Imagine the darkest sky fully studded with stars, what could possibly make this sight more magical? Now add to it a whole lot of vibrant colours and sparkly dancing lights. Isn’t that a sight you would love to witness in person and cherish for your entire life? The Northern Lights or Aurora Borealis is one of nature’s finest phenomena. To catch a glimpse or to explore the Northern Lights should be on every travel enthusiast’s bucket list. 

Seeing the night sky light up in shades of Indigo, Fuschia and Emerald Green is no short of a mystical experience. The Northern Lights are formed by fast-moving, electrically charged particles that are emitted by the sun during a solar storm and these particles are drawn towards the poles of the Earth by its magnetic fields. The distinct colours are a result of different gases in the Earth’s atmosphere. This phenomenon only occurs in the Arctic and Antarctic regions, but it is only possible to witness the Arctic- Aurora Borealis for tourists. 

There are many places along the Arctic region that provide a wholesome experience of either adventure or luxury.

Here are some of the beautiful places to explore the Northern Lights in person:

1. Norway

explore the northern lights
Northern Lights in Norway
Image Credits: Rustic Wanderlust

Norway has to be the most popular tourist location from where you can explore the Northern Lights. Several locations in Norway fall under the Northern Lights Oval and also experience polar nights from November to February. Svalbard Archipelago is the only place where you can experience this phenomenon even during the day. In Svalbard, you can also join in on a snowcat safari or a snowmobile tour braving the cold. Another popular location is Tromsø, as it is easily accessible by flights from any part of the world. With really high chances of spotting the Northern Lights, tourists can also indulge in snow-sledging, reindeer-sledging and a pretty animated nightlife scene. 

You can also go light-spotting in Lofoten Islands, Alta, Andoya and Bodo. The best time for the same would be between October-March. Enjoy the picture-perfect surroundings, great food and many tourist attractions here with our Norway Tour Packages

2. Sweden

explore the Northern lights
Explore the Northern Lights in Lapland, Sweden
image Credit: Jens Ottoson

Owing to the microclimate of Abisko, Sweden, it is the most ideal location to explore the Northern Lights. Combine the views of Aurora in the clearest skies with majestic snow-capped mountains in the foreground for the best visual treat. The Aurora Sky Station is the prime spot for viewing the light show. You also have options like Kiruna, Jukkasjärvi, and Porjus. 

Combine Light watching in Sweden with various adventure activities. The place also has several accommodation options. Sweden is also one of the best locations to experience the midnight sun. Grab your Schengen visa now, first stop Sweden! 

3. Alaska, USA

Northern Lights in Alaska
Northern Lights in Alaska
Image Credits:
Photo by Abhi Verma on Unsplash

In Alaska, Fairbanks is your best bet to witness the magical Northern Lights. From August to April, the night sky lights up in the display of green, yellow and purple hues. Worried about the chilling weather of Alaska? There are several natural hot springs here to can enjoy the gorgeous views. 

Other Alaska attractions include Denali National Park, Mendenhall Glacier and Kenai Lake. Start your USA Visa Application process with us today. 

4. Finland

Northern Lights in Finland
Northern Lights in Finland
Image Credit: kriskit

Situated right in the middle of the Aurora Zone, Finland is one of the best places to not only explore the Northern Lights but also have an adventure-filled vacation. Luosto is a perfect location if you want to get clear views of the Northern Lights. If you catch a glimpse of the lights over Lake Inari, the reflections in the water are equally gorgeous.

Stay options include igloos and cabins with glass ceilings to enjoy the mystical Aurora right from your beds. Enjoy various adventure activities here including husky sleigh rides, skiing and snowmobiling under the vibrant sky with our Finland Tour Packages

4. Iceland

Northern Lights in Iceland
Northern Lights in Iceland
Image Credits:
Guitar photographer

The Aurora Borealis does attract a lot of tourists, especially near Iceland’s spectacular beaches. The Pingvellir National Park experiences comparatively darker skies elevating the magic of the lights. Several countryside stay options help you explore the Northern Lights in their full glory due to minimal light pollution. 

The enchanting Northern Lights can be enjoyed in cities like Reykjavik, Thingvellir, Threngsli, Seljavallalaug Pool and Hvammsfjordur that too from September-April. Choose our Iceland Tour Packages to indulge in chilling adventure activities like whale-watching, dog-sledging and hiking majestic volcanoes or just relax in a thermal hot spring or set up a tent next to scenic waterfalls.

6. Greenland

Arctic Fjord, Greenland
Arctic Fjord, Greenland
Image Credit: posteriori

Greenland offers the highest chances to explore the Northern Lights due to minimal light pollution. The weather here is not unbearable and you don’t have to go too far away into the wilderness to be able to witness this scintillating phenomenon. Many sighting spots in Greenland aren’t very crowded which makes it a more exclusive experience. The town of  Kangerlussuaq hosts several Aurora excursions for a more seamless experience. Apart from light spotting, you can also indulge in dog-sledging, camping, cold water diving and skiing in Greenland. The best time to experience Greenland Northern Lights is from August to April. 

7. Canada

Northern Lights dancing over Yellowknife, Canada
Northern Lights dancing over Yellowknife, Canada
Image Credit: Ken Phung

The glimmering beauty of the Northern Lights combined with Canada’s unique topography makes it a surreal place to explore the Northern Lights in person. The town of Yukon will not only help you get front-row seats to the swirling lights but you will also get to learn about the science and folklore relating to this phenomenon. Churchill guarantees visitors Aurora activities for almost 300 nights a year coupled with chances of being in close proximity to polar bears. The town of Alberta houses two of the world’s largest sky preserves- Wood Buffalo and Jasper National Park. 

Club your Canada Northern Lights sighting experiences with activities like a snowmobile trip or wild dog sledge riding with our Canada Tour Packages. Start with applying for your Canada Visa which will help you enter the country. 

8. Scotland

explore the northern lights
Northern Lights in Scotland
Image Credits: Luca Quadrio

The cloudy and foggy weather of Scotland is not exactly the best condition for the night sky but occasionally when the skies clear up, the Northern Lights here are a complete visual treat. The port city of Aberdeen will give you the best views of the lights. However, you will have to be persistent with it by staying up late nights or early mornings. 

Once you are done ticking off the Northern Lights from your Scotland Itinerary, you can go about exploring the best tourist destinations of Scotland with our Scotland Tour Packages

The ‘Northern Lights’, ‘Aurora Borealis’ or ‘Dawn of the North’ this marvellous phenomenon of nature will surely be added to your bucket list after reading this if it wasn’t there already. Apart from these places, the lights can also be viewed in Pennsylvania, Minnesota, the Kola Peninsula, the Faroe Islands, etc. 

Tell us in the comments below where in the world would you want to explore the Northern Lights and get lost in its majestic trance. 

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