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South Africa is a magnificent destination that is frequently ignored by budget tourists, offering fantastic safaris, rocky mountains, world-class wines, an endless coastline, and dynamic towns like Cape Town. South Africa is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Africa. Visitors may immerse themselves in city life in Cape Town and Johannesburg, or get up up and personal with animals in safari areas such as Kruger National Park.

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Despite South Africa’s painful past and certain areas of the country that have a reputation for crime, visitors to South Africa will find that this country has so much to offer for the adventurous traveler.

This travel guide to South Africa can help you plan the perfect trip without breaking the bank to ensure you make the most of your time in this incredible country.

Things to do:

Visit Cape Town:

red and white lighthouse in cape town

Explore Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens, sunbathe on gorgeous beaches, visit Robben Island, and go on a wine tour while in Cape Town. Cape Town offers it all, so make the most of your stay here.

Arpatheid’s Tragic Past:

illusion street in SA

Learn more about South Africa by visiting the Apartheid Museum in Johannesburg, touring Robben Island (where Nelson Mandela spent 18 years in jail), and exploring Soweto (SOuth WEstern TOwnships), a township established by the Apartheid regime in Gauteng. It’s a bleak, eye-opening age to study.

Kruger National Park:

giraffes spotted at Kruger National Park

Kruger National Park is the country’s largest, most popular, and busiest wildlife reserve. It’s a massive park with approximately 2 million hectares (nearly 5 million acres) of wildlife-filled land (including the Big 5). A basic three-day budget safari will set you back around 12,000 ZAR.

Drive the Garden Road:

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This route runs along the Indian Ocean from Mossel Bay to St Francis, offering gorgeous wetlands, lovely vistas, and huge vineyards along the way. The travel is just approximately 200 kilometres (125 miles), so don’t rush; instead, take your time and stop and explore as you go.

Day trip to Eswatini:

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Previously known as Swaziland, this little nation was renamed Eswatini in 2018 (Eswatini means “land of the Swazis”). There are numerous major game parks and reserves in the area, making it an excellent site for additional animal viewing. Make a point of visiting Hlane Royal National Park. Border crossings may be sluggish, so double-check the wait times before you go.

Trip the Namaqualand Flower Route:

wildlife living in the colourful landscapes of south africa

From Yzerfontein to Richtersveld National Park, the Namaqualand Flower Route is a 650-kilometer (404-mile) drive. While it is possible to drive it in a single day, most people divide it up into portions and take a few days to complete it. Every spring (mostly in mid-August and mid-September, with a peak in August), this region erupts into a sea of colour, with over 4,000 types of flowers blooming. Head north to Springbok, then south to face the blooms. The blooms are best seen between 10:30 a.m. and 4 p.m. on non-cloudy days, so plan your visit accordingly. The Goegap Nature Reserve also has picnic sites and overnight accommodations. You should expect to pay between 320 and 1,200 ZAR each night.

See the penguins:

penguins walking towards the ocean from the sea shore

The African penguin is the continent’s sole breeding penguin. They may be found in Boulders Beach and Stoney Point Nature Reserve in Betty’s Bay (both locations are a short drive from Cape Town). Penguins are seldom seen outside of zoos, so it’s well worth the travel to watch this colony of penguins living their best life on the beach. Arrive before 11 a.m. to get the finest view of the penguins with the fewest people. The entrance charge ranges from 25 to 152 ZAR.

Visit South Africa to go whale watching:

a huge whale jumping from the water

South Africa is one of the top destinations in the world to go whale watching. If you travel between June and November, you have a good possibility of seeing Southern right whales, Bryde’s whales, and orcas. Hermanus, located 120 kilometres (75 miles) southeast of Cape Town, is the home base for many of the country’s premier whale-watching businesses. Southern Right Charters, Hermanus Whale Cruises, and Xplora Tours are some trustworthy firms. A two-hour excursion should cost between 900 and 1,020 ZAR.

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