To explore the world at a gentle pace, there’s simply no easier way than aboard a cruise. Cruising is an attractive option for travelers looking for a holiday that gives you something more: more entertainment, more fun, more activities and more than one destination to explore during a single trip. Plus, you’ll be pampered the whole time you’re on board. If you have never been on a cruise, now is the time to go.

We understand if it’s your first time and you have a zillion questions. Relax, we have all the information you need to plan ahead and to make your sailing a breeze.

  • Booking the right Cruise

Each cruise line and ship has its own personality. There are cruises tailored for families with children, couples, solo travelers, older adults, party animals and adventurers. Some are as compact as 125 passengers, while huge megaships can sail with more than 2,000 passengers. Often the volume of information that you find online can be confusing and mind boggling. It can be highly disappointing when things don’t turn out the way you expected. Instead of spending days researching cruise lines and itineraries, find a travel agent who specializes in cruises and can find you the best match suited for you and your family.

Jalesh Cruise
Jalesh Cruise
  • Choosing the Cabin

The types of cabins include interior (no view), exterior (ocean view with a window or porthole), balcony (exterior room with a private balcony) and suite (a larger cabin often with separate living and sleeping areas and a private balcony). Generally Interior cabins are the cheapest, followed by ocean view cabins, then rooms with a balcony, and most expensive of all, suites. If you are prone to motion sickness, lower decks and cabins closest to the ship’s center are the most stable and recommended.

  • What to Pack

Plan your wardrobe carefully, depending on the itinerary and expected weather. People spend most of their cruise vacation in sundresses, shorts, tee shirts and flip flops or sandals. Some cruises have a formal night and some a special theme dress up night. Other than those clothes, we suggest packing a few comfortable outfits, shoes and a swimsuit. Ships can get very windy and chilly at night, so carry some cozy warmer outfits (windproof jacket, sweater, shrug etc). Everyone is on vacation and is dressed for relaxation. And no one cares if you wear an outfit more than once.

Make sure to carry the following:

  1. Passport, ID, and Cruise documents (and a photo copy of each)
  2. Swimsuits, goggles, and change of clothes
  3. Cellphone, laptop and camera
  4. Medications
  5. Picture of your luggage (Just in case! This helps find your luggage much quicker if lost)
  6. Sunscreen

And don’t forget to leave extra room in your suitcase for souvenirs and gifts for you and your loved ones.

  • Say no to Internet

Few people like to be hooked on to their phones all the time, but there are the others who love to unplug and just enjoy their vacation without the distraction of emails and Facebook. Lack of Internet access and one week online detox can be a blessing too. It helps you to connect more with the present moment and take the best out of it. If at all you need access to Wi-Fi, to be able to check in with family or post vacation photos, please note that Wi-Fi on cruises is crazy expensive and isn’t always fast or reliable (the Wi-Fi is satellite based so it is completely nonexistent if the weather isn’t great). Instead we recommend you take advantage of the free Wi-Fi that’s normally available in many ports of call. The nice thing is these places (usually restaurants, cafés, and coffee shops) are within walking distance from the cruise pier.

  • Consider using a Travel Agent

Many people assume that a travel agent would be more expensive than booking directly. On the contrary not only do travel agents offer a better price but also have direct access to special deals and promotions that will make you save big on your cruise booking. Also, every cruise line has a different style. To book the right ship for you, we recommend using a travel agent. They are truly cruise experts and know the ins and outs of every cruise ship due to their connections and local knowledge.

  • Book in Off Season

Planning a cruise during the off season is one of the best cruise tips. The cheapest times to cruise is when the kids are back in school. So, if you want to sail on the cheap and avoid holiday crowd, this is the time to do it. Also, cruise prices are highly seasonal, so you’ll save a lot of money by traveling during the off season.

  • Excursions

Shore excursions may be booked through the cruise ship, or you can go off on your own in port or hire independent tour guides. However, booking through the ship guarantees you will not be left behind if your tour is delayed for some reason. There is a risk if you go off on your own and return late, as the ship may leave without you.

  • Keep your Camera handy

Whichever cruise ship and itinerary you decide is right for you to cruise, remember to keep your camera with you at all times — you never know when you may just be passing by a deck and see a wild animal or perfect photo opportunity.

  • Be prepared for Motion sickness

We’ve been told by our customers that many people struggle with dizziness, vomiting, nausea or sense of unfeeling well during their first cruise. Carry medication!

  • Carry some Cash on you

Not all activities are included in your cruise booking cost. So, you may need to pay for optional activities or shopping. Also cruise ships charge you a set fee when withdrawing money from their ATM’s. Best is to wait until you are onshore and use a local ATM.


There are things we can always complain about (food, service, people, size of swimming pool etc), but the most important is to see the bigger picture, be in the moment and take the best out of it.

Now isn’t it time to finally set sail?

Decided to go on a cruise and looking for a bit more adventure on your luxury cruise?? Either way, a Jalesh Cruise is the way to go.

Brought to you by Zen Cruises, Jalesh cruises is undoubtedly one of the most exquisite ships you can ever hope to find yourself in. It is India’s first premium luxury cruise ship offering cruise holidays for both domestic and international destinations. Lucky guests can expect stylish décor, fine dining, extensive facilities, premium entertainment and a touch of luxury everywhere. Cabins are plush and range from more affordable window-only cabins to lavish mini suites. The destination offerings are exclusive, the luxurious accommodations inviting, and the on-board service is world class. And the best part is the multicousine gourmet food; from five, six and seven course dinners down to the burger from the grill, khaman dhokla of Gujarat to the fiery Mumbai vadapav and pav bhaji, Delhi chaat to Kolkata rolls, Goan omelette pav to Chennai idli & dosa….everything you crave for from the Indian Street can be enjoyed at the high seas.

Jalesh Cruise
Jalesh Cruise

Onboard entertainment includes broadway musicals, dance performances, magic shows, blockbuster movie screenings, stand-up comedy & much more. It also has exciting dedicated activities for kids and teenagers. You can spend time at the casino, dip into its pool, watch a movie at the theatre, visit the comedy club or their in-house musicals, flex your body at the fitness club or just lounge in the many bars when you’re not enjoying shore excursions. All these amenities make this cruise ship perfect for families and older folks who just want to relax.

Whether it be in more elegant accommodations, more refined service, or more worldly and enticing cuisine, there’s just something about Jalesh cruises that cannot be beaten. It will definitely be a holiday of a lifetime.

So, are you ready to snag a cheap cruise deal? Let our Cruise Experts help you find the best deal for you to travel and the perfect itinerary for your budget! Call us today and sleep easier tonight, knowing your dream vacation is just a cruise away.

Are you a cruiser? Do you have any cruise tips to add? Please share them in the comments below – We want to know your secrets!

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