2018 proved to be a lucky year for Singapore. The country bagged not only one but two titles as the ‘World’s Best Airline’, and ‘World’s Best Airport’, proving that Singapore is not just a world class city to live in but has the best airline in the world as well.

Singapore Airline has been named the Airline of the year by AirlineRatings.com, and toppled the five-year champion Air New Zealand, which has held the coveted title since 2014 and the popular Changi airport clinched the top spot in the World’s Best Airport awards and for very obvious reasons, but do you know what are those obvious reasons? No…? Well, let’s dig in and know what made the Singapore Airline and Changi airport win the title and why they continue to be so popular.

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Top Reasons why Singapore Airlines was voted World’s No.1 Airline

Singapore Airlines was voted the best airline by the AirlineRatings.com, which judges the world’s carriers according to their safety and in-flight products and services. Here are the top reasons that bagged them the award:

1. Service

As said, every passenger judges an airline according to the comfort and the services they get while flying and that’s exactly the criteria of AirlineRatings.com who ranks the world carriers on the same basis. Every airline claim to provide a friendly and a helpful service onboard, whereas Singapore airline goes an extra mile not only claim but train its recruit for 4 months, which is twice as long as other airlines average training period of eight weeks. The training covers everything from the onboard etiquette to serving food and understanding the cultural sensitivity of passengers from different countries.

2. Convenience

Convenient arrival and departure time is what a passenger look out for while booking their flight, and that’s exactly what makes Singapore airline score high in travellers list. Now the one thing that puts off travellers than seeing that a flight leaves early in the morning or in the middle of the night that it’s difficult to reach the airport but with Singapore airlines convenient arrival and departure time makes it easier for people.

3. Flying via Changi

Changi Airport was voted as ‘The World’s Best Airport’ at the 2018 World Airport Awards for the sixth consecutive year. Changi Airport is not just a regular airport, it’s a destination itself. Once you enter the transit area of the airport, it’s hard to believe that you’re in an airport. It looks like a high-end mall with glitzy shops and big branded showrooms. Not just that, the airport is decked up with beautiful gardens like Orchid and Sunflower garden where one can go for a relaxing stroll. There are amazing lounges, all sorts of interesting activities like playstations, Xboxes and a cinema. You can also take a dip in the rooftop pool at Changi airport and relax and reboot yourself.

 4. Food

While flying 11,000 meters up in the sky, it gets difficult to nip out for a bite to eat. But Singapore Airlines gives equal attention to this and get the onboard meals right. The menu served in the flight is created by eight world-renowned chefs from Asia and Europe which results in adding news flavours and ideas to the dish.

5. Sleep

Getting a good sleep not only makes for a good flight, but it kicks off a leisure or a business trip in the best way and you could be refreshed and make the most of your trip. The cabin service of Singapore Airlines is designed in such a way which gives passengers more personal space and less interruption, even when the seat in the front is reclined.

Changi Airport : Voted World’s Best for the 6th consecutive year

Yes, you read it right! Changi Airport has been voted by air travellers as the World’s Best Airport at the 2018 World Airport Awards for the 6th consecutive year. This makes Changi the first airport win the accolade six years in a row. The survey for the World’s best airport takes into account various performance key indicators which include the products and services of the airport, which includes- from check-in, arrivals, transit, security, and immigration.

What makes Changi so special?

The airport has things which you cannot even expect at an airport. The airport has a beautiful butterfly garden. Found at Terminal 3, the place has a 6 meter waterfall and butterflies of around 40 species. The Terminal 2 welcome travellers to a collection of rare orchids, decorative mosaic sculptures and free 24 hours cinema and Xbox and Playstation. Those coming from Terminal 1 can enjoy a rooftop swimming pool and jacuzzi and watch the planes taking off. There’s also a water lily garden, cactus garden and Kinetic Rain art installation featuring polished copper raindrops.

The unwavering commitment and passion for providing best in class service to the travellers is another major point which makes Changi special and best from the rest.

Singapore should definitely be on your bucket list because apart from having Best Airline & Best Airport, it has so much more to offer! When you visit Singapore, be sure to set aside some quality time to take a tour of the Lion city. Akbar Holidays offers a wide range of exciting & fun-filled Singapore Tour packages with unbeatable discounts on Singapore flight tickets and visa.

You’ll be glad you did, as you will make many joyful discoveries that’ll keep you coming back!

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