Dubai jakey shopping nahi ki toh, socho aapne kitna kuch miss kiya!

SHOPPING? Whenever we think of this, it makes us even more cheerful and happy. Well, who doesn’t love shopping? And Dubai is famous worldwide for shopping. Dubai’s shopping scene is dominated by huge luxurious shopping malls, where shoppers and fashionistas can find world-famous brands. With loads of local shops, exclusive designer boutiques, cheap wholesale stores and craft hubs, the retail experience will never fail to impress you and the cherry on the top is affordable shopping in Dubai within your budget.

The city of Dubai embodies a blend of traditional Islamic spirit and an ultra-modern lifestyle. It is also one of the most popular destinations on the world tourist map, where you can relax and enjoy yourself. Well, Dubai’s main attractions aren’t just its scenic beaches, fascinating desert safaris and ultra-modern monuments. It also includes endless shopping opportunities. From electronics to clothing, Jewelry to decorative items, accessories to famous Dubai spices, shoes to Arabic attars, chocolates to hookah pipes, you name it and Dubai has it all.

Exciting, right? It can be very confusing as to what to buy and what not to, but here we are to help you suggest what are the best things you can buy on your Dubai Holiday.

1. Gold and Diamond Jewellery

Gold Jewelries
Gold Jewelries

Surprise Surprise! You are in the City of Gold- Dubai and it would be magical to see the beauty of gold and diamond. The best part about shopping in Dubai for gold is that, here the prices are comparatively cheaper than many other cities due to their tax policies. So, you will be missing out on something really big, if you don’t indulge yourself into buying the precious and magnificent jewelries.

Estimated Cost: For one gram, you need to pay INR 4,500/- in Dubai.
Where to Buy: Dubai Gold Souk, Gold and Diamond Park, Joyalukkas outlets, jewellery stores – Dubai.

2. Electronic Items

Interior of the store at the Dubai Mall
Interior of the store at the Dubai Mall
Image Credit: Sorbis

Dubai is one of the affordable cities to buy electronic items. You can buy electronic items like smartphones, tablets, laptops, LED TVs, cameras, etc. at very good discounted prices with the best quality. So, when you are shopping in Dubai, electronic items are already in your bucket list and you will be delighted to know that you can grab some amazing deals for your favorite items if you shop for them at the Dubai Shopping Festival.

Where to Buy: Al-Fahidi Street in Bur Dubai area, Sharaf DG store or other electronics stores in the mall – Dubai.

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3. Pashmina Shawls

Pashmina Shawls
Pashmina Shawls
Image Credit: Tupungato

Shopping in Dubai means also taking gifts for your friends and family. Pashmina Shawls is the perfect gift. The word Pashm in Persian means wool. Shawl is made from the hair of goats and blended with silk. You need to be very aware when you are buying this, because people might sell you the fake stuff and will demand the price of an original piece.
If you have a budget constraint, then you may also opt for a Viscose or silk version of Shawls.

Estimated Cost: The Original Pashmina Shawls approximately starts from INR 5,400, while the Viscose Shawls is just INR 700.
Where to Buy: Pashmina House, Textile Souk, and Karama Market – Dubai.

4. Dubai Spices

Spices in Dubai
Spices in Dubai
Image Credit: Free Birds Mag

The best thing to get the Dubai vibe at your home is to get the Dubai Spices with you. Full of flavors and aromatic smell will always remind you of your holiday in Dubai. The Famous Dubai Spices are known for having the magical ability to transform any dish into delicious. If you are shopping in Dubai and are a big foodie, you must buy the Dubai Spices to soothe your taste buds.

Estimated Cost: INR 210
Where to Buy: Spice Souk, Supermarkets – Dubai.

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5. Arabic Attars

Perfume oils
Perfume oils
Image Credit: Stanislav71

Arabic Attar, also known as perfume oils, are made by refining the flower petals in water with the use of pressure and mild heat. These are free from alcohol and are available in various scents and sizes. You will be very pleased with the fragrance of these Attars and your shopping in Dubai will be even more aromatic. If you’re looking for a traditional souvenir to take back home, this is one of the best things to shop from Dubai.

Estimated Cost: You can get the best Attars that start from INR 2000/-.
Where to Buy: Perfume Souk at Deira, Perfume shops in malls and the airport – Dubai.

6. Hookah Pipes

Hookah Pipes
Hookah Pipes in souvenir shop at Dubai
Image Credit: In Green

If you are looking for the authentic Arabic Hookah Pipes, then you are at the right place. Dubai is already known for its authenticity and vibrant culture. So, when you are shopping in Dubai, take home a bit of tradition with these Hookah Pipes. The best part about these pipes is even if you don’t indulge in the activity of smoking, you can use them to decorate your house in a beautiful manner. The beautifully designed pipes are available in different sizes and shapes. Some come with two pipes, but most of them have a long hose.

Estimated Cost: INR 1,000/- is all it costs to buy one Hookah pipe.
Where to Buy: Smokers’ Centre outlets; Carrefour Hypermarket; Dubai souks.


7. Camel Milk Chocolate

Camel milk chocolate in shape of camel
Camel milk chocolate in shape of camel
Image Credit: bookofjoe

Chocolate! Sounds yummy right? You can get even more lucky if you buy the famous Camel Milk Chocolate while you are shopping in Dubai. These chocolates are famous for their delicacy and alluring taste. Camel milk chocolates are very rare because they are produced by only one company- Al Nassma. Their chocolate bars are available in five different varieties- whole milk, 70% cocoa, dates, macadamia, and spiced. The cute part is the chocolates are shaped like a Camel.

Estimated Cost: You can soothe your taste buds for just INR  950/- per chocolate.
Where to Buy: Al Nassma kiosks at Dubai Mall, Burj Al Arab, Burj Khalifa, The Palm, Atlantis, Grand Hyatt, Jumeirah hotels & resorts and Duty-free shops – Dubai.

8. Precious Stones

Red Ruby gemstone
Red Ruby gemstone
Image Credit: Byjeng

Dubai has a huge market for high-quality diamonds, rubies, sapphires, emeralds and a variety of semi-precious stones. Based on your birth month, the lucky stone is usually set in gold, silver and platinum rings or pendants and is said to bring good luck and the best thing about buying these precious stones is that it is customizable and is available in many designs. The arabian designs of the stones are unique and very magical.

Where to Buy: Pearlicious in Covent Garden, Dubai Marina; Gold & Diamond Park, Sheikh Zayed Road – Dubai.

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Well, if you are a shopaholic, then do look forward to a wholesome shopping experience in Dubai and that too for all in your budget. It is almost impossible that you visit Dubai and come back empty handed.

Enjoy your cheerful shopping in Dubai and buy all your favorites!

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