I’ve sailed on a number of premium cruise lines, but the true luxury experience aboard Jalesh Cruises has eluded me. From my time on sea to my time on the port everything was amazing – the service, the food, onboard activities, our cabin and so much more. Overall my sailing experience with Jalesh Cruises was extraordinary, and today I want to break it down and show what the luxury cruise experience is really like and what sets Jalesh Cruises apart.

About our cruise ship Jalesh Cruises

It may be noted that Jalesh Cruises – meaning ‘Lord of Water’ is India’s first Premium Luxury Cruise which commenced operations in April, 2019; for a peak into life on the high seas. They currently offer onshore destinations and excursions across Indian port cities such as Chennai, Kochi, Mormugoa, Mumbai, Vizag and international locations such as Abu Dhabi, Colombo, Dubai and Muscat among others. From their various itineraries to choose from, you’ll be spoilt for choice.

Jalesh Cruise
Jalesh Cruise

Our Cabin

I was very pleasantly surprised at the size of the cabin, and how there was ample storage space. We opted for a cabin with a balcony view. The cabins were always meticulously clean and well maintained. Our Balcony was amazing and it is of decent size for two people. The best part was of course the view of the sea! I could sit by the balcony the whole day and appreciate its beauty and tranquility. Another benefit was that we could leave our balcony door open, and get fresh air in the room. I am not a fan of air conditioning, and artificial heating and cooling, so this fresh air was great.

cabin with balcony


Just as on any cruise ship though great food is what separates Jalesh Cruises from the other ships, and appropriately so. There are many food stations, cafes, and restaurants onboard the ship. The ship has three fine dining restaurants, which includes Indian cuisine at The Waterfront and Chef’s Table, and oriental delicacies such as Thai, Malay, Korean, Mongolian, Taiwanese, Japanese cuisines & more served at Chopstix. There is a dedicated platform for Jain passengers who are pure vegetarians. There are nine bars on board with a full bar menu. The options are good and certainly delicious. From Khaman Dhokla from the coast of Gujarat to the fiery Mumbai Vadapav and Pav Bhaji, Delhi Chaat to Kolkata Rolls, Goan Omelette Pav to Chennai Idli & Dosa….everything you crave for from the Indian Street can be enjoyed at the high seas. In totality the ship hosts nine different buffet and food stations.

Indian dish

On board activities

There are lots of entertainment activities, so wherever you may be on the ship you would not miss on the fun! It is just not possible to get bored on the ship because there is an activity almost every 15 minutes. There is always something going on onboard for different age brackets and interests. With a host of onboard entertainment for children as well as adults, there are Broadway shows, Burlesque performances, music and dance nights, comedy show, movie screenings and adventure activities to enjoy to the hilt.

Night Show

For guests looking to relax in between, the ship boasts of an exotic spa to wake-up your senses and refresh your soul. Jalesh’s spa features a sauna, a salon, a gym, and a steam room. Additionaly Jalesh’s guests have the opportunity to plunge into one of the ship’s three pools.

Big Movie Screen by the pool side

In case, you are looking for an adrenaline rush on the high seas, do visit the Player’s Casino located on the eighth deck of the ship for a quick fun game. From most popular games like Blackjack, Poker, Casino War and Slot Machine Games to some amazing table games, there’s not a moment of boredom. And if fortune favours, who knows you might end up richer than you were before you set sail!

These entertainment activities definitely made things more exciting! Between late night comedy show, family game shows, hot tubs, and musicals, we all shared a laugh and a great time.

Doctor on board

Though none of us felt sick, but it was nice to see that the ship has licensed doctors and nurses to assist you for any medical emergencies.

The Jalesh Service

Hands down, the highlight of the trip for us was the customer service. The staff who do the cabins, the food areas, room service and every single member of the staff were very hospitable and professional. We had heard about the world class service which turned out to be true. They are insanely hard working, friendly and helpful, and we cannot praise them enough. From the cabin staff to the food servers, the waitresses, and waiters, the bar staff and others, kudos to you all.

Final Thoughts

I’ve sailed on a number of different cruises from expeditionary ships, to large megaships and even on river cruises around the world. So it’s with a fair amount of experience that I can say my trip with Jalesh Cruises was one of the best I’ve ever enjoyed. The concept just works and not once did I feel out of place or uncomfortable. Also, the home away from away concept magically worked.

Vacation time is precious – make every moment memorable. Jalesh cruises takes you to more unforgettable shores, from bucket list-worthy spots to game-changing private destinations. All on the best cruise ship. I know that this won’t be my last adventure with them as I will plan another cruise with Jalesh soon. After all, not many would want to miss out on a journey where they can enjoy drinks in bars, delicious food at restaurants, dance at discotheque, dip into the swimming pool and get pampered at a luxurious spa — all while travelling.

If you are looking for a different type of holiday, cruising aboard Jalesh cruises is certainly an unforgettable experience. The whole trip will present you with moments of awe and wonder and the memories you make will last a lifetime. I’ve earned my memories, time for you too 😉

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