The marvels of nature are beyond human comprehension. There are so many natural phenomena that exist around the world and we humans are always just left in awe of them. From the Northern Lights to the Rainbow mountains and Bioluminescent shores, the wonders of nature are countless. One such jaw-dropping phenomenon is the Midnight Sun. However, there are only some limited places where you can experience the Midnight Sun. 

This splendid spectacle has to be on every traveller’s bucket list. The Midnight Sun takes place during the summer solstice as the tip of the earth is tilted towards the sun. During this period, the regions north of the Arctic Circle receive uninterrupted sunlight which means that the sun doesn’t set and there are 24 hours of constant sunlight. The phenomenon is at its peak in June-July. Even the regions a bit south of the Arctic Circle experience long summer days and prolonged sunsets which are equally wonderful sights.

To witness the Midnight Sun is a breathtaking, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that will make your mind blow.

Here are the best magical places where you get to experience the Midnight Sun in person:

1. Norway

Midnight Sun at Globe Monument, Norway
Midnight sun at Globe Monument, Norway
Image Credit: Rageziv

Norway is one of the most popular destinations in the world where you can experience the Midnight Sun phenomenon the best and it is even aptly called the ‘Land of the Midnight Sun’. There are two popular spots here to observe this wonder. The first one is Longyearbyen on the Svalbard Islands, the northernmost inhabited region in Europe. Here the sun doesn’t set for 4 months from April to August. You can just hang around and enjoy the midnight sun hovering over the ocean. The other popular place is the world’s northernmost town, Hammerfest. Here the sun shines in the sky from May until July. The town hosts many viewing parties and sun cruises for the many tourists who visit the town to experience the midnight sun. 

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2. Sweden

Kayaking in the midnight sun in Northern Sweden
Kayaking in the midnight sun in Northern Sweden
Image Credit: AlexDreamliner

The Abisko town of Sweden’s Lapland is mainly popular for the Aurora Northern Light experiences in winter. But in summer, this town basks in the sunlight for 24 hours a day. The Midnight Sun can be experienced here from May up till July. The Aurora Sky Station offers chairlift rides up to Mount Nuolja. Visitors can also opt for a hike in the nordic alpine terrain with the glorious hues of reds and yellows on the horizon due to the sun. From the mountain tops, one can get sweeping views of the Scandinavian landscapes below. 

One of the nearby towns, Kiruna hosts a popular annual non-stop musical celebration of the long summer days at the end of June known as the Kiruna Festival. Our best offers on Schengen Flight Tickets and Sweden Tour Packages will take you on the best trip to this arctic land.

3. Iceland

Midnight sun lights up Seljalandsfoss Waterfall
Midnight sun lights up Seljalandsfoss Waterfall
Image Credit: Chase Dekker

Another place famous for the display of northern lights in wintertime, Iceland is also popular among tourists who want to experience the Midnight Sun. This event is treated like a festival in Iceland’s capital city Reykjavik. The Midnight Sun can be experienced here from June-July and on Summer Solstice day, the city hosts a huge all-night music festival called Secret Solstice. However, to get the authentic Midnight Sun experience you will have to head further north to the town of Grimsey. 

Iceland has a lot of attractions for tourists like especially Reykjavik where you can take a dip in a geothermal pool, visit the nearby Thingvellir National Park, kayak in the bay or go wildlife spotting. Enjoy the best of Iceland with our Iceland Tour Packages

4. Canada

Rocher Perce rock glistening in the midnight sun
Rocher Perce rock glistening in the midnight sun
Image Credit: Kristi Blokhin

Canada has a few spots from where you can experience the Midnight Sun. The first one is Inuvik, which sees 56 days of constant sunlight. This time is the best for birdwatchers as several migratory birds flock to Inuvik at this time. In July the city hosts the Great Northern Arts Festival with top artists of the region performing there. Another fantastic way to experience the Midnight Sun is by starting a road trip from Whitehorse, Yukon up north to Dawson City. Inuvik, Yukon and Nunavut are together referred to as the land of the Midnight Sun. 

Be it winter or summer, Canada is a surreal tourist destination all year round. Apply for your Canada Visa and choose among the best Canada Tour Packages to plan a trip here. 

5. Finland

experience the midnight sun
Man skiing in a blizzard in Lapland Finland
Image Credit: Lapland Outdoors

Finland is another beautiful location where you can experience the glorious midnight sun. This natural phenomenon can be experienced here between May and July. However, it is not 24 hours of constant sunlight but an average of 20 hours of daylight which means more time to wander around the cities of Finland. The Finnish like to celebrate the summer solstice with bonfires, dancing, late-night sauna and a polar plunge. The Neoclassical infrastructure of the capital city Helsinki melts right with the sunlight. In Rovaniemi, the sun doesn’t set at all in June and July while Sodankylä hosts the Midnight Sun Film Festival from June 12-16. Explore the best of Finland with our Finland Tour Packages that are inclusive of flight tickets, hotel reservations, sightseeing and much more. 

6. Greenland

Sunburst at Disko Bay, Greenland
Sunburst at Disko Bay, Greenland
Image Credit: Kertu

One of the most popular Arctic countries Denmark houses one underrated location, Nuuk, from where it would be a visual treat to experience the Midnight Sun. The capital city of Greenland, Nuuk is well accessible by flight and it can be a perfect summer getaway. You can indulge in several summertime activities available here like glacier and whale watching tours, dog-sledging or roaming around the golden glow-dipped Myggedalen neighborhood. 

7. Alaska

Northern Lights over the Midnight Sun over Lake Laberge
Northern Lights over the Midnight Sun over Lake Laberge
Image Credit: Pi-Lens

The US State of Alaska is an epitome of natural beauty and this phenomenon of the Midnight Sun can be experienced as far south as Anchorage. But it can be seen the best in the cities of Fairbanks and Barrow. In both cities, you can see the Midnight Sun from May to July. You can enjoy the 24/7 sunlight here and explore the beautiful cities famous for the Alaskan Native Culture. 

The US is a perfect option for a summer holiday, especially for families. Apply for a US Visa online and also check out our variety of US Tour Packages for a fun-filled vacation. 

Apart from the above-mentioned, some other places where you can experience the Midnight Sun are the Faroe Islands (Denmark), St. Petersburg (Russia), the Lofoten Islands and the North Cape. Watching this jaw-dropping event has to be on everybody’s bucket list, be a travel enthusiast or not. Which of the above destinations would you choose as ideal to experience the Midnight Sun?

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