Singapore has been popular among Indian travellers for a while now. It’s cheap. It’s only five hours away. Visas are easy to get. And it’s a lot like home despite being “foreign”. That popularity often brings people to Akbar Travels looking for the perfect Singapore holiday; with perfect meaning everything there is to see in the least amount of time. And that’s exactly what I’ll give you today, the Essential 3 Day Singapore Itinerary: 3 Days in the Lion City.

Day 1

Singapore footbridge
Explore Singapore

Let’s get you warmed up. Singapore is a pint size nation that packs quite the punch. A melting pot of cultures, the nation is home to people from all over the world. Only in Singapore will you find Indian khaana sold right next to nasi goreng and ice-cream sandwiches. On your first day we suggest you explore your Singapore neighbourhood. Walk around, breathe in the air, chat with the locals and get a feel of the place.

Singapore Itinerary Highlight: Night Safari

primate in a zoo
Take a night safari

The Night Safari takes you through a 200-acre open air zoo where you will spot hundreds of exotic animals, all under artificial moonlight.

Day 2

You will LOVE Little India

Today is the day you really see Singapore. Head downtown on Day 2 and see the sights. Wander through Little India and its charming temples, Chinatown which is great for some bargain shopping and Parliament House. Pro Tip: Grab some roti prata at Little India. Served with fish or mutton curry, the crispy flatbread is to die for. 

Singapore Itinerary Highlight: Merlion Park

Merlion Park
The iconic Merlion

Merlion Park is where you come for the money shot. The Merlion, the mythical half lion half fish, is synonymous with Singapore. It is hardly surprising, then, that every postcard, travel brochure and Instagram post feature a picture of the of Merlion spouting water from its mouth.

Day 3

Marina Bay Sands
Marina Bay Sands

 You’ve seen Singapore’s vibrant culture in Chinatown and Little India. On your last day of this 3 day Singapore itinerary, you see its cutting edge modernity. Make your way to Marina Bay Sands and Sands Skypark. The perfect place to enjoy stunning views of Marina Bay, Skypark has an observation deck that let’s you see as far as Singapore Strait. How cool is that! The hotel itself is one of the most iconic sights in Singapore with a stunning infinity pool and rooftop restaurants.

Singapore Itinerary Highlight: Gardens by the Bay

See a Supertree

One of the top things to do in Singapore, a trip to Gardens by the Bay will be the highlight of your day. This nature park is sprawled over 100 hectares of delightful, landscaped gardens built by the ocean. There are several unique structures such as the flower dome, conservatories, and cloud forest but the biggest draw in the Gardens is Supertree Grove. Nearly 82 feet high, the grove is made of vertical gardens that light up and night with many walkways that criss cross the trees. As far as public parks go, this one is unmissable.

And that’s the Essential Singapore Itinerary with all the essential sights and sounds you can’t afford to miss. If you’d like to add something to this itinerary feel free to comment below. Can’t wait to hear from you!

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