A modern city that is home to some of the most iconic architectural wonders in the world, Dubai has a lively day and nightlife, with abundant options for people who’re looking to enjoy a dynamic, action-packed vacation. During the winter months, when the rooftop bars, patio cafes, al fresco restaurants and beach clubs are in full swing, the city comes to life with the sort of energy that is palpable yet hard to replicate. Here’s a list of some extremely cool places to hang out in Dubai which we bet you didn’t know about.


Al Bastakiya is one of the most inimitable places to hang out in Dubai. Also famous as Al Fahidi Historical district, this place is designed like an open-air museum, with old-age architecture, wind towers, several cultural displays and art galleries. What makes this place seriously cool is the cute courtyard and terrace cafes that you will find here. 


Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard is proven to be an excellent alternative to Souk Al Bahar with the variety of eating options available. It’s a street decorated with well-lit up trees and lined with al fresco cafes and cafeterias. Even some hotel chains have come up offering amazing lounges, views of Burj Khalifa and splendid ambiance. From local to international chains, this is one trendy and uniquely cool place to hang out in Dubai.


People love this place because of the eclectic mixes of the old (architecture) and the new (bars, bistros, nightlife) it has to offer. Madinat Jumeirah is a hotel complex which comprises of 3 luxurious hotels, a souk, a bunch of bars and lounges, beachside and other fine dining options and a lovely meandering canal which connects all these places through a nice pathway.


Citywalk is unlike any other place in Dubai. Set in the backdrop of the world famous Burj Khalifa, this place has numerous patio cafes, food trucks, small buses (for children), gaming outlets, ice cream vendors, retail outlets, a cinema and so much more! It is a lively place to hang out, especially for families, with a very London-like feel. 


La Mer is one of the most happening places to hang out in Dubai. A beachside stretch of numerous cafes, eateries, bars, boutique shops, and even a waterpark, La Mer is buzzing during the day and night. A very modern and minimalistic design, white sands and the blue ocean, beach loungers, bars playing live music, food trucks serving street food, cool street art, fairy lights, water sports during the day and terrace cafes offering superb views of Dubai’s skyline are all reasons why this place has become one of the local’s and tourists’ favourite places to hang out in Dubai.

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