Travelling is bliss. It’s like a hot bowl of pasta on a rainy night or a cooling slushie on a hot summer day. Just like food, travelling is more than just an activity, it is an experience that changes people. Having the same cuisine every day can be mundane and boring. Travel is very similar to food in a lot of aspects. Adventure is what drives life, and for some people, travelling from one country to another, relishing different cuisines over the world, learning about their culture, etc. is adventurous enough. Just like a perfect recipe presents a delicious dish, how about a delectable food recipe for your next trip?

There is no standard recipe for what you might call a perfect trip. You create your own travel food recipe for your own WANDER-ful trip. Follow this travel food recipe to cook your perfect and successful vacation. 

The Perfect Travel Food Recipe:

Pick a destination

Pick a travel destination
Finalize a destination
Image Credit: WindAwake

Just like a frying pan, your preferred vacation destination is going to be your utensil in which you get to brew your perfect vacation. It can be a one-pot recipe with a single destination or a multiple-destination vacation. You choose! Scour Google, read travel blogs or simply put your hand over a country on the map. 

Whichever destination you pick from around the world, we got you covered with all-inclusive holiday packages for the same. 

Add a desired portion of family or friends

Group trip
Friends or family?
Image Credit: Dmitry Molchanov

What are you in the mood for? Sweet moments with your family or some savoury adventures with your family. Or it could simply be a solo adventure. The bigger the portion sizes, the greater the fun you will have. 

Stir according to your vacation duration

Whether it is just a weekend getaway to a nearby hill station or a 3-week long trip backpacking through Europe. Decide on how long you are planning the trip for? According to that, you can plan your trip further. 

Add a variety of things to do

Trip activities
Choose activities to do on your trip
Image Credit: Kuznetcov_Konstantin

Gather information, articulate, mix and match and throw in a bunch of places you want to visit or activities you want to do in your itinerary. Make a rough itinerary. You are obviously not going to follow it very strictly, but it is good to have a rough layout of what your itinerary is going to look like. Do your research well regarding what tourist attractions you would want to visit. Does the place have any special adventure activities that would add more flavour to your vacation? 

Sprinkle in the important spices

travel essentials
Get your travel essentials beforehand
Image Credit: Brian A Jackson

Once you have your destination and travel planning is on track, start with getting all the required formalities sorted. If it is a foreign destination, you will need to get a visa for the respective country or countries. Nowadays, most countries have started online visa services for ease of travellers. Figure out how you are going to reach your destination. If it is by air, make your bookings in advance to get cheap flight tickets. Also, make sure about how you are going to commute around in your vacation city or from one city to another. 

Mix a couple of dashes of accommodations

accommodation options
Pick your vacation stays
Image Credit
: anek.soowannaphoom

This is one of the most important ingredients of your Travel food Recipe. Your vacation accommodation is going to be your home away from home. There are so many opinions to choose- from boutique hotels to luxury resorts. According to your budget, pick out the best stay option. Do your hotel bookings online and get great deals and discounts on them. 

Garnish with some trip preparations

Make sure you have made all your bookings in advance. Make a rough itinerary regarding your travel plans. Apply for a leave from your job. Tie up all the nitty-gritties that can affect your plan later. 

Let it simmer

pack your bags
Time to pack your bags
Image Credit: Ground Picture

This is the last step in your travel food recipe. Now that you are ready and completed all the trip planning, let it simmer for a while leading up to the day when your trip begins. While your trip simmers, start with shopping for new clothes and other requirements. As the trip day nears, start packing your bags, gather your clothes, toiletries and other essentials. You are going to keep on reorganising and repacking until you leave your house. 

A travel food recipe is more of a vague concept. Its ingredients, steps and methods differ from person to person. You are the master chef of your own vacation. To get the perfect flavour for your vacation, you need to mix and match this travel food recipe to what suits you the best. 

We at Akbar Travels often whip out an amazing travel food recipe for our customers. It is truly a one stop shop for all your travel needs. Right from your visa, flight tickets and hotel accommodations to holiday packages, we do it all. So if you want to minimise some steps in your travel food recipe and instead focus on just having a rejuvenating holiday, take the help of a reputed travel agency like us for a successful vacation. 

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