Located in Southeast Asia, the country of Vietnam is a traveller’s paradise. The bustling metropolitan cities, magnificent mountains, lush rice fields, paradisical islands and rich Vietnamese culture and history make the country a paradise on earth. With so many places to visit in Vietnam, it is growing to be a tourist hotspot. The many scenic locations in Vietnam include forests, mountains, islands, beaches, Buddhist pagodas, war memorabilia and many other things. 

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Out of the many locations, here are some of the best places to visit in Vietnam which should not be skipped. 

1. Halong Bay

sunset landscape of Halong Bay, Vietnam
Sunset landscape Halong Bay, Vietnam
Image Credit: Huy Thoai

Located in Northern Vietnam, Halong Bay has to be on the list of ‘best places to visit in Vietnam’. The UNESCO World Heritage site boasts of dazzling limestone karsts surrounded by emerald-hued waters and many islands. The thousands of big and small islands filled with caves and trees can be explored by hopping on boats. You can book an overnight cruise from Haiphong, Halong City or Cai Rong to reach Halong Bay. Choose from top-luxury cruises to basic ones. The area is also popular for adventure activities like – scuba diving, kayaking, hiking, and rock climbing. Soar through islands a little far away to enjoy crowds and dip all day in the calm and clean waters. 

It is easy to reach Halong Bay as it is only a 4-hour drive from Hanoi, where your flight to Vietnam is most likely going to land. 

2. Hanoi

Restaurants near train street in Hanoi.
Restaurants near train street in Hanoi.
Image Credit: Avinash Gatreddi

Just like any capital city, Vietnam’s capital city Hanoi has the perfect chaotic charm. It is one of the best places to visit in Vietnam as you get to taste the past and future together here. In Hanoi, one can witness the influences of French and Chinese invasions and also the vibe of a growing metropolitan city. Wander the alleys of the Old Quarters to travel back in time. To indulge in the chaos of the city, grab a seat outside one of the corner restaurants and watch the madness unfold. Restaurants, cafes and street-side stalls start filling up. Pedestrians, cars, tuk-tuks and motorbikes all entwined in the traffic. 

However, you also get to enjoy some peace, take a stroll around the Hoàn Kiếm Lake. you can also visit several religious sites and war museums in Hanoi. Don’t forget to get a taste of Vietnamese cuisine, especially street food in Hanoi. 

3. Hoi An

Ancient town of Hoi An
Ancient town of Hoi An
Image Credit: Hien Phung Thu

Located on the Central coast of Vietnam, Hoi An was a former port town. If you want to relive a piece of history, Hoi An is one of such unique places to visit in Vietnam. You will surely be mesmerised by the grand architecture of historic buildings, Chinese guild halls and Japanese merchant houses. Spend your afternoons in Hoi An by strolling through the market. Then unwind, take a spa session, chill at a lounge bar or get yourself a handmade suit or dress from one of the many tailor shops around. 

Every night, all shops and houses in the Old Town switch off the electricity and hang traditional silk lanterns outside. This colourful feat is a sight to behold, especially over the Thu Bon River. 

If you want a little more calm, cycle to the outskirts of the city to Danang for some warm-water beaches and sedate surroundings. 

Look out for several hotel accommodations options in Vietnam, right from luxury 5-star stays to boutique hotels and get them for the best deals. 

4. Hue

Purple Forbidden City within the Citadel in Hue
Purple Forbidden City within the Citadel in Hue
Image Credit: Hien Phung Thu

Hue has to be one of the famous places to visit in Vietnam as it was the former capital of Vietnam. The city has an integral role in Vietnam’s history and it can be easily sensed in the vibe of the city. Hue is split in two by the Perfume River. In the north is the old city. It has the Imperial City, a citadel within a citadel with attractions like the Forbidden Purple City, Thai Hoa Palace and Ngo Mon Gate. 

Even the modern city area is different as it has a delicious food scene and traffic-free streets. Also, check out the river’s promenade or the city outskirts for some striking places to visit in Vietnam. 

5. Mekong Delta

Vietnamese village folk picking lotus flowers
Vietnamese village folk picking lotus flowers
Image Credit: xuanhuongho

Also known as the ‘Rice Bowl of Vietnam’, the Mekong Delta is one of the famous tourist places in Vietnam. The region is very important to Vietnam for its rich biodiversity and diverse ecosystem. The riverfront is full of veritable sights including – winding waterways, mangrove forests and patchworks of fruits and vegetables. The Mekong Delta provides for about 1/3rd of Vietnam. 

You can also take buses, private taxis or bikes to explore the quaint and prettiest villages along the region like Tra Vinh. However, the best way to explore the region is to hop on a boat or wooden canoe. Paddle through small tributaries, rice paddies and farmlands. After you are done seeing the spectacular landscape of the delta, visit the floating markets of Vietnam. 

6. Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park

Tien Son Cave at Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park
Tien Son Cave at Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park
Image Credit: Efired

The Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park is one of Vietnam’s many natural wonders. It is home to the world’s largest caves, the Hang Son Doong Caves. Get a tour guide and go exploring the caves, however, it can cost you a bomb. If you want to save money, you can go and explore other nearby caves which are equally stunning. There are plenty of adventure activities available around these caves or else you can also relax on one of the beaches here. Attractions here also include wildlife like tigers, elephants and about 300 species of birds. 

7. My Son

My Son Ruins
My Son Ruins
Image Credit: upslim

My Son is one of the unique places to visit in Vietnam as it is an important heritage site of not only Vietnam but the entire Southeast Asia. When it was ruled by the Champa Kingdom, My Son had more than 70 Hindu Temples with decorative carvings and sculptures. Today all there stand are complex of ruins which can be explored on a trip to Vietnam. 

8. Ba Be National Park

Ba Be 
Park, Vietnam
Ba Be National Park, Vietnam
Image Credit: www.babenationalpark.com.vn

If you fancy yourself to be a lover of adventures and wildlife, then this offbeat tourist place in Vietnam is for you. You will be initially greeted by the mesmerising limestone mountains and plunging valleys. One can see the entire region filled with dense green forests, lakes and waterfalls scattered all around. You can either opt for a boat trip or a trek to spot wildlife like monkeys, bears, pangolins, Vietnamese salamanders and different species of birds as well. 

The best part about visiting the Ba Be National Park is you get to stay and experience rural Vietnamese life with the local Tay ethnic minority. 

Vietnam is a mine of stunning landscapes. One can never get enough of the number of places to put on your list of places to visit in Vietnam. To not miss out on the best of the places to visit in Vietnam, choose among our exclusive Vietnam Tour Packages

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