing phytoplanktons covering the entire beach. It is guaranteed that it will be a memorable and dreamlike experience for you and your loved ones. Also, you will surely regret it if you do not include Vadhoo Island Beach in your Maldives travel itinerary.


Maldives is probably one of the most tourist-friendly places in the world and hence is safe for everyone to visit and spend some unforgettable time. You can travel from one Maldives Island to another using speed boats or dhonis (smaller local boats). On another note, drinking is not an acceptable action in the Maldives as it is against the beliefs of the Maldivians .


Maldives travel packages are usually economical if you compare them to other travel destinations. The luxurious hotels in the Maldives also offer services at affordable pricing. Altogether, you can enjoy an exhilarating trip to Maldives Island for 150 dollars.

In addition, sporting activities and scenic locations also do not charge a lot. What to expect in the Maldives is affordable yet enthralling and meditative time away from the rest of the world.


You do not have to take any pre-arrival visa to go to The Maldives. An issuance of a 30 day visa upon arrival is an option you can opt for. Do check out our website for more details related to Visa for Maldives Island. However, make sure you carry your passport throughout your Maldives travel. Also, the passport needs to have a validity that is at least 6 months and you need to have a valid ticket to the Maldives.

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