The world is filled with numerous magical places that are a treat to sore eyes. One thing better than peeping out of your airplane window and seeing yourself float above a soufflé of clouds is being able to see some eye-catching landscapes. Imagine being able to enjoy the most incredible views from a bird’s-eye perspective by taking some scenic flights from around the world. May it be magnificent mountains, stunning islands, vast oceans, waterfalls and forestlands. 

Aisle or window seat? This is one of the most debated questions for a flyer. While one would generally prefer an aisle seat for the extra space, there are some scenic flights that would want you to pick the window seat and be ready with your cameras to capture these breathtaking views. But before you plan on taking these best flight routes, start with getting cheap flight tickets online

These are some of the most scenic flights from destinations around the world that will take your breath away:

1. Santiago to Punta Arenas

Flying over the Patagonia region
Flying over the Patagonia region
Image Credit: Allen.G

The first on the list of the most scenic flights is the route from the Chilean capital of Santiago to the country’s southern region of Punta Arenas. After flying through meadows, lakes, snow-capped mountains and volcanoes, it will easily become one of the most scenic commercial flights as you fly over Patagonia. Patagonia is probably the most incredibly beautiful place and millions of travellers visit this place to take in all the beauty.  Get your cameras ready to capture some pretty shots of the Andes Mountains and the idyllic Lake District. 

Just like the sky-high views, the country of Chile is equally pretty. Get a Chile visa and check out some exotic Chile Tour Packages

2. Sydney to Johannesburg

Flying over Antarctica
Flying over Antarctica
Image Credit: abzwal

Visiting Antarctica is usually not the most ideal trip.  But if you still want to be mesmerised by the sheer whiteness of Antarctica, you can while travelling from Sydney to Johannesburg. One of these beautiful short flights takes you closer to the edge of Antarctica. You will be greeted with gorgeous views of icebergs and tundras. For a more intimate trip, you can also plan a day trip to Antarctica with Qantas Airways. 

To enter Johannesburg, you will require a South Africa Visa. Also, this can be your chance to explore some of the best wildlife safaris of the world in South Africa with our South Africa tour Packages.

3. Alaska to Finland/ Iceland/ Sweden/ Norway/ Greenland

Aerial view of Northern Lights over the Northern hemisphere
Aerial view of Northern Lights over the Northern hemisphere
Image Credit: Kuznetsova Julia

While viewing from land, the Northern Lights can easily be said to be the best natural phenomenon man can ever experience. Imagine viewing them from up closer. They are most commonly spotted in the northernmost part of the world, like Alaska, Northern Canada, Greenland, Norway, Sweden, Finland and Iceland. So, if you are flying through any of these places and the night is clear, there are high chances you can witness the Northern Lights in the sky. 

Take your chances of flying from Alaska to any of the above-mentioned European countries. Make it easier with a Schengen Visa that allows you access to nearly 26 European countries. You will surely not be disappointed with all the affordable yet gorgeous accommodation options here. 

4. Zurich to Naples

View of Mount Vesuvius from the plane, Italy
View of Mount Vesuvius from the plane, Italy
Image Credit: Gelia

Switzerland has to be on the list of the most breathtakingly beautiful countries in the world and another one of them is Italy. Flying from Zurich to Naples is a scenic flight route, just like the two countries. Your journey starts with alluring views of the Central European region and transcends into picturesque views of Pompeii, Mount Vesuvius, the isle of Capri, the Amalfi Coast and much more of the Italian scenery. 

Start with getting an Italy Visa and prepare yourself to enjoy the Italian vibes with our all-inclusive Italy Tour Packages

5. Hong Kong to London

Gobi Desert landscape in winter from the plane at dawn
Gobi Desert landscape in winter from the plane at dawn
Image Credit: Stefano Zaccaria

Usually, people fly from the commercial city of Hong Kong to another commercial hub London or vice-versa for work or business-related stuff. But what if you can actually enjoy some pleasing views along the way? You will first be greeted by the vast expanse of the Gobi desert in China and as you go further, the Mongolian Steppe and also the icy wild lands of Siberia. End it with glimpses of London as you descend into Heathrow airport. 

To be able to enter the United Kingdom, you will require a UK Visa and our United Kingdom Tour Package to explore the best of the country. 

6. Over the Grand Canyon, USA

Cockpit view over the Grand Canyon
Cockpit view over the Grand Canyon
Image Credit: Benny Marty

Not one of the commercial passenger flights but the special helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon in the USA has to be on your list of must-tries while you visit the US with our US Tour Packages. You will be awestruck by the sheer grandeur of this site and one of the best ways to experience it is on a helicopter tour. Tours usually depart near the Grand Canyon National Park entrance or from Las Vegas. Fly above and beneath the canyons and you will remember the extraordinary views for a lifetime. 

Along with this, the USA has so much more to offer and you can easily explore it by getting a US Visa

7. Seaplane Flights to Maldives

Seaplane approaching island in the Maldives
Seaplane approaching island in the Maldives
Image Credit: icemanphotos

While landing at Male Airport, you will already be treating your eyes to the pristine blue ocean waters. Although you will find more surreal views of the ocean while you take some beautiful short flights to one of your resorts in the Maldives. You get to feel like soaring in the middle of the ocean and admire the picture-perfect ocean views even before reaching your final destination. 

Want to visit the Maldives for your honeymoon or a special romantic vacation? Check our exquisite Maldives Tour Packages for a romantic getaway. 

These are some of the most scenic flights from and to destinations that will serve you with some of the most exotic views of locations from around the world. Even if not for the flights from these specific locations, any views from that high would be equally mesmerising. 

Tell us in the comments below during which flight you got the most amazing views. 

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