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wonders of the world
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The Seven Wonderful Wonders of the World

Some monuments across the world display an extraordinary sense of craftsmanship, architecture and ingenuity. Over the years many travellers across the world have marvelled at these top-class man-made structures. A list of the 7 wonders of the world was made more than 2000 years ago and recently in 2001, a […]

How Early To Arrive At The Airport For A Flight?
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How Early To Arrive At The Airport For A Flight?

Imagine, you have perfectly planned your dream vacation! Grabbed the best domestic or international tour package or if travelling for business, got all the travel arrangements made for the meeting. In either of these important situations, you would not wish to miss your flight because you arrived late at the […]

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Christmas Traditions Around The World

With the jingling bells and merry times, with sparkly lights and winter nights, Christmas will be here soon. Christmas is undoubtedly the biggest holiday season in the world. The usual merrymaking involves putting up Christmas trees and decorations, opening gifts, baking and spending time with friends and family. Some other […]

leave the airport during layover
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Can I leave the Airport during layover?

While booking flights online, you would have often come across terms like Direct, Non-stop or Layover flights. Direct flights usually have a stop or two before your final destination, non-stop flights do not have any stops and layover flights usually have a long stopover with connecting flights between destinations. Especially […]