We all know someone who has complained about how dull, or even inedible, the airplane food is. In fact, there is an entire website that is dedicated to posting photos by travelers of airline food.

But there are a few airlines that really serve exceptional food at 30,000 ft. And people do consider booking meals on flights while booking their holiday packages or flight tickets.

Take a look at some of the airlines that go beyond the usual “Sandwich and Samosa”.

  • Australian Airlines

Austrian Airlines undoubtedly serves the finest airline food. Firstly, their food comes from DO & CO, a catering company that has swish restaurants in Vienna, London, and New York. Also, to make sure the delicious dishes are complemented by the flawless drinks, Austrian Airlines has hired a sommelier on-board to make wine pairings for its Business Class travelers. If you need a caffeine kick, you can choose from 11 different types of Austrian coffees. So, it’s not difficult to see why Austrian Airlines is famous among Business Class travelers.

  • Emirates

If you’re fortunate (or, let’s face it, indisputably rich) enough to book a seat in first class, you’re even given the chance to order not 1, not 2, but a freshly-prepared 7-course meal. The variety of economy meals, not quite as royal, is still classy and elegant, with 400+ varying menus of smoked tuna, diverse kinds of vegetable salad, date pudding, charcoal-grilled lamb, and plenty more to please your palate.

  • Air New Zealand

With numerous awards for food, service, and drink, Air New Zealand has hardly gone wrong during its time in the sky. The splendid menu is famous and the protein-rich main course of a delicious red wine cooked beef, served with blue cheese polenta and green beans are amazing.

  • Thai Airways

Based out of Thailand, a country thriving with savors and enticing tastes, Thai Airways sums up what they mention as the ‘Royal First’ taste experience and they’re somewhat proud of it too. It includes all kinds of delicious meals, including Lobster served with Duchess Potatoes, Glass, egg omelet salads, Noodles Pad Thai, etc. If you are looking for flight ticket offers, visit our website today.

  • Swiss International

If a delicious serving of home-based muesli along with a crème brülée cheesecake doesn’t make your mouth water, then a flight on the famous Swiss International isn’t for you. For travelers who love the idea and can’t wait to try what’s on the menu, book your tickets via Akbar travels, and get amazing flight ticket offers on the go.

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