With tucked away beaches, untamed rivers, age old Buddhist pagodas, lush rice terraces and bustling cities, Vietnam is a Southeast Asian paradise. From the vibrant metropolis capital of Ho Chi Minh City to the rocky islands of Ha Long Bay, Vietnam has so much to offer to its visitors. Vietnam Travel is not only all about the Vietnam tourist attractions and things to do in Vietnam but also a glimpse into Vietnamese culture and traditions. A Vietnam travel guide is all you need to plan the best trip to Vietnam.

Planning a getaway to Vietnam? Let’s make your Vietnam travel easy as we answer these simple questions:

How much will a Vietnam trip cost?

Your Vietnam trip cost depends on your preferences and how many activities you’ve added in your itinerary. Vietnam Tour Packages along with flights can cost, as low as, Rs. 50,000 per person. They can go up to or beyond a lakh per person, depending on factors like your choice of Vietnam flights, number of days, activities etc.

Is Vietnam worth visiting for Indians?

Beautiful landscape with mountain view on the train while going to Fansipan mountain in Sapa city, Vietnam
Beautiful landscape with mountain view on the train while going to Fansipan mountain in Sapa city, Vietnam
Image credit: kitzcorner

Vietnam has an easy online visa process, multiple flight options and is also a cheap international tourist destination along with unwavering natural beauty. This makes Vietnam a hot favourite tourist destination for Indians.

How much does a Vietnam trip cost in rupees?

With Akbar Travels, all-inclusive Vietnam Tour Packages start at as low as Rs. 27,000. The cost increases further depending on how many days you are going to spend in Vietnam and the activities etc. A Vietnam Tour cost from India for couple on average can start around Rs. 60,000.

Is Vietnam or India more expensive?

Taking into consideration the entire cost of living including food, transportation, housing, childcare, entertainment, etc. India is 31.8% cheaper than Vietnam.

Is Vietnam visa-free for Indians?

Vietnam Visa Sample
Vietnam e-Visa Sample

No, Vietnam is not visa-free for Indians. Indian nationals require a Vietnam visa to enter the country. Indians can easily get a Vietnam Visa online. The process is 100% online with minimum documentation.

Vietnam Travel Tip: A Vietnam eVisa is best if you have to spend less than 30 days in Vietnam.

Does Vietnam have a Vietnam Visa on Arrival?

Indian nationals do have the option to apply for a Vietnam Visa on Arrival but only for business purpose. For tourism purpose, Indians are required to apply for the Vietnam visa in advance.

No matter the purpose of travel, it is advisable to get the Vietnam visa online before your travel as there are certain disadvantages to Vietnam visa on arrival: 

  • Long queues at immigration counters
  • Visa on Arrival service is available only at the 5 airports in Vietnam.
  • Immigration laws may change anytime, causing last-minute troubles.
  • False or incomplete documents can lead to last-minute rejections and deportation from Vietnam.

Vietnam Travel Tip: Getting a Vietnam eVisa is safer than waiting for a Vietnam Visa on Arrival at the last moment.

Is Vietnam really cheap?

Belonging to the Southeast Asian region, Vietnam is one of the affordable yet touristy countries you cannot miss. When compared to North American and European countries, especially, Vietnam is really cheap.

Which are the best flights from India to Vietnam?

Vietnam flights
Vietnam Airline Flight
Image Credit: Huy Thoai

There are direct flights from almost all major cities of India to all major cities of Vietnam. You can get cheap flight tickets to Vietnam with airlines like IndiGo, Vietnam Airlines, Vietjet Aviation, Hahn Air and many others.

Vietnam Travel Tip: Book your flight tickets to Vietnam in advance for great deals and discounts

How much money is enough for a Vietnam trip?

If you are a budget traveller, your per day expense in Vietnam will be around Rs. 2,500- Rs. 4,000 per person. For moderate spenders, it is going to be around Rs. 4500- Rs. 6500 per day, per person. For those who want a luxury trip, it can be Rs. 12,000 onwards. Depending on your travel style and the number of days you are going to spend in Vietnam, you can carry enough money. Also, keep in mind if you plan to spend extra on stuff like shopping.

What is the best way to tour Vietnam?

Vietnam is well-connected with public transport, even in the rural regions. The most popular way to tour Vietnam is on motorbikes. There are also taxis available to visit Vietnam tourist places. For long distance commutes, there are flights, trains and buses

Is Vietnam more expensive than India?

Landscape with amazing Halong bay, Vietnam
Landscape with amazing Halong bay, Vietnam
Image Credit: Serenity-H

Vietnam is one of those countries where the Indian Rupee stands stronger than the local currency. It is one of the cheap tourist destinations in Southeast Asia.

Is the Indian rupee accepted in Vietnam?

Yes, you can get your Indian rupees exchanged for the Vietnamese Dong in banks, airports and authorised money changers. Even the US dollar is accepted in many places in Vietnam.

What 1 rupee can buy in Vietnam?

1 Indian rupee is equivalent to 288 Vietnamese Dong. However, it may be difficult to find something for just 288 VND.

Which is better Thailand or Vietnam?

Wat Arun Temple at sunset landmark of Bangkok, Thailand
Wat Arun Temple at sunset landmark of Bangkok, Thailand
Image Credit: Sakdawut Tangtongsap

Both Thailand and Vietnam are spectacular tourist destinations in South East Asia that provide distinct experiences to their visitors. Vietnam is known to have rich Vietnamese history and culture and lots of natural beauty with a traditional experience. While Thailand has more pristine beaches, a vibrant nightlife and a modern experience. Pick according to what you want to experience. Both country visas can be secured online. You can get a Thailand visa online, as well as, a Vietnam visa online.

Is Thailand cheaper than Vietnam?

Relatively, both Thailand and Vietnam are affordable travel destinations. But comparatively, Vietnam is overall cheaper than Thailand. Vietnam tourism has comparatively more budget-friendly options when it comes to accommodations, food and transportation and Thailand is better option if your main motto is shopping.

Is Vietnam good for shopping?

Vietnam is like a shopper’s paradise. From high-end stores, shopping complexes to street-side stores and the unique floating markets, there are so many options to shop from. Right from handicrafts, jewellery, textiles and art, you can get all these products at quite reasonable rates.

Vietnam Travel Tip: Bargaining is a norm in Vietnam, but don’t overdo it, since it is the only source of income for many people.

How many days is good in Vietnam?

Golden Bridge, danang bana hill, Vietnam
Golden Bridge, danang bana hill, Vietnam
Image Credit: Nukoon

Anything less than 5 days would not give you enough time to explore Vietnam at its best. A classic Vietnam itinerary of about 8-9 days including destinations like Hanoi, Halong Bay, Da Nang and Ho Chi Minh City would be ideal.

How can I plan a trip to Vietnam from India?

The easiest way to plan a trip to Vietnam from India is with a reputed travel agency, like Akbar Travels. They can easily take care of all your travel needs right from visas to flights, accommodations, tour packages and much more. When your trip is in their hands, you can be rest assured and simply enjoy your trip to Vietnam.

So, what are you waiting for? Plan your trip to Vietnam today. Still, have more queries regarding Vietnam? Let us know in the comments below and we will figure it out for you.

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