A growing tourist hotspot in Southeast Asia, Vietnam is a tourist’s delight. The stunning panoramic landscape, Vietnamese cuisine, Vietnamese history and rich Vietnamese culture and heritage draws a traveller’s attention. However, for a tourist coming majorly from outside South East Asia, Vietnam can be a huge culture shock. Before you travel to Vietnam, one of the Vietnam travel tips highlights the importance of following Vietnamese etiquette and Vietnamese manner. 

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Since the Vietnamese are considerate of their culture and religion, it is important to respect them. The Vietnam travel tips mention what is considered acceptable and what is considered rude in Vietnam. 

Follow these Vietnam Travel Tips regarding the Do’s and Don’ts in Vietnam:

1. Keep Your Calm

Apart from things like soundly slurping your soup or loud conversations in public, the Vietnamese do not like to cause a scene. They tend to let go of minor issues. These may include anything right from a motorcycle driver almost hitting you in traffic to a traffic cop wanting you to pay them a bribe. They would prefer to save face rather than call them out and cause embarrassment. If the situation is not major, keep your calm. 

2. Vietnam Etiquette Of Dressing

Some in cities while many in rural areas of Vietnam do advocate for modest dressing. In Vietnam, women are expected to keep their shoulders covered and dresses or shorts to be kept below knee length. It is ideal to keep a light layer of clothing in your carry-on and put it on whenever you feel necessary. 

3. Where Does Footwear Go?

Out of all the Vietnam travel tips, one of the things not to do in Vietnam is enter a local’s home with footwear on. This not only shows respect but also is a sign of proprietary and cleanliness in the house. The rule also applies to temples and other sacred places.

4. Polish Your Bargaining Skills

Vietnam Travel Tips- Bargaining
Bargain in Vietnamese markets
Image Credit: Nguyen Quang Ngoc Tonkin

Shopping is an experience here, especially at the infamous floating markets in Vietnam. You can bargain for all kinds of goods here. You will be quoted a tourist’s price and you can bargain for about 50%-75% of that price. Don’t expect to get it at a local rate. 

Important Vietnam Travel Tips: Most of these vendors make a minimum living by selling their products. It would be unfair to haggle with them for unreasonable prices. 

5. Tone Down The PDA

Another one of Vietnam travel tips says that showing public display of affection can be against Vietnamese manners. Holding hands or hands over the shoulder is fine. Anything more than that like kissing or cuddling in public can be offensive. 

6. Hide Your Riches

According to Vietnam travel tips, you should not flaunt your wealth for two reasons. Vietnamese culture advocates humility so flaunting your wealth can be seen as rude. Be simple and low maintenance while interacting with locals. Secondly, there are high chances of your wealth being stolen in the big cities. It is advised to carry only the required amount of cash and keep your purses, wallets, jewellery, etc. close to you. 

7. Maintain Decency At Religious Place

Vietnam Travel Tips- visiting pagodas
Visiting a religious site in Vietnam
Image Credit: delobol

Many religious places in Vietnam are tourist attractions. It is polite to cover up while visiting them. Make sure to keep your voice low, do not be intrusive with your photography, don’t touch statues and make sure to never point your feet towards them. 

8. Carry A Toilet Paper Roll

Religiously follow this one out of all our Vietnam travel tips. Some places in Vietnam have westernised toilets but many places still do have squat toilets. Also unlike western countries, they use water instead of toilet paper. It is advisable to carry your own toilet paper roll. 

9. Click With Caution

Vietnam travel tips- clicking pictures
Don’t click without permission
Image Credit: Arnav Pratap Singh

Before you click photos of the local people, you need to take their permission, especially in rural areas. In the city of Hoi An, to click photos you might have to pay a small price. Also, do not click photos of military installations and equipment. This might be a matter of national interest and you can wound up in the Vietnam jail. 

10. Sleep Early, Wake Early

Vietnam is not the biggest party place. Locals get out for work as early as 5 AM and not many places are open till very late. So to blend in with the local lifestyle you too need to sleep early and wake up early. If you are staying in the main cities, the traffic noises will definitely wake you up. 

12. Don’t Address The War

The country has a deep-rooted war history. You might not know what could trigger the locals. So it is best to not bring any mentions of the American-Vietnam War. 

13. Devour Vietnamese Cuisine

Vietnamese cuisine
Vietnamese cuisine

While visiting a place do as the locals do! Vietnamese cuisine is one of the best in the world and there are several must-try Vietnamese dishes to try when visiting the country. 

Other than these important Vietnam travel tips, some other do’s and don’ts in Vietnam include:

  • Accept tea and drinks while visiting a local’s home. It’s a sign of respect towards their hospitality.   
  • Don’t expect everyone to be polite all the time. You might not hear a ‘sorry’ or ‘thank you’ most of the time.
  • Don’t stick your chopsticks upright in the rice bowl. It’s better to place them on top of the bowl. 
  • Carry your hotel’s business card with you to easily navigate the address.
  • Vietnam can be hot and humid. Keep yourself hydrated with easily available bottled water.
  • It’s always helpful to learn a few common Vietnamese phrases. 

Just keep these Vietnam travel tips in mind and you would truly enjoy your trip. 

Cảm ơn bạn đã đọc!

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