From camping under the stars to watching wildlife in their natural habitat, Safaris are a whole ‘another planet’ experience. Where else can you get to disconnect from the everyday mundane of living in concrete jungles or following the same routines? The overwhelming sights of a majestic lion in his hunting grounds, hundreds of elephants dawdling across the open plains or close encounters with a rather notoriously elusive leopard can be experienced only with these wildlife safaris. Nowadays, many of the safaris you can experience are actually biodiversity preservations or wildlife protection centres. With high chances of spotting some rare animal species and rejuvenating under open skies, wildlife safaris are surely worth all the money.

Here are some of the iconic wildlife safaris in the world, you ought to visit;

1. Masai Mara National Reserve, Kenya:

Wildlife safaris- Maasai Mara
The wildebeest of Masai Mara
Image Credits: Maasai Mara Official Website

The better half of the Mara-Serengeti ecosystem, the Masai Mara National Reserve is the most famous of all the wildlife safaris in the world. Located in Kenya, the captivating vistas of this area comprise of a Savannah ecosystem, the most glorious sunsets, unimaginably huge diversity in wildlife and the highly hospitable Masai tribe.

This place hosts the highest chance of seeing the Big five of Kenya. Apart from them, you can also see animals like Gazelles, Zebras, cheetahs, baboons, crocodiles and birds like vultures, eagles and buzzards. Millions of animals flock to the region during annual migrations.

Night safaris and hot-air balloon wildlife safaris are some unique prospects here. Witness all this wild glory in person by getting your Kenya Visa and choosing among our best Kenya Tour Packages.

Best time to visit: June-October

2. Ranthambore National Park, India:

wildlife safaris- Ranthambore
A male tiger and his cubs on an evening walk in Ranthambore
Image Credits: Sourabh Bharti

The Ranthambore National Park is one of the most popular jungle wildlife safaris in India. Located in Rajasthan, the park attracts visitors from all over the world. This park displays a huge chunk of the Indian biodiversity and also sparks hints of the royal history around it. The green landscapes of the area combined with some luxurious accommodation options, right from tents to resorts, outside the park are a perfect getaway from the busy city life.

The main attraction of Ranthambore is the tigers but you will also come across Sloth bears, leopards, Indian wolves, Jackals, Chital, Sambar, etc. The Aravalli hills in the background form a huge part of the landscape along with the lakes and rivulets. With our Rajasthan tour packages, experience wildlife along with the palaces and forts.

Best time to visit: October-June

3. Kruger National Park, South Africa:

wildlife safaris- Kruger
An elephant and safari driver in Kruger National Park
Image Credits: TUX85

The Kruger National Park is arguably the oldest and one of the best safaris in Africa. Located in the northeastern region of South Africa, it has some of the world’s best luxury safari lodges and private reserves. The density of animals, especially the large ones, is high here due to the Savannah vegetation.

The chances of spotting the Big Five – lion, leopard, African elephant, rhinoceros and Cape buffalo are pretty high at the private game reserves. You will also spot some exotic birds and reptiles across the 2 million hectares of land. Lastly, along with wildlife, you can also learn the traditions of the Shangaan tribe.

With our South Africa tour package that includes the South Africa Visa, enjoy the world-famous safari destination.

Best time to visit: May-October

4. Yala National Park, Sri Lanka:

wildlife safaris -Yala
Leopard crossing in front of safari jeeps
Image Credits: Amateur007

Also known as Ruhunu National Park, the Yala National Park is the most visited national park in Sri Lanka due to the diversity of wildlife it holds. The famous Yala National Park is located next to the Indian Ocean, hence contributing to the biodiversity. The dense and lush landscapes of Yala are home to beasts like leopards, elephants, monkeys, crocodiles and also several bird species.

For a distinct experience, you can also try going deeper into the forest to explore century-old rock paintings, caves, pilgrimage sites and Buddhist ruins. Or else, you can choose to stay in one of the luxury accommodations with private pools. Can’t wait to chill in the lap of nature, book your flights to Sri Lanka now and also get your Sri Lanka Visa in time for your vacation.

Best time to visit: February-June

5. Nairobi National Park, Kenya:

wildlife safaris- Nairobi
Zebras in Nairobi National Park with the city looming behind
Image Credits: Huang Jenhung

The Nairobi National Park is uniquely famous for being quite close to human civilization. It is only seven kilometres from Kenya’s capital city Nairobi. Yet, it greatly displays one of the best safaris in Africa with some of the rarest wildlife. The wildlife here includes lions, cheetahs, leopards, hippos, zebras, giraffes, gazelles and about 400 species of birds. The main attraction here is the endangered black rhinoceros.

If you visit here in the mornings, you are most likely to spot baby hippos and baby elephants being fed or going for their mud bath.

Best time to visit: July-February

6. The Pantanal, Brazil:

wildlife safaris- Pantanal
Pantanal’s most famous Jaguar along the Cuiaba River Bank
Image Credits: Sekar B

Located in the world’s largest tropical wetland area in Brazil, the Pantanal lands sprawl over 1,95,000 sq. kms. of land. For wildlife diversity, you will find jaguars, tapirs, giant anteaters, toucans, hyacinth macaws and some other mammals. Apart from the traditional jeep safaris, the Pantanal can also be explored by walking, horseback safaris, canoe trips and the nocturnal spotlight.

In the dry season, you can see wildlife up close gathering around the reduced water. To experience these one-of-a-kind safari parks around the world, get a Brazil Visa and plan your vacation with the best of our Brazil Tour Packages.

Best time to visit: July-October

7. Serengeti National Park, Tanzania:

wildlife safaris- Serengeti
An ethereal sunset on the lands of Serengeti National Park
Image Credits: Delbars

Located in Northern Tanzania, the Serengeti National Park is not only a further extension of Masai Mara but also a UNESCO-listed heritage site. It is easily one of those quintessential safari parks around the world full of green pastures and meandering rivers. Here you will encounter almost every animal right from majestic lions to African Wild Dogs.

However, the park’s popularity single-handedly comes from the ‘great migration’ wherein over 2 million animals set off towards Masai Mara around July and come back in October. This massive migration along with the beautiful landscapes of the park is truly a sight to behold. Planning to visit Tanzania from India? You will have to get a Tanzania Visa beforehand and plan a wild time with our Tanzania tour packages.

Best time to visit: May-December

8. Kaziranga National Park, India:

wildlife safaris- Kaziranga
Endangered One-Horned Rhinoceros in Kaziranga National Park
Image Credits: GTW

There are several jungle safaris to experience in India and the Kaziranga National Park is one of them. Another UNESCO-listed Heritage site, this place offers an inviting landscape paired with the Brahmaputra River, grassland and pastures.

This place is home to the most endangered rhino species in the world- the One-Horned Rhinoceros. One can also see Bengal Tigers, Asiatic Elephants, Wild Water Buffaloes and other migratory birds here. Plan your India trip as soon as possible and get great deals on flight options to India. You can also plan a trip to visit the other jungle safaris in India.

Best time to visit: November-February

9. Etosha National Park, Namibia:

wildlife safaris- Etosha
All kinds of animals at the waterhole in Etosha National Park
Image Credits: LMspencer

Located in Northwestern Namibia, the Etosha National Park is a different kind of safari due to the desert landscape and biodiversity of the region. Out of the abundant wildlife, you will find lions, elephants, leopards and rhinos (both the critically endangered white and black rhinos).

The most spellbinding sight here is hundreds of animals flocking around waterholes to drink and bathe. The Etosha National Park is truly one of the unique safari destinations in the world. Can’t wait to explore this national park, get your Namibia Visa and choose among our Namibia tour packages for the best experience.

Best time to visit: July-October

Now that you have learned about some of the enchanting wildlife safaris in the world, how do you plan to spend your holidays? Laying in your bed at home or under the blanket of stars in a stay at one of the safari parks in the world. Tell us in the comments below which safari destinations are surely going to be on your bucket list.

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