When you plan to visit a faraway foreign land like the USA, you go through checklist of all the essentials that you need for a perfectly blissful holiday. For instance you apply for a US visa, you figure out how to get cheap flight tickets to the US, you plan your perfect US holiday itinerary, and you start looking out and reading about the country and its culture to get yourself acquainted with things to do and things you should never do in the USA, simply to have the time of your life without having to worry about being a nuisance or causing any trouble unknowingly.

When it comes to visiting the USA there are generally not many rules that one has to follow. You just have to follow the law of the land and be aware of the social norms and you are good to go. Often times, there are things that might be a norm for you but that may not be the case when visiting the USA or vice versa, but there are simply quite a few things you should never do in the USA.

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And we are here to make you aware of all the things you should never do in the USA, read along to take notes:

Don’t try to see the whole Country in one trip

We have said this before and we will say this again, many people underestimate the vastness of the United States of America. It is practically not possible to see everything from one end of the country to the other in one single trip. You will be simply rushing from one place to next without truly enjoying the marvels of the nation and wasting quite a lot of time on the move, either in air or on the road – whichever your preferred mode of transportation is. Since we want you to fully enjoy and explore the US, we have specially created several US holiday packages with varying places of interests to choose from solely for this reason. So planning to see the whole country in one trip and tiring yourself out should be on top of your list of things to never do in the USA.

Don’t drink and drive

This is a general rule of safety no matter where you are or where you intend to travel. It is highly dangerous not only for you but for your fellow passengers, pedestrians and other vehicles around you on the road as well, and careless driving can cause accidents and serious damages to life and property. Moreover not wearing a seatbelt and talking on the phone while driving could also land you in major trouble such as heavy penalty or even lawsuits.

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Don’t Smoke

We all know, smoking is injurious to health! It is even printed on the packaging and there are posters and ads all around highlighting the severe effects of smoking on the health of a smoker and other nonsmokers around them as well. Lightning your tobacco stick on fire before asking around about the laws of the state is something you must never do in the USA as there are many laws regarding smoking in the US that varies from state to state and it will be wrong to assume what is acceptable and allowed in one part of the US will be accepted in the other parts as well. For example – One can freely smoke in the states of Texas, Kentucky, Wyoming, etc. but Alaska has a ban on smoking in all enclosed workplaces, Nevada imposes severe fine if caught smoking in public places and New Hampshire has smoking restrictions in all restaurants and bars excluding cigar bars, etc.

Don’t do rude gestures

One thinks one would look cool if they showed their middle finger or made faces at someone in the USA, because they see it in the movies and shows. But its not! Rude, obscene gestures are a strict no-no in the USA, as it not only reflects poorly on you or your homeland but it also hurts the sentiments of the person who is being rudely gestured at.

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Don’t invade others personal space

A mistake that many tourists make in America is that they disregard the personal space of the locals. Give everyone their due space and don’t peep into their phones or touch people you personally don’t know unless they initiate a handshake or lean in for a hug, maintain a proper physical distance between yourself and them to avoid making them uncomfortable. We know this can be difficult to never do in the USA while visiting crowded touristy places or public transportation; this is where the golden words – “Excuse Me” and “Sorry” will come in very handy to you.

Don’t forget to tip

Tipping culture is pretty big in the USA, and will often pop up wherever you look for US travel tips. Forgetting to tip after receiving any service is a grave mistake that you should never do in the USA as tipping is considered mandatory in the American culture. A minimum 15-20% amount of your total bill is generally expected as a tip, anything more than that is fully up to you.

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Don’t joke about Race, Gender, Obesity and Politics

We usually consider this a general rule when visiting any foreign nation, but when you are in the USA consider these topics as taboo and steer clear of them even if you find your conversation going in these direction. Discussing taboo topics may lead to verbal or physical altercations and both of these may land you in trouble with the authorities and cause havoc in an otherwise peaceful US holiday.

Don’t stare

The USA is the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave and its citizen live by this motto quite liberally. Be it from trying unusual hair colors, getting body modifications or tattoos or simply going out all dressed up to make the boldest fashion statement, you name it and the Americans will deliver. Many of their personal choices may come off as controversial to someone who hasn’t been exposed to or have much idea about the American way life and they may end up staring out of curiosity but it can look creepy and rude. So avoid staring anyone.

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Don’t confuse Football with Soccer

When Americans say they love football they don’t mean the same sport that the rest of the world calls football – that is known as soccer in the USA. Some people even compare the American Football to Rugby but we recommend to skip it or never do in the USA if you do not wish to upset the locals. The American football or gridiron is played using a prolate spheroid pigskin ball that is passed between the players of the same team and the end goal is to score a goal through the goal posts situated at the end of the field. Americans are very passionate about football and are deeply dedicated to their teams; just like us Indians are with Cricket.

Don’t compare with your Country

One thing that no one likes about foreigners visiting their country is the constant comparison that often times they do. Comparing your country to the USA can be an ignorant thing that you should never do in the USA. Comparing everything to the likes of things “back home” and complaining about random stuff doesn’t sit well with the locals. If you end up doing something similar in the US you will be asked to go back to your country as the Americans believe that the USA is the best country in the world and no other country holds a candle to it.

We by no means are trying to put you off from going on a US vacation, in fact we wish for you to have the time of your life. A holiday to the USA will stay in your memories forever, and if by chance you end in up in trouble or find yourself in a sticky situation with the locals or authorities it can leave a mark on your otherwise pleasant memories.  So to avoid that we made this list of things you should never do in the USA.

We hope you get to experience the best holiday of your life in the USA. You simply need to focus on getting ready for your trip to the US and for everything else there’s us.

Doubts? Queries? Questions? Concerns? Leave them in the comments and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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