Dubai Airport welcomed over 88 million passengers in the past year.  
The latest figures in passenger traffic make Dubai Airport the busiest airport in the world for international passengers. The current figure of 88.1 million passengers shows a 12% growth from 2015, which saw 78 million passengers travel through Dubai.

While this does not make Dubai the overall busiest airport in the world; that title is held by Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International in the United States. Hartsfield-Jackson sees over 110 million passengers each year due to its extensive network across the States.

Dubai Airport
Dubai Aiport sees over 88 million passengers each year.

Dubai Airport’s growth in footfalls is testament to its rise as both an economic and tourist powerhouse. In recent years, passenger traffic grew from a paltry 16 million to its current levels; a meteoric rise of 450 per cent.

The emirate has become one of the biggest tourist destinations in Asia. In a concerted effort to move from a predominantly oil economy to a tourist-centric one, the rulers of Dubai have introduced a variety of things to do and places to see.

Dubai Skyline
Dubai, the glitzy metropolis

The transformation for oil rich emirate to glitzy city state has given the world some of the biggest Dubai attractions. Megastructures like the Burj al Dubai, Burj Khalifa, Dubai Frame and Dubai Mall are some of the best places to see in Dubai. The city also offers desert safaris, sky diving sites, indoor skiing, Michelin starred restaurants and water sports to entice you to stay in Dubai that much longer.  

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