Each country across the globe has its own charms and culture that attract tourists to experience it. One such charmingly attractive country is Vietnam. Vietnam is a vibrant country with an alluring culture that does attract a lot of tourists. From the deeply-etched history of Ho Chi Minh City or the buzzing floating markets along the Mekong Delta to the delectably unmissable Vietnamese cuisine in Hanoi, Vietnam is a tourist’s delight. Travel to Vietnam for a breezy South East Asian experience.

Once you have planned to take a trip to Vietnam, there are some things to know before you actually travel to Vietnam. You might want to know about technical information like Vietnam travel restrictions, Covid precautions and Vietnam visa requirements to details about weather conditions and social behaviour. 

The diverse culture of Vietnam might possess some exciting challenges for you. Here are 15 Vietnam travel tips you can learn before you travel to Vietnam:

1. Arrange your Vietnam Visa for Indians beforehand

Vietnam Visa Sample

Unlike neighbouring countries like Thailand and Cambodia, arranging a Vietnam Visa online before entering the country is mandatory. If you are visiting Vietnam as an Indian, you can easily apply for a Vietnam eVisa within 4-5 days. The eVisa allows you to stay in Vietnam for nearly 30 days.

2. Travelling around Vietnam

Vietnam travel tips- flying
Local Vietnamese airline- Vietjet
Image Credit: rawipad shaiyes

The country of Vietnam is vertically long and this Vietnam travel advice will suggest you pick the appropriate transportation. Book cheap flights via domestic carriers like Vietjet to help you save time and money. You can also get onboard a train adventure. 

3. Vietnam Travel Restrictions for Covid-19

Vietnam travel tips- Covid restrictions
Covid Restrictions in Vietnam
Image Credit: Elizaveta Galitckaia

After a 2-year hiatus, the Vietnam travel restrictions have now eased. Make sure you are vaccinated and carry a mask with you for personal safety. Crosscheck the Vietnam International Travel Information before making any bookings. 

4. Diverse Vietnam Weather

Peaceful landscape in the vast floodplain wetlands of Vietnam.
Peaceful landscape in the vast floodplain wetlands of Vietnam.
Image Credit
: Huy Thoai

Vietnam has a varied and confusing climate, overall it’s a subtropical country. Northern areas can get quite cold, Central Vietnam is considerably warm and South Vietnam can be quite warm and humid. Check the weather before you travel to Vietnam and pack accordingly. 

5. Learn some Vietnamese

Vietnam travel tips- Language
Learning the Vietnamese Language
Image Credit: Keitma

You must know before visiting Vietnam that not everyone here understands and speaks English. Many people in tourist spots do speak basic English. However, it is an added bonus if you can learn some Vietnamese phrases to interact with locals better. Or else get a phrasebook or use Google Translate.

6. Cross the Streets with Caution

Tourist is crossing the street in downtown of Ho Chi Minh City, Sai Gon.
Tourist is crossing the street in downtown of Ho Chi Minh City, Sai Gon.
Image Credit
: Ryan Dinh

If you are visiting Vietnam as an Indian this might not be very surprising but for western people, Vietnam’s traffic can be shocking. Roads are crammed with motorbikes, cycles, taxis and cars and traffic rules don’t hold much weight here. The vehicles just weave right around you. Just walk confidently along with the locals to reach the other side. 

7. Get a Vietnamese Sim Card

Vietnam travel tips- Sim Card
Vietnam travel tips- Get a Vietnamese Sim Card
Image Credit: TK Kurikawa

While travelling to Vietnam, you won’t require a Vietnamese Sim Card if you only require the internet as it is quite stable even in remote areas. If you require it for calling, you can choose between services like Viettel, MobiFone, Vinaphone, etc. 

8. It’s quite cheap

Vietnam Currency
Vietnam Currency
Image Credit
: imrankadir

Before you travel to Vietnam, keep in mind that it is relatively quite cheap, so plan your trip accordingly. You can spend moderately and still have a comfortable trip. Pick among the wide range of budget or luxury hotels in Vietnam. Trains and buses are comfortable yet affordable and you can also use the Grab App (like Ola & Uber) instead of taxis. Also, enjoy fancy meals and beers without burning a hole in your pocket. 

9. Using Toilets In Vietnam

One of the useful tips for foreign visitors when travelling to Vietnam is regarding using the toilets. You would find squatty potties in many places. Some places now do have western toilets which can be used by paying. Don’t be shocked when you don’t see jet sprays, so make sure to carry toilet paper with you. 

10. Use Grab App For Travel

Vietnam travel tips- Travelling in Vietnam
Travelling in Vietnam with Grab
Image Credit: onemoreimage

Other Vietnam travel tips include the use of the Grab App to commute in and around Vietnam. It might take time to confirm rides and drivers even cancel often but it’s worth over negotiating and still paying extra for your commute. 

11. Get a Debit Card that refunds International ATM Fees

ATM cash machine units by different banks, located inside Aeon Mall, a supermarket in Vietnam.
ATM cash machine units by different banks, located inside Aeon Mall, a supermarket in Vietnam.
Image Credit
: Tuleyhcm

Using an ATM in Vietnam is challenging. Before you travel to Vietnam, check with your bank if they refund international ATM charges and also if they charge international fees. In tourist areas, you can now even see credit cards being accepted. 

12. Be mindful of Vietnam’s History

Vietnam travel tips- Vietnam War Memorial
Vietnam travel tips – Vietnam War Memorial
Image Credit: VladyslaV Travel photo

Vietnam has had a rich war history. There are many memorials around the country for the same. Make sure that you don’t disrespect anything intentionally or unintentionally. 

13. Bargaining in Vietnam

Vietnam Travel Tips- Bargaining
Bargain in Vietnamese markets

For things like farm produce, taxis and souvenirs you can usually bargain. You can easily get the final price to around 50%-65% of the original price. Also, keep in mind that these street sellers are usually poor, so slashing the prices unnecessarily is not recommended. 

14. Drinking Tap Water

Not only when you travel to Vietnam, but also anywhere in the world avoid tap water except for few countries like Singapore, New Zealand etc. Bottled water in Vietnam is cheap and even hotels provide filtered drinking water. 

15. Vietnam’s Not That Conservative

Tourist in Hoi An, Vietnam
Tourist in Hoi An, Vietnam
Image Credit
: Aurelia Teslaru

Consider this Vietnam travel advice- Vietnam is not as conservative as you think. You can dress comfortably to suit the hot temperatures. Simply carry a shawl or jacket if you are required to cover in temples. 

Apart from these 15 tips, there are some general Vietnam travel tips. Remove your shoes before entering temples and make small donations in the donation boxes. Avoid losing your temper as it may be counterproductive. Make sure to keep an eye on your belongings at all times. 

Keeping these tips in mind when you travel to Vietnam can be useful in making your trip as smooth and successful as possible. Choose among one of our all inclusive Vietnam Tour Packages and only focus on enjoying the beautiful country of Vietnam. 

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