Famous for its vibrant nightlife, thrilling theme parks, fabulous sightseeings, endless shopping spots and much more, one could spend years exploring all that is Singapore. If you are thinking about making Singapore your next travel destination but don’t know what places to visit, you have come to the right spot. The island city-state Singapore has some impressive and well-maintained attractions. Moreover, the city’s well-preserved historical aspect & biological diversity compels to halt and adore them. The outstanding shopping, dining, and entertainment experience are also well complemented with the excellent transportation system. In this article we highlight the top rated tourist attractions in Singapore that should be visited at least once.

So, check out 10 of the best places no traveler should miss on a trip to this vibrant South-East Asia nation.

1. Marina Bay Sands Hotel

Marina Bay Sands, built with a whopping US$5.7, is the world’s most expensive building. This opulent resort- being the best place to visit in Singapore- is an all-purpose structure equipped with-

  • Restaurants
  • Luxury hotels
  • An array of shops
  • Theatre
  • Art Science Museum, and
  • A Convention center (largest in Asia)

A massive ship structure sits atop three 55-story Marina Bay Sands Hotel towers. It is integrated with a viewing deck, swimming pools, and various other features. You can spectate from there-

  • The impressive city skyline,
  • The Gardens by the Bay,
  • Double Helix Bridge, and other prominent structures.

2. Singapore Flyer

It is the world’s largest Ferris wheel that takes you at an altitude of 541 feet. You can witness not only the impressive Singaporean city line but also the-

  • Malaysia’s Straits of Johor, and
  • Spice Islands of Indonesia.

Each capsule flyer can accommodate at most 28 people and takes 30 minutes per flight. Its terminal, located in the Marina Bay, houses restaurants, shops and other services on its three stories.

3. Gardens by the Bay

A Green Space with a twist of futuristic environmental structures while retaining the soothing traits of a usual garden at the same time.

This garden is classified into three sections-

  • Bay East Garden- capable of relaxing you with its vividly contrasting plant life.
  • Bay Central- a garden featuring a waterfront walk.
  • Bay South- exhibits tropical plants and 160 feet high tree-like structures; Supertree Grove.

Eventually, the Cloud Forest Dome with the highlights of-

  • Tallest indoor waterfall, and
  • Spectacular biodiversity,

..make it overall the best place to visit in Singapore.

4. Botanic Gardens

Being a UNESCO world heritage site, the botanic gardens have managed to preserve the natural heritage of Singapore. You can observe the mature tree species while treading the walking trails.

After that, you can visit National Orchid Garden. It features over 60,000 plant & animal species and a children’s garden. Botanic gardens are a relief to the eyes from seeing concrete jungles everywhere in the city.

5. Chinatown

You can experience how it feels being in China in this hustling Chinatown. Bright red lanterns, Chinese architectural buildings, and the authentic Chinese dishes are all going to fascinate and satiate you.

Visit Chinese Heritage Centre that has-

  • A beautiful Sri Mariamman Temple, and
  • The Buddha Tooth Relic temple.

Multilingual Heritage Markers and throughout Wi-Fi coverage displays the historical and modern perspective of the area.

6. Singapore Zoo

You will want to catch a glimpse of wildlife after visiting other places. Singapore rainforest zoo fulfills your wish with its diverse wild species and takes roughly three hours. Species include-

  • Orangutans,
  • A Komodo dragon,
  • Kangaroos,
  • White tigers,
  • Mole rats,
  • Chimpanzee family,
  • Zebras,
  • Meerkats and other species.

Night Safari, River Safari, and Jurong Bird Park completing the experience make this zoo a preferred place to visit in Singapore.

7. Sentosa Island

A beach destination in Singapore where you can play beach sports or just absorb the sun rays while strolling. To spend some fun time swimming with dolphins, the underwater aquarium is your place.

Move up the Merlion (a structure sporting a lion’s head and fish’s body) and take a good view of surroundings. Highlights include visiting Fort Siloso and trying out water sports like SeaBreeze and Flying Trapeze.

8. Orchard Road

With a world-class shopping, entertainment and dining experience, it has all the reasons to tick this place to visit in Singapore. Featuring 22 malls and six departmental stores, you will fall short of time to check most of them. KTV karaoke, IMAX, and four movie theatres will keep you adequately entertained. Excellent restaurants here serve you the international cuisines.

9. Clarke Quay

Situated at the mouth of Singapore River, Clarke Quay was a commerce hub back in 19th century. It is now a major tourist destination blending Asian and European sides. There are fancy boutiques, pushcart vendors, restaurants serving delectable dishes, and much more. At night, the Quay gets all more dynamic and lively.

10. Universal Studios

It is an amusement park which has something for visitors of all ages. Being one of its kind in Southeast Asia, it has 20 themed attractions like-

  • Hollywood,
  • Madagascar,
  • New York,
  • Ancient Egypt,
  • the lost world,
  • Far Far away (from the Shrek’s movie), among others.

There are two water rides and five thrilling rides (two of them being the tallest dueling roller coaster).

So now you understand why so many travelers rave about the Lion City Singapore. And the good news is that you can make the most of the city even in a short time with our carefully crafted Singapore holiday packages that cover all the major places of interest. If you are planning a Singapore holiday from India, Akbar Holidays brings you some amazing Singapore tour packages that will ensure you enjoy the best of Singapore.

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