From the sereneness of the desert to the hustle and bustle of souks, Dubai is known for its cultural wealth, bizarre entertainment, trailblazing development, ultramodern architecture and dazzling life. It has grown from a barren desert into one of the most majestic cities in the world. Dubai is the perfect combination of modernity and rich authentic heritage. Well, the desert Safari in Dubai gives you peace while just being in the desert and enjoying the calmness where the bustling city of Dubai gives you never experienced before moments.

Exploring Dubai is incomplete without experiencing the thrills, adventures and unforgettable sandy rides of the Dubai Desert Safari. It is the perfect holiday destination for all adventure enthusiasts. The desert safari is designed in such a way that drives everyone into the depths of the sandy desert experience that is sure to immerse the visitors into the pristine beauty of the Arabian desert. It  is considered to be the most fun and memorable experience of your Dubai tour package.

The Dubai Desert Safari tour takes almost 3 to 6 hours. There are three different types of the desert safari starting from the morning, evening and the overnight safari. You can be part of the morning safari from 9:00 AM to 12:30 PM or if you wish to see the magical sunset in the arabian desert, you can also opt for the evening safari from 3:30 PM to 9:30 PM or the best option is begin the thrilling session of overnight desert safari with a beautiful sunset and end it with a glorious sunrise. No matter the type of safari you embark on, each one is designed to take you deep into the Arabian Sands, ensuring you are immersed with its pristine splendour.

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There are so many thrilling adventures to do while exploring the Dubai Desert Safari. Some of the exciting adventures and the scenic beauty while exploring the desert are:

1.Breathtaking Sunrise and Sunset

Sunset at Dubai Desert
Sunset at Dubai Desert

The golden beauty of the sunrise and the crimson beautiful sunset is the favourite spot for all the nature lovers. The perfect timing and the perfect candid moments to capture the beauty or even just gazing at the sun and the sand gives immense happiness and pleasure. It is worth watching the sunset and sunrise. The first rays of sunlight are the perfect start to the day and the Dubai Desert Safari makes it all perfect for you.

2. Exhilarating Dune Bashing

Vehicles bashing side to side through the desert dunes.
Vehicles bashing side to side through the desert dunes.

The thrilling 45 minutes ride of the jeep gives you a lifetime experience into the Dubai sand safari. It is an adventurous ride across the Arabian desert at varying speeds over massive dunes through the breezy wind. This is a stirring dune tour for adventure enthusiasts which takes full responsibility for the fun and fascinating experience.

The cost for the ride approximately starts from INR 2,200/- per person.

3. A Bumpy Camel Ride

Camel Ride
Camel Ride
Image Credit: M101Studio

An unmissable bumpy camel ride is a fun and exciting ride in the desert. Sitting on the back of the camel’s hump and enjoying the beautiful view of sand dunes that touch the horizon is an unforgettable journey into the Dubai Desert Safari. It is a 30 minutes ride to dive into nature. The best time to ride on a camel is either early in the morning or late in the evening as the visitors can enjoy the sunrise and sunset in the most beautiful  way.

You can enjoy the bumpy camel ride for just INR 1,000/- per person.

4. Sand Ski

Sand skiing down dunes in desert
Sand skiing down dunes in desert

Sand skiing is one of the topmost things  during the Dubai Desert Safari tour. . It not only breaks the boredom of your daily activities, but also fills you with so much vibrancy and enthusiasm. It relieves your stress as you glide through the dunes into the desert safari in Dubai. The best time to go skiing is in the evening or before sunrise. It is advisable to wear light and comfortable clothing to make the most of the adventure activities in Dubai.

You can experience the joy of sand skiing for the price which starts from INR 6,500/- per person.

5. Quad Biking

Quad Biking Drive a Quad bike in the desert
Quad Biking Drive a Quad bike in the desert

Quad Biking in Dubai desert safari is an activity full of adventure. It doesn’t require any formal training or a special licence to enjoy the ride . It is an automatic quad bike while the control is entirely with the rider. The safety of the rider is properly taken care of with a helmet and sunglasses.  

Test your adventurous side with a quad biking experience that starts from INR 3,000/- per person.

6. Spectacular Hot Air Ballooning

Hot-Air Balloon Ride
Hot-Air Balloon Ride

400 feet above the desert, Hot Air Balloon gives the perfect 360 degree view of the huge Arabian desert. It is one of the most unique and mesmerising experiences for all tourists. The golden sand dunes of the desert transform themselves into different shades of colour at different hours of the day.

You can get the perfect view of the Dubai Desert Safari at INR 12,000/- per person.

7. Overnight Safari with Exciting Activities and Buffet Dinner

Buffet dinner at desert safari
Buffet dinner at desert safari

The overnight safari is a spectacular experience with all the exciting activities, Arabian nights, bonfire, romantic ride in the desert and stargazing with amazing dinner. Tourists can enjoy dinner along with a lot of entertainment which includes fire eating, belly dancing, Arabian music and much more. Relaxing at the desert camp and gazing at the stars with arabian coffee is the perfect combination to spend the night in the vast desert.

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Dubai lies in the heart of the Arabian Desert. A Dubai Desert Safari tour is a classic experience that takes you on a journey to another precious trove of Dubai with a massive stretch of golden land and sand dunes.

Isn’t it all worth it to fly down to this majestic and stunning emirate city?

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