Travelling tips with Maldives travel agents

Maldives has been considered one of the most prominent romantic gateways to enjoy the tropical charm. More than 1190 volcanic and coral islands are sprawled across the Indian Ocean. Thanks to the crystal clear waters, you can see the Shoal of rays, sharks and fish. Take our travelling tips to the Maldives to enjoy the warmth of the sun and fantastic adventure activities.

If you plan a trip to the Maldives, consider connecting with the Maldives travelling agency. Before you book the Maldives package, you should know how to plan the trip with your travel agent. Under this guide, you can learn some tips that should be clear before travelling. Know these before you connect with your Maldives travelling agency. Follow these tips, to have a safe, comfortable, happy trip to the beautiful island nation. Planning your Maldives package will give you a standing experience, and also you will get some work in the hustle and bustle of your routine life.

Some of the best travelling tips you should follow for booking your Maldives package are mentioned here.

Choose the best time to travel.

While considering the Maldives tour packages, you have to check the excellent time to travel to Maldives. November through April generally is the best time to travel and is the peak season. The weather here is thoroughly lovely, and that is endless soft sunshine. If you are going through this season, the prices skyrocketed on everything from activities to accommodation. For a budget Maldives trip, consider travelling during the shoulder season, which is between the peak and off-season. You can connect with the Maldives travelling agency to learn more about an excellent time to travel. April to September is your best bet to travel to the Maldives.

Consider choosing suitable aeroplane rides.

The aeroplane ride is one of the first things you must consider while choosing the Maldives package. But even before this step, don’t forget to book your visa here.

Choosing a flight to Male is a cheaper option than choosing a speed boat for Maldives transportation between islands. You can book the seaplanes as they will offer you a splendid experience. But seaplanes are completely expensive. You can also consider choosing the Maldives and domestic flights for transfer. However, these flights can be delayed, and there is also no scheduled time for the seaplane transfer. So it would be best if you considered planning the flight to land in the first half of the day. In this way, you can transfer to your island by 4:00 PM. Otherwise, you have to spend your night at Male. So it would be best if you considered all this with your agent before booking any packages.

Following the basic unwritten rules of the land

Before you book or choose any Maldives travelling agency, you must follow some basic unwritten rules of the land. It means that you should never plan your trip to the Maldives during the one-month Ramadan festival because the majority of the staff members from the hotel would be out to meet their families. Additionally, food availability during the daytime would be challenging as many services, and shops would be closed, especially during prayer. You should expect to avoid getting alcohol during this time. Additionally, you must ensure that you are decently covered, especially with knees and shoulder stress, while visiting the local islands.

Always choose all-inclusive or half-board activities.

Whenever you are out on the beaches or you are booking your package with a Maldives travelling agency, you should always consider going for the all-inclusive deals, which can be expensive. Even though you can go for an inclusive buffet breakfast and lunch while half boards will include breakfast, lunch and drinks with access to an Ala carte restaurant, before choosing any deal, ensure that there are coffee drinks and unique delights included and all the activities offered, whether there is a kid friendly menu available if you are travelling with your little ones. Checking all those things with your travel agent in advance will make your trip easy.

Check the water activities.

One of the most common travelling tips that you should discuss with your Maldives travelling agency would be to check the distance of the coral reefs from the resort. You have to check whether you can reach by swimming a little or you have to book a ferry from your resort for snorkelling or diving. There are different activities available in Maldives, like sea kayaking, jet skiing, parasailing stand up, paddle boarding and dolphin watching, which are offered by resorts. Before you book the package, ensure that you are clear about the activities.

Check for the tax and hidden costs.

One of the essential things that you should be clear on your travelling tips with your Maldives travelling agency is the tax that you have to pay on your trip and the hidden costs if they are included. It would be best if you always looked out for the extra cost of imported food and drinks at luxury resorts. There is always a 10% service cost and an 8% service tax which is increasing rapidly. You should check out the public prices on the menus, taxes on the pieces of equipment, power sessions, and everything. You don’t have to pay extra tips, but you might offer them as a gesture of appreciation along with a 10% food tax. If you are visiting abroad for the first time, then you should check what the Maldives package is In terms of taxation.

Ask for the water bungalow.

You don’t end up visiting a breathtaking tropical destination with suitable water villas every now and then. So it is always essential to make the most of the opportunity while you are in Maldives. While you are booking your Maldives package, you should consider checking if a water bungalow is included in the package.

You can ask the Maldives travelling agency if they can be included in your package so that you can experience the crystal clear turquoise ocean right under your feet. It is essential if you are going on a honeymoon with your loved one. Nothing beats the experience of staying in the water bungalow. No doubt the beach villas are entirely fantastic. You can wake up to a gorgeous sunrise and slide right into the ocean from your room itself.

So if you are all set for your trip, then consider finalising the Maldives tour package by checking the travelling tips given above so that you don’t miss out on anything important. It is essential for you to carry some United States of America dollars for wide acceptability besides the Maldivian rufiyaa equals. The local islands are entirely dominated by Islamic culture, so you should be respectful towards them. So you would be clear about what you want on a trip, so you should consider connecting with the agent as soon as possible to make the most of your trip to Maldives

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