Are you ready to go on your much awaited cruise holiday and looking for the best cruise destinations? Jalesh Cruises offers a wide variety of sailing schedules allowing travelers to visit destinations and ports of call around the world. Popular Jalesh Cruise destination itineraries include the Mumbai to Goa cruise and Mumbai to Dubai cruise. Whichever type of cruise you want to take, destination is one of the most important factors you must consider when making your choice. From nature to cultural encounters, and historic cities to ancient monuments, Jalesh cruises is sure to feature a voyage that excites you.

In this post, we’ll give you an overview of the best cruise destinations currently being offered by Jalesh Cruises:


1. Mumbai – The City of Dreams

Mumbai, a living breathing phenomenon made up of a million dreams, attracts people from the world over every year. India’s largest city – and its main financial centre – Mumbai is located on the north-west coast and is the heart of the Bollywood film industry. It’s a buzzing metropolis offering visitors superb five-star hotels, fascinating colonial architecture, international as well as local cuisine, a renowned nightlife and a beautiful national park, as well as great beaches.

Jalesh Cruise Special: Spend a day in Mumbai by visiting the Elephanta Caves, the Marvels of the Mumbai, bow your respect to the religious abode and watch the sunset overlooking the Queen’s necklace followed by scrumptious cuisine. Mumbai’s Spice market is surely a delicious treat to your senses. Visit Banganga & Kotachiwadi Heritage, local market town and meet the Dabbawallas and end your tour by walking the paths of Dhobi Ghat.

Gate Way of India, Mumbai
Gate Way of India, Mumbai

2. Mormugao – Discover the Free Spirit of Mormugao

Located on the mouth of the river Zuari, Mormugao is among the well-known cities & townships in Goa. Tourists are drawn to the town for its pleasant atmosphere, old-world charm, World Heritage-listed architecture, places of worship, spectacular white sand beaches, nightlife, and the scenic sunsets.

Jalesh Cruise Special: Experience the sun, sand & the beach by plunging into the amazing crystal blue seas. Spend half a day tour by soaking yourself under the sun, witnessing captivating Dudhsagar Waterfalls and then head straight up for some spiritual insights and experience old architecture & walk around the roads of old Goa. Mormugao’s Spice Plantation is spread across 130 acres in a pristine village in Ponda. Visit Mormugao’s Basilicas followed by lunch at the beach for a culinary delight.

Mormugao, Goa
Mormugao, Goa

3. High Seas – Unwind in the Peace and Serenity while Cruising

Why travel by land when you can travel by water? See the skyline from a whole new perspective on this fun cruise. From international cuisines to thrilling adventure activities, cruising on the high seas certainly matches the excitement of exploring the new place at the shore excursions.

Jalesh Cruise Special: Enjoy aboard Jalesh Cruise and spend amazing days & nights on the seas of different destinations. Get the privilege of a luxury lifestyle that waits inside the cruise while you witness the crystal sea outside. Explore the beauty of the port, the adventure activities onboard and scrumptious delicacies to add to the already fun times at the High Seas.

Jalesh Cruise
Jalesh Cruise

4. Ganapatipule – Discover Spirituality amidst the Konkan Charm

Laced with the evergreen ranges of Sahyadri and an endless stretch of unpolluted silver sand, lined with innumerable trees of mango, cashew, coconut and casurinas at the coastal side of konkan is Ganapatipule which is a ‘Swayambhu'(self- originated) holy place of Lord Gajanan. Its long stretches of beaches, sparkling waters, beautiful sunrises and sunsets and the famous 400-year-old Swayambhu temple of Ganpati are what make Ganpatipule an attractive tourist destination. For those who want to get under the skin of this state; Maharashtra, Ganapatipule is an unexpected starting point to discover the landscape, art, culture and history of Maharashtra. If you feel like experiencing all of this and are willing to live close to nature, sharing the beach with the affable god Ganapati, take up on the divine invitation to enjoy a weekend in this land of good times – Ganapatipule.

Jalesh Cruise Special: Explore the Konkan coastline, brimming with white sandy beaches, rustic villages amidst the aura of spirituality that surrounds Ganpatipule. The modest setting is where you discover the confluence of a beach & river alongside hill shaped like Ganpati, the Hindu God of worship. The idol is said to be a self-created monolith of Lord Ganesha, dated to be 400 years ago. Untouched by commercialism Ganapatipule is an idyllic destination to experience a slice of Konkan life as well as for beach admirers, spiritualists, and pilgrims alike. It is also said to house one of the only two white sand beaches in Maharashtra. A destination of serene sunbathing and mesmerising sunsets, you can even indulge into water sports between the months of November and May.


5. Diu – An Island of Calm

Diu is a beautiful island located nearby the coast of kathiyawad region at veraval port. Known for its exotic beaches, historical forts and must-visit temples, this Island is a tourist’s haven for escaping the cacophony of mundane life. Be it the rich historic past or the faint songs of the anglers, everything in Diu assists in creating a paradise for one in search of tranquility.

Jalesh Cruise Special: Visit the vast beaches and drench your soul to find yourself. Overlooking Arabian Sea is the Diu Fort, which has a great history to discover and is popular among the tourists. The excursion also includes visit to Shell Museum, religious places, parks & gardens.

Diu Fort
Diu Fort


6. Dubai – A World beyond Imagination

A city of glamour and magnificence, Dubai, has made a mark for itself owing to its marvelous creations and exponential growth rate. What was once a pile of sand till just a few decades ago is now the glittering, dazzling uber-cosmopolitan envy of the world. It is the ideal Middle Eastern dream with diversity as its soul. Dubai is home to the world’s tallest building, biggest manmade island, most luxurious hotel and largest shopping and entertainment center where ski runs and walk-through aquariums are housed. Travelers are given the chance to truly indulge themselves and live like celebrities for the day.

Jalesh Cruise Special: See the many architectural wonders of Dubai which include access to Burj Al Arab, Burj Khalifa & Dubai Aquarium. Experiencing the Dubai’s Desert Safari is a chance you’ll regret if you missed. Travel through history on this tour that offers a close look at Dubai’s past and present, its ultra-modern architectural marvels, and the amazing nightlife. Relishing on traditional Dubai cuisines at Atlantis Hotel is a definitely a treat to your tummy. Live in the palace that’s an epitome of luxury at Jumeirah Zabeel Saray. The tour also includes discovering the amazing culture & art of Sharjah.

Dubai City
Dubai City

7. Abu Dhabi – Rich in Heritage, Resources & Culture

Abu Dhabi is a diverse emirate with desert landscapes, oasis, mountain heights, fabulous beaches, warm, clear waters, multiple islands, an ancient heritage city and a modern cosmopolitan capital city. It is also the largest of the seven Emirates that make up the United Arab Emirates. History and tradition in Abu Dhabi stand side by side with contemporary architecture, facilities and commerce. From harsh desert, sheesha lounges, modest architectural brilliance to hundreds of years of Islamic cultural splendor and strolls around the city’s dhow habour, Abu Dhabi doesn’t slow down for anyone. The city welcomes tourists to explore the incredible places which speak about the true essences of Arabian heritage blended with modern architecture.

Jalesh Cruise Special: You’ll miss something for a lifetime if you missed visiting the Ferrari World. This place is sure to give you an adrenaline rush. Abu Dhabi is filled with art, drenched in culture and has mind-blowing architectural marvels. Witness it all and have a lip-smacking lunch in Emirate Palace. Enjoy your high tea at the magnificent Etihad Towers. Enjoy the Camel Safari at the world’s largest uninterrupted sand mass, the Rub Al Khali, also called as the Empty Quarter. The tour also includes a visit to Sheikh Island, Al Ain (largest Oasis in the city) and to the unforgettable Desert Safari.

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque Center, Abu Dhabi
Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque Center, Abu Dhabi

8. Muscat – the City of Royal Palaces

Muscat is the capital of Oman, a traditional, culturally-rich country that lies in the heart of the Middle East. The capital city is a true paradise for every traveler who loves to explore history, adventure, tradition, and wilderness. Unlike, the neighboring capital cities, the low rise buildings, and arabesque architecture all around, reflects the true essence of Arabia; a treat for visitors. From giant extremely gorgeous mosques to years old forts, natural parks, vibrant shopping districts and tons of outdoor activities for the adventurous, Muscat has everything to offer.

Jalesh Cruise Special: You must not miss exploring the beautiful city of Muscat that’s blessed with amazing attractions and magnificent beaches. What’s a better way to get entertained by delightful dolphins? Tour the North side of Oman including the wonderful village of Nakhl. If this is your first time to the region, check out the roller coaster ride in the Desert Safari. Explore Nizwa fort while riding through the ancient souk of Mystical Muscat and learn more about the culture & history of the vibrant capital.

Muscat City
Muscat City

9. Khasab – A Scandinavian Treat in Arabia

Located at the top of Oman’s Musandam peninsula, the small town of Khasab has been described as the “Norway of Arabia.” Its many beautiful fjord-like inlets and stark landscapes created by geologic shifting are striking, and the clear, calm waters are home to dolphins, which can often be spotted interacting with boats. This quiet enclave is also home to Khasab Castle, a small fort where you can learn about the history of the area and local traditions. Sitting isolated on Oman’s Northern coast – cut off by a slice of the United Arab Emirates’ territory – this small city has a dreamy, introverted atmosphere – until you head out to slip and slide across its rip-roaring mountain scenery that is.

Jalesh Cruise Special: Explore this beautiful city of Muscat that’s blessed with amazing attractions and magnificent beaches. What’s a better way to get entertained by delightful dolphins? Tour the North side of Oman including the wonderful village of Nakhl. If this is your first time to the region, check out the roller coaster ride in the Desert Safari. Explore Nizwa fort while riding through the ancient souk of Mystical Muscat and learn more about the culture & history of the vibrant capital.


10. Bahrain – Step into the Pearl of the Gulf

Known as the Kingdom of Bahrain, a country of lustrous natural pearls and with a name meaning ‘two seas’, this island country is the third-smallest in Asia and is situated in the south-west of the Persian Gulf. Surrounded by 33 islands in the Arabian Gulf, it is home to 100 miles of coastline. Bahrain’s modern bustling capital Manama offers visitors a plethora of cultural treasures including colourful bazaars, fascinating forts, mesmerising mosques and ancient burial mounds. It is not surprising that gems are born of this beautiful land.

Jalesh Cruise Special: Manama, the capital of the country, also known as its mercantile capital, brims with local marketplaces that offer exquisite spices, exotic and local pearls, and an array of hand-made carpets. The second largest town, houses the Riffa Fort, which brandishes the kindgdom’s ancient heritage. When you set foot on Amwaj islands, you’ll be surrounded by spectacular views of skyscrapers and billionaire yachts on the shores of the best Bahrain lagoons. If you’re awestruck by cultural heritages opt for places like Muharraq, if local wildlife is your thing then Hawar Islands is the place to be, if you want to be immersed in the traditional handicrafts, Isa Town & A’Ali are the places to be. Bahrain also sports the International Formula 1 race circuit.

Bahrain City
Bahrain City


Sailing brings the world to your doorstep as you explore new locations from the comfort of your own room. We offer cruise holiday packages to numerous destinations all across the globe. What other holiday offers the opportunity to wake up in a new destination every single day?

Take a look at our latest Jalesh cruise deals, offering a range of immersive sailings to destinations such as Dubai, Muscat, Goa and many others. Explore the culture and cuisines of these fantastic destinations, with luxurious experiences to encounter along the way.

On a Jalesh Cruise, you’ll enjoy the journey and the destination. Choose your cruise destination, and then get ready to find yourself on a holiday to remember.

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