Teachers are the biggest asset of a society and it is important to respect and honour them. It is important to celebrate the efforts of teachers and appreciate their pivotal roles in shaping the nation’s future. Like every year, Teacher’s Day 2023 will be celebrated on 5th September 2023, Tuesday. We Indians celebrate Teacher’s Day every year on 5th September for a special person, Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan. He was the 2nd President of India. Radhakrishnan believed that “teachers should be the best minds in the country”. To commemorate his ideology, we celebrate every year, from 1962 till Teacher’s Day 2023 and beyond.


The best way to celebrate and honour our teachers is to keep learning something new every day. Teaching is not confined to the four walls of a classroom but beyond that. There are so many things around us that help us learn and grow. The best way to experience this is by travelling. With so many things involved in travelling successfully, travel is the best teacher.

What Is Travel?


The essence of travel cannot be simply encompassed in the action of boarding a flight, visiting a foreign place or doing tourist activities. In fact, travel is like food for the soul. A chance to experience a new part of the world, along with being responsible and experimental. To go on adventures and create memories. Or break away from the monotony of everyday life and just relax and rejuvenate. People often travel to learn about other regions, cultures and traditions. All these travel experiences change you for the better and that is why ‘Travel is the best education’.

This Teacher’s Day 2023, let us tell you about some reasons why travel is the best teacher.

1. Planning with Patience and Responsibility


Let’s start at the very beginning. Firstly, you need to decide your travel destination. In the process of researching for the same, you will learn about various new places, details regarding travelling to these places, tourist attractions, etc. You will need to keep a check on your patience throughout the trip too. May it be an unavoidable delay in your flight, a hotel room that does not look like the photos or sold-out doughnuts at the best bakery in your vacation location. In the end, you will learn to deal with these situations with much more patience. You will also be more responsible while planning for these things the next time.

2. Be More Social

Get out your social and people skills! This way you will never find yourself alone on a trip even when you are away without friends or family. This may be helpful for you in many situations, especially when you are travelling solo. Talk to fellow passengers who may be travelling to the same destination as yours or locals. This way you may find some insights into the best of what the place offers, something that you may not find on the internet. Sharing and learning these stories will help you know better and get more authentic experiences. But beware of sharing your personal information with these strangers.

3. Making Spontaneous Decisions

Even if you are someone who likes to plan stuff to the ‘T’, there might be some unavoidable circumstances on your trip. This Teacher’s Day 2023 try to get out of your comfort zone and plan a spontaneous trip, either by yourself, your significant other, friends, family or even your colleagues. You need not worry much as Akbartravels.com will take care of all your travel needs. Right from online visa services to helping you choose the best holiday packages and tailoring them to your needs. Being spontaneous can bring you across adventures you wouldn’t expect otherwise. Overcoming them or enjoying them will help you learn new things.

Also, don’t follow hard and fast itineraries. Keep it flexible so you can change your course. Like when a local tells you about the fact that an unmissable dining location in the town is a quaint cafe rather than a five-star restaurant you found on the internet.

4. Learning and Appreciating Different Cultures


There are no two places in the world with the exact characteristics. The difference in culture, religion, weather, cuisines, languages and tradition is what makes each place unique. Travelling is the best teacher because when you visit these places you acquaint yourself with so much knowledge and first-hand appreciation for new cultures, which you might not have learned just through books. Come back home and flaunt your knowledge in front of others!

5. Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone

While travelling you come to face so many different opportunities and adventures. You might get a chance to try a new cuisine or take part in a unique activity. Hence, this Teacher’s Day 2023 make it a point to take a step outside your comfort zone and try new things in life. It is a chance to step out of the daily monotony and explore the world. This way you not only learn more about those things but also yourself.

6. Managing Your Money & Finances

Planning the entire trip, making all sorts of bookings and budgeting the daily spending, travel helps you learn all these things. You prioritise whether to book yourself luxury accommodation or get cheap hotel bookings online. You can be responsible by making cheap flight bookings in advance or last-minute bookings by paying extra. Buy stuff from the local market and try to haggle for the prices, you might save some money. Try and keep a defined budget for the whole trip and for each day too. Also, keep track of your daily spending for better knowledge of your finances.

7. Appreciate Nature


While travelling to a naturally stunning place, you will learn to appreciate nature and your surroundings. You will treasure nature’s phenomenal wonders like the midnight sun, illuminating beaches or the northern lights or something as simple as a blooming tulip field.

In conclusion, there is abundant knowledge you can acquire by simply travelling. It can simply be a long weekend getaway near your city or a month-long backpacking trip through Europe. Tell us in the comments below, where do you plan to go for a trip this Teacher’s Day 2023? Moreover, what are you looking forward to learning from it?

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