With heaven piercing skyscrapers, shopping malls as big as cities and Lamborghini police cars; Dubai is a decadent oasis in the middle of the desert. It is easy to forget you’re in the middle of the desert when you are gawking at million-dollar yachts in Dubai Marina. But you still are in the middle of the Arabian Desert, in a conservative nation where social norms and etiquette are a lot different from home.

Which is why we bring you our list of quick and dirty Dubai travel tips, so you can have a fun Dubai holiday while being respectful of your hosts.

Dress modestly

Man wearing shorts
Dress Modestly

Dubai may be the most modern city in the Middle East but it is still part of a conservative Muslim nation. Be sure to stay covered up in public. And remember. BOXERS ARE NOT SHORTS.

Take off your shoes when entering homes

Man wearing shoes
Don’t wear your shoes indoors

Wearing shoes indoors and showing the soles of your feet is considered disrespectful.

Wear swimsuits only at beaches and swimming pools

Woman sitting by pool
Wear your swimsuit at the pool.

Swimwear worn anywhere outside these areas is considered indecent and you may be fined. You can however wear your bathing suits to water parks and resorts.

Keep the public displays of affection to a minimum

Couple hugging
Avoid PDA

While holding hands maybe accepted, hugging and kissing is not. We suggest keeping the public displays of affection, a little less public.

Don’t drink in public

People toasting.
Enjoy a drink at a bar.

Only non-Muslims are permitted to consume alcohol in the UAE. It is also worth noting that as a tourist, you will not be sold alcohol at supermarkets and groceries. It is, therefore, best to stick to bars and restaurants.

Don’t take photographs of government buildings

Dubai Frame
Take a picture of the Dubai Frame

This Dubai travel tip may seem odd to people whose camera rolls are full of selfies taken with Rashtrapati Bhavan and the Red Fort. Understand that the UAE considers their government buildings to be sensitive locations. You’re better off sticking to taking pics of Dubai Frame.

Don’t eat or drink in public in the month of Ramadan

Dubai food is to die for.

Most locals will be fasting through the day and will take offense at seeing you eat. You can however eat at restaurants that cater to tourists. And if you wait till sundown, watch the city transform into a foodie’s dream with delectable dishes and street food everywhere you look.

Don’t smoke

Don’t smoke.

Smoking is prohibited in public spaces such as malls and offices and e-cigarettes are banned in the UAE. We suggest leaving your vaping devices and cancer sticks at home.

Don’t forget to have fun.

And there you have it. Our Dubai travel tips for first time visitors.

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