Like the luxurious Angriya Cruise that sailed last year from Mumbai to Goa, there comes another news of a premium luxury cruise line! India’s Premiere Cruise Line is set to launch its first brand Jalesh Cruises from Mumbai to Dubai in May 2019.

Jalesh Cruises, meaning ‘Lord of Water’ is planned to stand true to its name. It is exclusively designed to offer a rich experience of Indian hospitality, art, music, and gastronomy while cruising over its beautiful landscape. The 70,285-ton ship will commence its first international sail from Mumbai to Dubai on May 24, 2019, where it will port until mid-September 2019 before coming back to Mumbai. Take a look at the onboard facilities of Jalesh Cruises that offer the utmost luxury experience.

The entertainment options include Broadway shows, hypnotic magic shows, live music concerts, dance shows, movie screenings and many more. Shopping while sailing the seas is an added upgrade to increase the excitement!

Fine dining restaurants aboard will present with fascinating choices for gastronomy. While you will be never hungry on board, you may feel spoilt with choices. The cruise line boasts of 14 dining selections. There are restaurants that cater to various culinary preferences. The best of all, one can also relish Jain menu at the restaurant named Jain Heaven, prepared with special care for dietary preferences. Pampering your taste buds, there are kulfi stations to fine Chinese food, an international grill station, and a café, and much more.

The cruise will additionally have a well-appointed gym, spa, and salon to take of you sailing on the high seas. The cruise line plans to have bars at various settings around the ship. The most popular options include The Pool Bar, The Casino Bar and The Chairman’s Club.

Families roaming need not worry. They can have a wonderful time and let the kids have a wonderful time too. To keep the little ones entertained, the cruise will have amenities such as an arts and crafts area, air hockey, LEGO zones and more. Furthermore, they will have options to enjoy activities like karaoke and scavenger hunts.

The cost of the cruise will depend on your budget. There are various packages to choose from starting INR 10,000 per person, per day.

So what are you waiting for? Jalesh Cruise with tailor-made offerings is ready to offer majestic cruise vacation in India and Asia. Book your tickets now!

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