Dubai is a city known for its lavish shopping malls, rich culture, ultra-modern architecture, vivacious nightlife, largest glowing skyscrapers, loads of entertainment and opulent lifestyle. One such pure bliss to the eyes is the famous Dubai Marina : a definition of sophistication and eccentricity. It is a conceptual man-made canal city and offers a luxurious lifestyle through the development of an exquisite waterfront along the 3km coastline of the Persian Gulf.

A mix of grandeur hotels, apartments and cafes, the Dubai Marina regularly hosts local, international, and national water sports events at Dubai International Marine Club, making it a great place to visit. It looks spectacular at nights with sparkling skyscrapers where you can enjoy a beachside dinner by the sea or visit the exclusive high-rise bar in a hotel for the magical view across the bay and the world’s artificial palm islands.

Dubai Marina offers luxurious offerings and panoramic views while keeping comfort at its peak. Jumeirah Beach is the heart of this place, being the largest single-phase residential area in the world, providing a lavish stay for over 500 people. Dubai Marina is the perfect blend of sparkling skyscrapers and the peaceful experience of floating through the canals. You can witness the captivating view of the city lights provided you add Dubai Marina in your Dubai holiday package.

Furthermore, you can be very lucky to watch the sharks and whales on the shores of Dubai Marina due to its proximity to the Arabian Gulf. Well, an affordable Dubai flight ticket won’t depend on your luck,  thanks to the various travel offers on  It also has so many fun things like great adventure sports, luxurious shopping malls, restaurants serving delicious cuisine and cruise holidays to make the most of what Dubai has to offer. Although there is a strict policy that you should be fully covered when you are at Dubai Marina, it is not necessary on the Marina beach.

Best Time to Visit Dubai Marina

The best season to visit Dubai Marina is between November and January, when temperatures are around 30 degrees. The best time to visit this wonderful place is at evening hours when the city is vibrant and you can enjoy the magical view of it. Also, you could have a great dinner over the cruise or any rooftop restaurants here and you can spend some amazing time with your partners or family. 

Things to do at Dubai Marina.

Take a stroll at Dubai Marina

 People strolling at the Dubai Marina
People strolling at the Dubai Marina
Image Credit: Kirill Neiezhmakov

You can stroll at the Dubai Marina and enjoy the picturesque views of the emerald waterways. In Dubai Marina you will find various shops and restaurants along with the majestic walking paths. The Marina Walkway is always a sight to behold, night or day. It offers beautiful views of the marina complex and also offers plenty of photo opportunities due to its aesthetically pleasing streets. To plan your Dubai trip, you need a Dubai visa which can be easily obtained online without the need to visit the UAE Embassy in India.

Sounds exciting, right?

Enjoy the Dhow Dinner Cruise

Dhow Cruise at Dubai Creek
Dhow Cruise at Dubai Creek

Dhow? A “dhow” is a traditional belief in the middle east countries, which means it is a wooden vessel used for trading and has historical value. You can relax at Dhow Cruise at Dubai Marina and can beautifully experience the magic of Arabian Nights as the iridescent skyscrapers cast their shadows in the new water bodies. Dhow cruise offers breathtaking views of Dubai at night against a backdrop of delicious food and romantic scents. It perfectly resembles the art and culture of Dubai through various live shows such as the live Tanura show. The best part is you get to explore the city’s vibrant skyline as you sail through the pristine waters.

Cost: The ticket price usually starts at INR 3,500/- per person.
Duration: It takes 2 Hours to complete the entire cruise journey.
Timings: Sunset Cruise: 4:30 PM
Dinner Cruise: 8:00 PM

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Relax at Spa Sessions

Relax at Spa Sessions
Image Credit: Aleks Gudenk

Holiday means a time to relax yourself and what better way could there be than pampering yourself by relaxing and enjoying the spa sessions. They offer tailored treatments for both men and women. Therapies offered at the spa include de-stressing, massages and cleansing facials. A selection of decadent body scrubs, expert massages and facials are also available. You can visit the spa and can spend your day pampering yourself with a steam room, sauna and swimming pool all at your service.

At some of the spas, you need to book at least 24 hours prior to avoid any kind of hassle as they are in high demand and you might have to wait for a longer time.

Camel Ride at Marina Beach

Camel ride at Marina Beach
Camel ride at Marina Beach
Image Credit: M101Studio

Dubai and Camels are closely related. Whenever we think of Dubai, a Camel ride is always on our Bucket list. Dubai Marina gives you one of the special experiences of Camel ride at the Marina Beach. They guide you through the sand dunes of the beach and You can definitely lift up your adrenaline by riding a camel on the sparkling sands of Marina Beach. Arabian camels are enhanced with beautiful tassels and blankets. Enjoy an exciting camel ride while admiring the spectacular views of the monuments and buildings on the other side of the walkway.

Shopping at Marina Mall

Shopping at Marina Mall
Shopping at Marina Mall
Image Credit: frantic00

Shopping is a must especially when you are enjoying the holiday. You have some amazing malls at Dubai Marina. With all the popular brands with the benefit of being budget friendly, you can find all the amazing things at Dubai Marina Mall. All the top Brands like Aldo, Accessorize, Axiom, Ascots & Chapels, Adidas, Balmain, Babe, Carter’s, Damas, Clinique, H&M, Giordano, Gant & many more is a pure blessing for all the shopaholics. And the best part is after all the shopping, the marina mall has the top restaurants to satisfy your hunger such as Caffe Nero, Bateel, Baskin Robbins, Cinnabon, Five Guys, KFC, Gourmet Burger Kitchen & more.

Have a morning Breakfast with a beautiful view at the Dubai Marina Yacht club

Dinning at Marina Yacht
Image Credit: Lisa Belle Larsen

Morning breakfast with a view sounds like the best start to the morning. You can enjoy a traditional breakfast at the Dubai Marina Yacht Club. They offer a variety of delicious dishes, from fresh salads to seafood, hot and cold appetizers, and a variety of desserts. While enjoying your breakfast, you will be amazed by the beautiful waterfront views with a fairy-tale setting at the yacht.

Location: Al Marsa Street, 66 Dubai Marina – Dubai.

How to Reach:

By Metro: The easiest way to reach Dubai Marina is the Dubai Metro. There is a direct metro that stops at the Marina called the Dubai Marina Station. Tickets cost between INR 65/- to INR 130/- per person.

Taxis, Uber rentals or Careem are also available if you are travelling with family or friends in a group.

Timings: Open 24 hours, everyday.

From lounging at the beach to water sports to panoramic views of the city to the largest skyscrapers to delicious food – there’s something for everyone at Dubai Marina. It is a delightful place to visit, with all the luxurious places and sights to explore, this is a place that will leave you in awe.

And trust us, you will get the photos of your life over here because it is flooded with picturesque locations. Don’t forget to tag us on Instagram with your beautiful memories at Dubai Marina!

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