There are so many places around the world that a single lifetime may not be enough to truly appreciate the earth’s wonders. Many of these destinations are incredibly famous tourist destinations. They also host millions of tourists from around the world every year. These places are known to either have the most pristine beaches, mystic rainforests, age-old monuments or state-of-the-art marvels. Other than the beauty of these places, what might fascinate you more are some absurd, cool or interestingly random facts about places that are hot tourist destinations. 

If these cool facts about places around the world intrigue you enough, do not waste much time and start booking your flights online and scouring the best accommodations for locations around the world. 

Here are some fascinating facts about places you would want to visit someday

1. Snow in the Sahara Desert

facts about places- snow in Sahara
Snow in the Sahara Desert
Image Credit: derdour rachid

No! This is not a dream, rather it’s one of the fascinating world facts. This first happened in 1979 as a snowstorm engulfed the Sahara Desert. The last time this happened was in 2018 as the entire desert was covered in a blanket of snow for a day. 

You might be lucky enough to witness this in person with a Morocco visa and Morocco tour packages

2. Highest Number of Pyramids are in Sudan

facts about places- more pyramids in Sudan than Egypt
Meroe Pyramids in Sudan
Image Credit: Martchan

Egypt is known as the land of pyramids. However, one of the interesting facts about places states that the highest number of pyramids actually are in Sudan and not in Egypt. There are nearly 255 pyramids in Sudan’s Nubia region alone. 

These pyramids are comparatively even less crowded. You can get to enjoy them much better with our Sudan Tour Packages and a Sudan Visa

3. A Real-life Spirited away Bathhouse exists

travel facts- IRL Spirited Away bathhouse
Bathhouse in Breezy Valley Art Village
Image Credit: Facebook/ Star TV

Hayao Miyazaki’s movies look like a heavenly world you would want to visit. What if we tell you that one can visit the famous bathhouse from Spirited Away IRL? It is located in the Breezy Valley Art Village. Don’t worry, we don’t think Yubaba greets guests there too!

For Miyazaki lovers, Taiwan is a close enough sneak peek into his world. Do not miss it with a Taiwan Tourist Visa and our all-inclusive Taiwan Tour Packages

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4. Ethiopia is 7- 8 Years behind us

Facts about places- Ethiopia
The Ethiopian calendar runs 7-8 years behind
Image Credit: Ondrej Prosicky

One of the craziest travel facts states that as per the Ethiopian Calendar, the country is still in 2015 and not in 2023. Following the Ethiopian calendar, they are always 7 to 8 years behind the rest of the world. For them, New Year is on 11th September and Christmas falls on 7th January (Gregorian calendar dates). 

However, modern Ethiopians are well aware of this difference and even travellers do not need to worry much about it. Ethiopia is one of the most beautiful travel destinations in the world. Plan a trip by starting with getting an Ethiopian Visa 

5. Venice isn’t the only Canal Place

Giethroon village
Kayak through the Giethroon village
Image Credit: rob3rt23

One of the interesting facts about world cities says that Venice has no streets but only canals. Well, there is another such place with no streets, just footpaths and 6 kms of canals. Kayak through the neighbourhood of the Giethoorn village in the Netherlands to soak in the picturesque beauty. 

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6. Highest Number of Skyscrapers are in Hong Kong

Hong Kong skyline
Hong Kong skyline from Kowloon
image Credit: Sean Pavone

The New York skyline is world-famous, but you will be shocked to hear one of these interesting facts about world cities. In reality, Hong Kong has the highest number of skyscrapers in the world. There are more than 650 skyscrapers in all of Hong Kong. 

With state-of-the-art architecture, vibrant nightlife and a shopaholic’s paradise, Hong Kong is a hot favourite travel destination and Indians do not need Hong Kong Visa to enter the country, instead, they need to complete an online formality known as Hong Kong Pre-Arrival Registration (Hong Kong PAR). Hong Kong on your mind? Check out our all-inclusive Hong Kong Tour Packages.

7. The Sun doesn’t set in St.Petersburg for 3 Months

facts about places- sunny in St. Petersburgh for 3 months
White night in St. Petersburg
Image Credit: FOTOGRIN

One of the amazing facts about places high up north is the phenomenon of ‘White Nights’. This can be best experienced in St. Petersburg in Russia. Here the sun doesn’t set from May through July. Even if the sun does set, it never gets too dark here. This also results in comparatively warmer weather which means it’s the best time to explore the city. 

Once the situation in Russia de-escalates, plan a trip to the rather beautiful country with a Russia Visa and Russia Tour Packages.  

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8. Oldest City in Europe – Plovdiv

facts about places- oldest European city
Plovdiv is 8000 years old
Image Credit: Sergej Razvodovskij

Talking about fascinating world facts about places that hold records, Plovdiv is the oldest city in Europe and not Rome or Athens. The city holds 8000 years old history within it. With such oozing rich history, 200+ archaeological sites, Roman architecture, dazzling churches and art galleries it is a pot full of history, art and culture. 

A European adventure awaits that will take you diving through the realms of Plovdiv. All you need is a Bulgaria Visa (Schengen Visa) and Bulgaria Tour Packages to enjoy this old city. 

9. No Traffic Lights in Bhutan

interesting travel facts about Bhutan
Traffic guided by police in Bhutan
Image Credit: JordiStock

Another one of the facts about places that will intrigue you is that there are no traffic lights in Bhutan. While the government tried to install traffic lights in some places, they arrived at the conclusion that it wouldn’t work. Traffic here can be best guided by policemen taking control of the roads and guiding the drivers rather than a traffic light. 

Bhutan has so much to explore and show to the world. Its proximity to India also makes it an ideal vacation spot with our Bhutan Tour Packages

10. You Can’t Sink in the Dead Sea, It’s a Lake BTW

facts about places- Dead Sea
Floating in the Dead Sea
Image Credit: ChameleonsEye

This is one of the rather well-known facts about places around the world. Located between Jordan and Israel, lies the Dead Sea. One physically cannot sink in the dead sea due to its high salt content. Simply lay back and float on the surface for quite an immersive (not literally) experience. 

Access this cool place through Jordan and you also get to enjoy the archaeological sites of Petra with a Jordan Visa and Jordan Tour Packages

Blown away by these cool and interesting facts about places that are on your travel bucket list? Or did one of these travel facts make you excited enough to visit one of these places? There are many more intriguing facts about places around the world. If you know any of them let us know in the comments below. 

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