India is globally known for its myriad of festivals. Most of the festivals in the country are based on religious beliefs. Some celebrate patriotism, friends and family. One of the many Indian festivals is Raksha Bandhan. The festival of Raksha Bandhan is a popular annual Hindu festival. The main reason to celebrate Raksha Bandhan is to honor the bond and brother-sister relationship. The word ‘Raksha’ means ‘protection’ and ‘Bandhan’ means ‘bond’. This simply makes this festival a celebration of protection, love, affection and trust with someone you share a bond with.

For travelers, they create bonds beyond their families and friends, bonds other than that of brothers and sisters. For all the trips they take, whether in the country or on international vacations, they are bound to create a bond with someone or something. Siblings can celebrate Raksha Bandhan heartily commemorating their bonds with the locals, nature, food, culture, etc.

Here are some of the ways travelers can celebrate Raksha Bandhan in the new age:

Celebrate with Nature:

Sibling having fun time in nature
Image Credit: joagbriel

Nature is a prominent part of all the holidays you take. Many locations are famous tourist spots only because they are natural paradises. When these secluded lands are exposed to a number of visitors, there is a high chance there might be some destruction in the natural biodiversity of the region. Travelers may litter the place with garbage, they might pluck at the flora, obstruct the natural habitats of the fauna, etc. As one aspect of the festival is protection, travelers should be active in protecting the natural spaces around them, especially from man himself. To celebrate Raksha Bandhan with nature, take a stroll on a natural beach or simply tie a rakhi around the trunk of your neighborhood tree to rejuvenate your bond with nature.

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Celebrate with Travel:

Image Credit: sudip paul

A vacation is incomplete without having to travel either by car, trains, cruises or flights. Some travelers love to particularly travel with one of the many modes of transportation. As they say ‘the journey is more important than the destination, a mode of transport is an important part of travel. While travelling, even if you are on a solo trip, you and all the co-passengers are a unit, people trying to reach the same destination. You make some parts of your vacation memories during the travelling phase. Remember the train rides, where all the passengers sitting next to you were like an extended family for those few hours or a road trip, where you ate loads of food along the way?

If you are staying away from home and plan to return back home this Raksha Bandhan to celebrate with your sibling, explore cheap and best flight options to India.

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Celebrate with Food:

Image Credit: Maarten van den Heuvel

Be it any destination across the world, who doesn’t love some good food? Trying out local food is an integral part of getting acclimatized to any place. Wherever you are, go out and grab a bite of some local food and enjoy.

If you are planning to visit India in August, you can celebrate Raksha Bandhan by falling in love with a host of options in Indian food, especially the festive ones. You will definitely fall in love with the taste and love in your food. As August is a monsoon month in India, you can also enjoy some yummy foods to eat in the rainy season to satisfy your monsoon cravings

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Celebrate with the Local People:

Image Credit:
Quang Nguyen Vinh

Raksha Bandhan is a way of celebrating love, peace and unity between two bonds. A great part of the travel experience at a tourist destination are the locals. The locals of a particular place might be your tour manager, driver, local vendor or helping you with accommodations. Often during trips we see, visitors create a bond with some locals. You can tie a knot of love and care for them. How else would you get a chance to make a family away from home?

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Celebrate with Art & Culture:

Painting on wooden container
Painting on wooden container
Image Credit: Subhasish Baidya

The art & culture of any region speaks volume about it. Especially in India, all the states have some or the other specific rural art form and culture. For a traveler, the best way to celebrate Raksha Bandhan will be to dive deeper and explore them. Make friends with the folks and artisans on your quest to know more about their region. This would not only be an exchange of knowledge but also of love, trust, affection and care. You can show your love for the local art & culture by supporting their business and helping them promote it.

Celebrate with your Native Place:

Indian farmer with his cows at his village
Image Credit: CRS PHOTO

If you live somewhere outside the country or even in some place other than your native village or town, this would be a great opportunity for you to come back and reconnect with your ancestral roots. You may never know how many old bonds you would rekindle. This would also be a great holiday to disconnect from everyday life and relieve some of your childhood like playing cricket or just catching up on lost times with your cousins or friends.

Celebrate with your Inner-self:

Solo Traveller

Nobody in this world knows you better than yourself. Sometimes in the process of forming new connections, we forget to strengthen our relationship with ourselves. Travelling is a great way to connect with your inner self. Take a backpacking trip to Europe or treat yourself to a luxury vacation to the Maldives, but make sure to make a stronger bond with the traveler within you.

These are some of the ways travelers can celebrate Raksha Bandhan this year. So, how do you plan to celebrate Raksha Bandhan this year? Drop in your Raksha Bandhan 2022 plans below.

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