Dubai jaye aur Instagram ke Liye photo na khiche? Impossible, right?

From glittering skyscrapers to glimpses of old cosmopolitan cities, you will undoubtedly find many instagrammable places in Dubai. It is home to stunning architecture and uniquely designed buildings, your best picturesque views and more. this sparkling city in the United Arab Emirates is a paradise for all the luxury travelers and architecture lovers, you name it and you’ll find it in Dubai.

The futuristic beautiful city of Dubai is among the dream holiday destinations and also one of the most photogenic places in the world. A Dubai holiday package  with all the must visit tourist attractions is all you need to get the perfect Instagram feed. Thanks to its exalted skyscrapers, beautiful parks, spectacular floral installations, endless highways and incredible scenery, Dubai offers a myriad of photo opportunities.

So, just pack your bags and click away to the best instagrammable places in Dubai below:

1. Wings of Mexico

The wings statue in Dubai
The wings statue in Dubai
Image Credit: Valerija Polakovska

If you’ve been to Downtown Dubai and haven’t taken a photo in front of the Wings of Mexico, have you really traveled to Dubai? The Mexican Wings Statue is one of the coolest installations in Dubai and definitely one of the best photo spots in Dubai. This famous metal sculpture of angel wings was created in 2010 by Mexican artist, Jorge Marin. Wings are really photogenic and when paired with the Burj Khalifa in the background makes for the perfect Instagram photo! Basically, it can be framed in two different ways. The Burj Khalifa can be set high in the background, or the composition can be framed within the wings.

2. Dubai Frame

Largest Picture Frame
Dubai Frame

Dubai Frame, the world’s largest frame, was designed to ‘frame’ Dubai’s evolution from an ordinary fishing village to the luminous cosmopolitan city it is today. The Dubai Frame is one of Dubai’s most famous architectural wonders. This unique building is an integral part of Dubai’s skyline and is best captured at night with its twinkling lights. You can see Dubai’s past, present and future all at once from the top of the Dubai Frame. The glass walkway here is a great spot for taking pictures, and you can even take an amazing “framed” selfie.

By the way, applying for the Dubai Visa online is not a big deal as the beautiful Dubai Frame is. The Dubai visa for Indians is processed quickly in 1 to 2 days.  Plan your Dubai holiday and fly high for your perfect view.

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3. Miracle Garden

Miracle Garden
Miracle Garden
Image Credit:
BZ Travel

If you want to witness the eternal beauty, then Miracle Garden is your go to place. It is one of the most beautiful gardens in Dubai with its majestic views and a heaven like surrounding all around the garden. It is filled with gorgeous floral installations, including giant flower-covered sculptures, heart-shaped tunnels, and colourful umbrellas. Let’s be honest, colourful flowers always make a perfect background for a photo. If you’re looking for the best instagrammable places in Dubai, Dubai Miracle Garden must be on your list and trust us, it won’t disappoint you with its charm!

Oh, wait! We have one more miracle for you, your picturesque view at this magical city is just a Dubai Flight tickets away and that too at an affordable price. Isn’t that more than a miracle?

4. Love Lake

Love Lake
Love Lake

An intertwined heart-shaped lake, one of Dubai’s most unusual places to visit. The Love Lake is so huge that it can be viewed from space. It is an absolute dream spot for couples looking for the best photoshoot in Dubai. There are countless spots perfect for selfies throughout the lake. Dubai’s Love Lake is perfect for barbecues, sunsets and to spend the romantic quality time. Although the lake is surrounded by desert, this lush oasis is home to more than 170 species of exotic animals, flowers and plants. Some plants were even planted in specific patterns to resemble intertwined hearts, like the lake itself.

5. Aura Skypool

Aura Skypool
Aura Skypool

Visit the world’s first and tallest 360-degree infinity pool on the 50th floor of the Palm Tower. You can immerse yourself in the luxurious beauty of this oasis-like attraction located 200 meters above sea level and can get magical views of major landmarks of Dubai including Marina Bay, Ain Dubai, Palm Jumeirah, Burj Al Arab, Burj Khalifa, and so on from a height of 200 meters above the ground. It has an elegant decoration inspired by nature.

6. Sky View Observatory

Sky View Observatory
The Edge Walk
Image Credit:

Sky Views Observatory is currently one of the trendiest Instagrammable places in Dubai! Opposite the Burj Khalifa, this observatory allows you to take photos against the backdrop of the landmark. This public observatory stands 720.1 feet (219.5 m) above the shopping malls and parks of downtown Dubai. You can visit the deck yourself or muster your courage and try the Edge Walk. The Edge Walk is a hands-free walk on the outer ledge of the tower. Or try the glass sky slide. This tube meanders around the outside of the tower, racing from the 53rd floor to his 52nd floor.

Excited for the feed! Well, you must be! We’ve just mentioned a few! There are many  perfect instagrammable places in Dubai which will amaze you with its beauty and stick with you forever through your social media. From the golden sand dunes to the serene beaches, from the glittering night life to the peaceful and romantic dhow cruise ride. You dream of a perfect location and Dubai has it all.

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