Dolphins, mammals that are super cute and one of the exciting creatures to watch especially when they are dancing.

Aren’t they cute?

Do you want to witness their cuteness too? Your wish is our command!

The Dubai Dolphinarium is an incredibly beautiful tourist attraction that should be part of your Dubai holiday package.

The Dubai Dolphinarium is one of the United Arab Emirates’ most fascinating and unique indoor attractions. Located in Creek Park, Dubai’s family entertainment and activity park, Dubai Dolphinarium attracts large numbers of people from around the world to enjoy the thrilling marine mammal and bird shows throughout the year. Home to the majestic Black Sea bottlenose dolphin, Northern and Southern American fur seals, and a habitat for exotic birds, the Dubai Dolphinarium is popular worldwide for its stunning and collaborative shows.

From a unique family entertainment zone to one of Dubai’s most popular destinations, Dubai Dolphinarium offers a breath-taking adventure with these aquatic mammals. These beautiful creatures are professionally trained to demonstrate their skills and the brilliance of water stunts. So don’t be surprised to see dolphins dancing to the song and seals playing with the ball. The best thing you can do is treat yourself and your loved ones to a Dubai holiday with direct flights to Dubai  and enjoy the amazing vacation away from your daily stress and indulge into the live stunts and performances of these creatures.

This indoor Dolphin Aquarium is known for its top-notch facilities where guests of all age groups can enjoy a variety of fun activities, including swimming with dolphins, feeding exotic birds, enjoying the dramatic 5D and 7D movie experiences, trampoline jumps, walking through a mirror maze and many other activities. Another fun and easiest activity you need to do to reach closer to your dream of seeing dolphins playing, dancing had having a good time is to apply for your  Dubai visa at least one month before your travel date. Know all the important details before you visit the Dubai Dolphinarium with us below.

Activities at Dolphinarium:

1. The Dolphin and Seal Show

Dolphin & Seal show
Dolphin & Seal show
Images Credit:
Dubai Dolphinarium Official Site

Have you ever experienced the charm of dolphins and seals together? If not, at the Dubai Dolphinarium, you would be amazed to see this beautiful aquatic life at its best. These powerful sea creatures will surely captivate you with their fascinating skills and stunts. They are trained to sing, play balls and juggle. Their show is said to last for 45 minutes, during which these creatures display their talent and masterpieces.

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2. Swimming with Dolphins

Girl is swimming on Dolphin
Girl is swimming with Dolphin
Image Credit:
Dubai Dolphinarium Official Site

Swim with the dolphins, the friendliest creatures in the ocean, at the Dolphinarium. From tummy rides, hugs, kisses to dancing with dolphins, it is a lot of fun to experience these crazy things. So go into the water with your beloved sea creatures and click hundreds of photos for an unforgettable memory.

3. Exotic Creek Park Bird Show

Bird Show
Image credit:
Dubai Dolphinarium Official Site

The Creek Park Bird Show at the Dubai Dolphinarium is by far the best and only exotic bird show in the Middle East. This show features many different species of birds that you probably haven’t even noticed. From Amazon parrots to green-winged macaws to Sea Eagle, Creek Park Exotic Bird Show unveils it all for you. Once you are done with your photography session with these joyous birds, you can move ahead to feed some birds under the ‘Feed the Birds’ program.

4. Mirror Maze

Mirror Maze
Mirror Maze
Image credit: Dubai Dolphinarium Official Site

Strolling through the life-sized mirror maze is another fun activity at the Dubai Dolphinarium. You can explore the thrill as you walk down the mirror corridor and find a way through the confusing mirror maze. Challenge your own ability to figure out the right way for you out of this perfect twister. It’s tricky! Do try it once and ace it!

Children or adults can use the dolphin and seal show tickets to access the mirror maze.

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Ticket Prices to visit the Dolphinarium:

For all the VIP guest, the approximately ticket price to enter the dolphinarium is:
Adult – INR 3,000/- per person
Child – INR 2,100/- per person

For the Standard guests,  the approximately:
Adult – INR 2,500/- per person
Child – INR 1,500/- per person

Best Time to Visit the Dolphinarium:

The best time to visit the Dubai Dolphinarium is between November to March. But it is always great to plan your visit according to the timings of the show that take place at the dolphinarium.

Let us take you through all the timings and prices of the shows.

1. Dolphin and Seal Show

Timings: Monday to Saturday: – 11:00 am, 2:00 pm and 6:00 pm.
Price: Dance with the Dolphins at the price that starts from INR 1,100/- for children from the age 2-11 and for adults INR 2,300/- per person.

2. Exotic Bird Show

Timings: Monday to Saturday: – 12:15 pm, 03:15 pm, and 07:15 pm.  
Price: The exotic birds show costs INR 1,100/- for adults and INR 650/- for the age group of 2-11 per person.

3. Dolphin Planet

Timings: Monday to Saturday: – 12:00 pm, 3:00 pm and 4:00 pm
Price: Meet and Greet with Dolphins, it charges you INR 6,300/- for the mixed groups. Swim With Dolphins, for mixed groups, it costs you INR 13,000/-.    

Visiting Dubai Dolphinarium is a forever experience which gives you so many new memories with the beautiful dolphin and never seen before birds. We can assure you that your love for dolphins will definitely grow more once you swim and dance and kiss them over here. While in Dubai, this is one of the must-see places to visit.         

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