For many, a vacation is a fun and liberating experience, but they often dread the travelling part. Many travel influencers and blogs on the internet often tell how to make your travel easy and cheap with tips regarding how to book cheap flight tickets or things to do on a flight. But they seldom give you advice about things you should never do on a plane. 

Long-haul flights can definitely get physically and mentally exhausting. This can lead to people pulling up antics which feel rather normal on the ground but not 35,000 feet in the air. These antics can either ruin your own flight, be troublesome for your co-passengers or something as harsh as getting you blacklisted. While there are no official rules, basic decency calls for following socially accepted airplane etiquette. 

Take a look at the list of 12 things you should never do on a plane for a pleasant flight for yourself, your co-passengers and the flight’s crew.

1. Letting your children on the loose

Things you should never do on a plane
Don’t let your kids trouble others
Image Credit: PixieMe

Letting your children run around in the cabin or creating havoc with their screams and tantrums is such unruly behaviour and is one of the things you should never do on a plane. During flights, many people like to catch up on their sleep or important work, so having these mischievous kids running around can be a menace. Other than this, planes have small aisles which increases the chances of your kid getting hurt and it would be hard to contain a crying child on a long flight. 

2. Letting your feet free

Don't let your feet free in the plane
Avoid getting bare feet on a plane
Image Credit: Nattawit Khomsanit

It is quite comforting to knock off your shoes and socks, kick back and relax for the flight. However, it can be quite an uncomfortable and troublesome experience for your co-passengers. Many people have sweaty and smelly feet that give out an unpleasant odour. With the air vent blasting and little to no ventilation, the odour is likely to intoxicate the entire flight. Also, if you put your bare feet on the ground or go to the lavatory without any shoes, it is pretty much a health hazard. As airplanes carpeted floors are quite bacteria-friendly, it is most likely your bare feet are going to pick up some. It is important to maintain this hygiene on flights for yourself and others. 

3. Getting on a flight intoxicated or getting intoxicated on a flight

things to avoid on a flight- intoxicants
Avoid heavy drinking before or on your flight
Image Credit: SeaRick1

One of the things you should never do on a plane is get on a flight after consuming copious amounts of alcohol or other intoxicants. You might think having a couple of drinks will help you ease your nerves while travelling but it can turn out to be worse. Along the way, you might instantly feel it kick in followed by feeling nauseous. With a restricted space you might feel too jittery and at risk of invading your co-passengers’ personal space. Under the influence of intoxicants, you might come across as defiant. This can also result in the IATA, arresting or banning you from flights for inappropriate conduct. 

4. No smoking and vaping

no smoking or vaping
Don’t smoke inside an airplane
Image Credit: Surachet Jo

After many years, now, smoking inside the aircraft has been completely banned by almost all airline companies worldwide. Not only cigarettes but even smoking e-cigarettes or vapes is not allowed. If you think you can get away by smoking inside the airplane lavatories, then most airplanes have smoke detectors installed in them. Getting caught while smoking can land you in serious trouble. 

5. Avoid seating in the back if you have motion sickness

If you are someone who suffers from motion sickness, sitting on one of the back seats can be one of the worst things to do on airplane. You could face gut-wrenching nausea or even end up throwing up your food. In general, you should avoid fatty or fried foods or choose front seats in advance to avoid getting troubled because of motion sickness. 

6. Kneeing or kicking the seat in front

Getting your seat kneed in or kicked in is single-handedly is a terrible experience, especially on a long-haul flight. It is one of the things you should never do on a plane as it can be nerve-wracking to have someone dig their knee through your seat. Some long-legged people, even though with not their own choice, drag their legs through the front seat, which can be equally annoying. If you want your own space, try booking a seat with extra leg space in advance. 

7. Keeping your volume down

This one’s a no-brainer airplane etiquette. It is quite bizarre enough to leave the sound on for your electronic devices rather than turning up the volume. A long-haul flight can already be quite tiring and people try to catch up on their sleep or work. In such a scenario, if you turn up the volume, you will surely be at the receiving end of glaring looks from your co-passengers. So, stick to your headphones and enjoy some entertaining time to yourself. 

8. Keep on fiddling with your stuff in the overhead bin

things you should never do on a plane- overhead bin
Avoid fiddling with stuff in the overhead bin continuously
Image Credit: lunopark

Firstly, you should only put your big bags that won’t fit under your seat in the overhead bin. Also, put your bags with wheels inside and the handle on the outside making it easier to grab. However, once your bag is stuffed in the overhead bin, leave it alone. It can be a hassle if you keep on checking and looking for stuff in the bag over and over again. Not only troublesome as you will be blocking the aisles but it can be dangerous for you and other passengers as well. 

9. Don’t hang your feet over the armrest

One of the things you should never do on a plane is intrude on your co-passenger’s personal space. Don’t put your bare feet over the armrest as it can be quite sickening. The armrest may look like the perfect place to stretch out your legs but you’d rather choose not to do that. 

10. Take a walk down the aisle

stretching on airplane
Take a walk down the airplane cabin to stretch out
Image Credit: Matej Kastelic

Remaining glued to your seat for the entire flight can lead to bad blood circulation leading to thrombosis. It is advised to remain in your seat while the seatbelt light is on. However, once it is turned off, stand up, stretch if possible or take a walk down the aisle. You can also carry compression socks to wear on your flight to help with your blood circulation. 

11. Opening doors midflight

An obvious and unsaid rule that cannot be stressed enough but worth mentioning because Incidents related to this have happened in the past. This action can seriously compromise the safety of the passengers by putting their lives at risk. By opening the doors midflight, you will be liable to face a hefty fine or up to 10 years in prison. If you are sitting on the door seat, leave the door opening to the cabin crew as it is not a passenger’s duty. 

12. Keep on drinking carbonated beverages

things you should never do on a plane
A carbonated beverage being served on a plane
Image Credit: Bignai

It is best if you keep a check on the consumption of carbonated beverages when you are on a flight. High consumption of these drinks can lead to a build-up of intestinal gases, severe bloating and nausea. It can be quite irritating to sit on a flight with stomach issues. However, keep yourself hydrated enough with water or fruit juices. 

Now that you are accustomed to some tips regarding things you should never do on a plane, it’s time you start planning your next trip. Pick out a destination and take care of your other travel needs with a reputed travel agency like Akbar Travels- a one-stop-shop with online visa services for 180+ countries, attractive discounts on hotel bookings and all-inclusive worldwide tour packages

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