Do you believe in UFOs or aliens or catch yourself wondering about some shocking mysteries? We have got for you some rather bizarre, creepy and inexplicable mysteries from India that will send a chill down your spine. India is such a vast land, with so much cultural and religious diversity. It also has a variety of mythological stories associated with them. While there are scientific explanations behind many of such stories, there are some mysteries in India which still remain as a puzzle.  

Here are the top bizarre mysteries in India that will leave you in shock!

1. Kodinhi, Kerala

mysteries in India- Kodinhi
Twin Town of Kodinhi
Image Credit: Times of India

Out of the many mysterious villages in India, this one village in Kerala has an extraordinary fact to its name. On average, 16 out of 1000 successful pregnancies result in twins. However, Kodinhi records 400 pairs of twins among a population of only 2000 families. Scientists have developed various theories about this mystery. The fact that irrespective of religion or heritage, they still conceive twins is more surprising. Is it genetics or just luck?

mysteries in India- Kodinhi
400 Twins In 2000 Families Here
Image Credit:

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2. Kuldhara, Rajasthan

mysteries in India- Kuldhara
Abandoned village of Kuldhara
Image Credit: Times of India

Many of the unsolved mysteries in India root in the villages. In 1825, the Paliwal Brahmins of Kuldhara and 83 nearby villages fled in the dark. They left behind nothing but barren lands, empty houses and an old temple. While leaving they cursed that no one would be able to inhabit this village ever again. Anyone who has ever tried to spend a night in this village has experienced paranormal activities. 

mysteries in India- Kuldhara
Ruins of Kuldhara
Image Credit: Saurav022

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3. Jatinga, Assam

Dead wild sparrow in Jatinga, Assam
Dead wild sparrow in Jatinga, Assam
Image Credit: Elvira Tursynbayeva

Another one of the absurd mysteries in India is from Assam’s Jatinga village. Every year between the months of September and November, hundreds of birds crash themselves into buildings and trees and just die. While scientists are unable to solve the mystery, villages think it is the act of evil spirits. 

4. Kongka La, Ladakh

mysteries in India- Kongka La Pass
Mysterious sightings at Kongka La Pass
Image Credit:

Situated in the disputed India-China border region, Kongka La is one of the inaccessible regions. Since this is a no man’s land, there are beliefs that it is an operational base for UFOs. Many people have also reported seeing UFOs and both the Indian and Chinese governments are aware of it. Google Maps has also shown the absence of mysterious military facilities in the region. 

Kongka La Pass
Alleged UFO base in Kongka La Pass
Image Credit:

The Kongka La Pass may not be accessible but here are other breathtaking places to see in Ladakh with our Ladakh Tour Packages.

5. Lonar Crater Lake, Maharashtra

mysterious Lonar Lake
Lonar Crater Lake in Maharashtra
Image Credit: The New Indian Express

Another one of the results of a bizarre phenomenon is the Lonar Crater Lake in Maharashtra’s Buldhana district. The lake is said to be a result of an extraterrestrial impact crater that later filled with rainwater and became a lake. The mystery of the lake is the fact that the water here is pink. It is because of the biomass of Haloarchaea microbes, which turns the surface of the water red or pink. 

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6. Unakoti, Tripura

mysterious places in India-Unakoti
The Stone Carvings of Unakoti
Image Credit: Nomad1988

One of the mysteries in India based on mythological beliefs is from Unakoti. It is believed that when Lord Shiva was going to Kashi he made a night halt in this place. There were one less than a crore (unakoti) gods and goddesses with him. The place is carved with an equal number of figures dating back to the 7th century. This tourist destination in India is truly worth a visit. 

7. Roopkund, Uttarakhand

mysteries in India- Roopkund
Lake of Skeletons- Roopkund
Image Credit: Chetan Shende

Located 16500 feet above sea level and known as the ‘Lake of Skeletons’ is yet another unsolved mystery in India. In 1842 a bunch of skeletons were seen floating around the fringes of the lake. Initially, they were believed to be of Japanese soldiers of the 2004 war but later it was found out that the remains dated back to 850 AD. The remains of Roopkund are still a mystery. To date every summer when the ice melts one can see the remains. 

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8. Leepakshi, Andhra Pradesh

mysteries in India- Lepakshi
Hanging Pillar at Lepakshi
Image Credit: AjayTvm

Leepakshi is a prominent religious site in India, but what is mysterious about the place is a certain hanging pillar. The Hanging Pillar is said to be floating in the air without touching the ground miraculously. If you are successful in passing an object from under the pillar you will be bestowed with good luck. Is there any other mysterious place in India that you have visited? If there’s a weird mystery you’re mystified about us leaving out, let us know in the comments!

These were some of the bizarre and shocking mysteries in India. Which of these shocked you the most? Which one of these would you like to see for yourself? Apart from mysterious places, India also has several amazing tourist attractions you cannot miss. See the best of India with our India Tour Packages. Also, get the best deals on hotel booking online and cheap flight tickets

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