No matter what international tour package you pick for your holidays the first and the last stop of your journey will always be one of the many airports in the world. Depending upon your starting point and your destination, you may visit at least 2 (or 3 if you have a layover) airports in your journey. From the finest architectural masterpieces to being surrounded by the most scenic views, from calming down your fears of flying and turbulence to providing you with many options for entertainment while waiting during layovers there are many airports in the world that are designed in a way to make sure you have a good time during your transition through them.

So to give them their due credit and as a gesture of appreciation, we have compiled a list of the best airports in the world to plan your trips around.

1. Hamad International Airport, Qatar

Giant yellow teddy bear installation in Hamad International Airport duty-free hall center
Giant yellow teddy bear installation in Hamad International Airport duty-free hall center
Image Credit: ekarin

Bagging the first place in the recently announced list of Best Airports in the World of 2022 by Skytrax World Airport Awards, Hamad International Airport is truly a class apart! You don’t need to book a Qatar tour package or get a Qatar visa to visit this airport, as airlines like IndiGo and Qatar Airways often connect many North American, Asian, and European destinations via this airport in Doha. This ultra-modern airport has everything that a traveler may need and will surely take you with surprise. It is equipped with many art installations and designed with the purpose of ensuring that your boarding, departing or layover takes place with ultra-premium ease. Top notch stores for shopping, restaurants for dining, and computer set up for working on the go, it houses all this and more! A 7 meter high Yellow teddy bear installed at the center of Duty-Free hall is a key feature that keeps the children entertained incase of long wait time.

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2. Tokyo Haneda International Airport, Japan

Shopping street of departure terminal at Haneda International airport in Tokyo, Japan.
Shopping street of departure terminal at Haneda International airport in Tokyo, Japan.
Image Credit:
glen photo

Got your Japan visa? Made plans to visit the Land of the Rising Sun? Or have a long lay over for the next flight in Tokyo? Then you will surely get a chance to enjoy one of the best airports in Japan and one of the most busiest airports in the world. A perfect mirror of Japanese culture that favors cleanliness and tidiness, this is one of the cleanest airports you will ever visit. You will find shops to buy souvenirs, restaurants to indulge in authentic Japanese cuisine, spotless washrooms and restrooms, quick foreign exchange facilities, ATM’s, wending machines and every modern facility that one would expect at a world class airport. It also includes a play area for children to release their pent up energy and a pet hotel for your furry friends where they can relax and have a grooming session while waiting for the next leg of the journey. What else could we ask for?

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3. London Heathrow Airport, London

View of airplanes from British Airways (BA) at the T5 Terminal 5 at London Heathrow Airport (LHR)
View of airplanes at the T5 Terminal 5 at London Heathrow Airport (LHR)
Image Credit:

Who doesn’t dream of acquiring a UK visa so that they could fly off to London and explore the beautiful city that it is? Every London tour package starts and ends right here at the London Heathrow Airport, you can even say it is the getaway to fulfill your London Dreams. Hailed as the crossroads of the world, it welcomes flights and passengers from all parts of the world. Despite being functional since a long time it is one of the most modern and highly advanced airports in the world as it was primarily planned to provide ease and state-of-the-art facilities to the travelers arriving at the airport. Expect to find many restaurants serving food from all parts of the world, family restrooms, lounges and even spas to simply calm down your nerves at one of the various terminals! If you love shopping, trust us; there are very few airports in the world with options as good as this!

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4. Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport, India

Beautiful view of Mumbai International Airport in the colours of Indian flag on the Independence day.
Beautiful view of Mumbai International Airport in the colours of Indian flag on the Independence day.
Image Credit: Hitman H

The airport of our financial capital city, Mumbai, is no less than any other airport in the world. Standing shoulder to shoulder with some of the best airports of the world in terms of amenities and style it is one of the most beautifully designed airports in the world. If you wish to experience the essence of India without leaving the airport, then you won’t be disappointed as this airport takes really good care of it. Carefully designed to depict the Indian motifs with lotus flowers and peacock feathers, it also includes an Open Museum to enlighten the visitors about the Indian culture and the history of making of India and how Mumbai came about. There are many shopping options available where you can buy national and international products and restaurants where you must try Vada Pav or Pav Bhaji and get a taste of Mumbai street food without actually being on the streets.

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5. Singapore Changi Airport, Singapore

Rain Vortex At Jewel Changi Airport, Singapore
Rain Vortex At Jewel Changi Airport, Singapore
Image Credit:
Travel man

Singapore has always attracted travelers from across the globe with many exciting tourist attractions that are included in our Singapore tour packages and it is no surprise that it can do so with its airport as well. Singapore Changi Airport is amongst the most unique airports in the world. While traveling in and out with a Singapore visa or on a layover here, you will get to admire the many marvels of nature right at this beautiful nature themed airport. The dome of steel and glass encompasses the world’s largest and tallest indoor waterfall – The Rain Vortex. Gardens, Slides, Mazes, Foggy Bowls – where children can play amongst the clouds and walking nets, you name it and the airport delivers. You can even opt to shop for all national or international products right here under this one roof. With over 80 fine dining restaurants you will surely be spoiled with choices!

Generally, we get frustrated with long layovers or time taken during the transit from city to the airport but many modern airports have made an attempt to make us feel friendly and welcoming vibes. Moreover, they provide us with the first taste of the place we are visiting, and what kind of food we can expect while visiting.

This is not a comprehensive list of best airports in the world, as many people love to experience different things while being on an airport, we have simply shortlisted few just to give you an idea about how even the most busy places on Earth can be fun and entertaining while on a move depending upon the services that they provide.

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