Airplane food is like an entire category of food in itself. It was known to be boring and bland for years. May it be long-haul flights or first and business-class ones, airplane food was definitely not the most anticipated part of a trip. Especially, at 30,000 ft. in the air where everything seems bizarre to the taste buds. But over the years, many airlines have gone above and beyond to improve the food aspect. In today’s day and time, there are many airlines that serve the best in flight meal to their passengers. The service has not only improved for business and first-class flyers but also for economy passengers.

Here are our top 5 Airlines that serve the best in flight meal:

Singapore Airlines:

Best in flight meal- Singapore Airlines
Indian ethnic choice in Singapore Airlines Suites and First Class
Image Credits:
Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines offers some of the best in flight meal options that scream lavishness. The USP of Singapore Airlines is the ‘Book a Cook’ feature. Starting with premium economy passengers, where one can select from an array of food options 24 hours before the flight. These options are not only limited to the inflight menu but a much larger range that the airline will prepare for you in advance.

The airline’s culinary team collaborates with Michelin-star chefs not only from Australia but also from around the world. They have a variety of Western, Asian and ethnic dishes on board with a constantly upgrading menu of 50+ combinations. Even Singapore’s business lounge at Changi Airport provides a great food experience.

Qatar Airways:

Best in flight meal- Qatar Airways
An Arabic mezze tray in Business Class on Qatar Airways.
Image Credits: EQRoy

Middle Eastern airlines have always been on top in terms of overall services. However, out of all the carriers of the middle east, Qatar Airways not only has the best in flight meal services but also tops in quality, hygiene and taste. Their food options are available at the lounge as well as onboard.

The business and first-class menu for Qatar Airways is curated by the likes of Nobu Matsuhisa, Tom Aikens, Ramzi Choueiri, and Vineet Bhatia. These chefs spend a lot of time perfectly altering the spices and flavours to adhere to the taste changes at high altitudes. Dishes are also tailored based on the select routes. Some of their flights also serve a 9-course meal leaving you stuffed to the brim. Qatar Airways is world-class in its overall services.

Turkish Airlines:

Best in-flight meals- Turkish Airlines
Dish served in Economy Class of Turkish Airlines
Image Credits: Turkish Airlines

When it comes to Turkish Airlines, the food served onboard will always have a Turkish specialty. This airline has an actual chef on board to make the food on the flight. This adds a personal touch to the dining experience. For the business and first-class flyers, the chef prepares all kinds of cuisine and even the economy passengers get to enjoy olive-oil poached artichoke, grilled beef with creamy eggplant, etc.

You will most definitely find Turkish delights like simit bread, pita, kebabs, baklava, or a mezze platter on your flight. Even on short/domestic flights, Turkish Airlines offers a snack and a drink to the passengers.

Air France:

Best in-flight meals- Air France
Premium economy cabin complete meal on Air France.
Image Credits:
Air France

You can’t be unimpressed by French culinary style even 30,000 ft. in the air. Since Air France originates in France, it automatically makes it one of the top airlines serving the best in flight meals. For the business and first-class passengers, you can expect a glass of vintage Bordeaux, authentic foie gras, with assortments of cheeses, meats, pastries and chocolates. Apart from
the french cuisines, you will also have other options including Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Indian, Thai, etc. The menu on this flight changes almost every 10 days.


Best in-flight meal- Air France
Multicourse meals in premium economy on Emirates.
Image credits: Emirates

Emirates can be counted as one of the most elite airline companies. The best part about them is that multi-course meals are provided to all the passengers on the flight with meal service. The first-class passengers do enjoy a scrumptious seven-course meal with a lounge at the rear of the plane. The food options for economy people aren’t the same but fall nothing short. Their menu includes smoked tuna, marinated vegetable salad, charcoal grilled lamb brochette with cinnamon-scented sauce and sticky date pudding, biscuits, cheese and chocolates for dessert.

Emirates really doesn’t cut any corners when it comes to hospitality and you can definitely experience a royal enough treatment whether you are in first-class or economy.

Apart from the ones mentioned above other airlines that have the best in flight meal include- Etihad, Swiss International Airlines, Cathay Pacific and Air New Zealand.

Planning to fly anytime soon and want to experience dining in the air with these airlines, get the best deals when you book your flights online. Also, take care of your visa online. Happy Travels!

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