Whether it’s a group of friends, an adrenaline junkie, a shopping enthusiast, a foodie, a desperate romantic couple or honeymooner, or a family with children, Sri Lanka won’t disappoint you. A tear shaped small island country; Sri Lanka is also known as the pearl of the Indian Ocean. Offering a variety of fun, adventure and romance, it ranks as one of the world’s top destinations for those seeking an exotic vacation. Exciting things to explore in Sri Lanka like beaches, hills, jungles, ancient monuments, culture, history, nightlife, wildlife, and great delicious food make it all a magical paradise.

From the wonderful experience of climbing Sigiriya to the dreamlike scenic train ride from Kandy to Ella, from the fascinating experience of the whale watching at Mirissa Fishery port to the Hiking experience at Diyaluma falls, there really is something for everyone at this mesmerizing place which will amaze you at another level. The cherry on the top is that the Sri Lankan culture and food are incredibly unique and they will surely captivate you through all your adventures in your Sri Lanka tour package.

With so many different landscapes and cultures spread across the regions of Sri Lanka, there are various things to explore in Sri Lanka. We bet, these tourist attractions will compel you to book your Sri Lanka flight tickets and fly away to witness the beauty of the country in person. Let’s have a look.

1. Climb the Sigiriya Rock

Sri Lanka visa
Sigiriya Rock

Sigiriya Rock, also known as Lion Rock, is an ancient fort in the Matale district of central Sri Lanka. Visiting this place to see the 1600-year-old Sigiriya fort built by King Kashyapa is the best thing to explore the ancient place of the country. This huge complex is protected by two moats and three ramparts. The fort consists of abandoned palaces, ponds, waterways, canals, stairs, and walls. You will be able to witness the truly bewildering achievement of architecture.

Location: Rock front, Sigiriya – Sri Lanka. (16.8 km from Sri Lanka via Inamaluwa).
Timings: You can climb the rock from 7:00 AM to 5:00 PM, every day.

2. Visit the Yala National Park

Leopard spotting in Yala National Park
Leopard spotting in Yala National Park

Sri Lanka has around 22 national parks. The parks are very famous among all the tourists. In these nature reserves, all kinds of animals can be found, from crocodiles to leopards. One of the famous National Parks is an astonishing Yala Wildlife National Park which promises unrivalled thrills and a wonderful adventurous experience. Yala is certainly famous for the huge numbers of leopards and has also earned the nickname of “Land of the Leopard”. The Spectacular terrains offer dense to bushy vegetation, rocky pools, magnificent canyons, winding coastline with freshwater lakes, along with mammals such as Asian elephants, leopards, grey languor and crocodiles is one of the exotic and adventurous things to explore in Sri Lanka.

Location: Thalgasmankada, Hambantota – Sri Lanka.
Timings: You can witness all the animals at the park from 6:00 AM to 6:00 PM, every day.
Cost: Price starts from INR 4500/- per person.

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3. Beaches of Arugam Bay

Surfers at Arugam Bay
Arugam Bay

One of the best things to explore in Sri Lanka is to walk along the beaches of the world famous Arugam Bay. Although the land near the bay is small and inhabited by about 100 civilians, it is still a very popular surfing spot. The soft sand that covers the beaches of Arugam Bay is one of the main attractions of the region. You can also walk barefoot on the sand while watching the waves crash on the shore and the beautiful sunset. You can also enjoy the delicacies of the seaside restaurants and can be a part of extreme sports at the beach.
Enjoy the perfect beach time at Arugam Bay.

Location: Off the Sri-Lankan dry coast in the southeast region of Sri Lanka.
Timings: You can spend time at the beach from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM.

4. Kandy to Ella Train Ride

Kandy to Ella Train Journey
Kandy to Ella Train Ride

Train ride? Excited? The train journey from Kandy to Ella is often described as one of the most scenic train rides in the world, the picturesque beauty and the green landscape will surely drive you crazy. Train journeys in Sri Lanka are a must-do thing. It takes nearly 6 hours between Kandy and Ella. The Kandy to Ella train ride will take you through tea hills, waterfalls, mountains, clouds, mist and more, making you feel like you are in a fairy tale land.
This journey will fill your bags with lots of memories and photographs. Don’t forget to enjoy this ride.

Location: Kandy railway station, (95 km from Colombo).
Price: Ticket starts from INR 320/- per person with tea and coffee included.

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5. Tea Plantation at Nuwara Eliya

Two woman collecting tea in Nuwara Eliya, Sri Lanka
Two women collecting tea in Nuwara Eliya, Sri Lanka

Nuwara Eliya hills are popular for growing tea trees, and tea plantations are counted as one of the country’s most agricultural activities. There are several tea fields that you can visit and taste specially cultivated and brewed tea. One of the things to explore in Sri Lanka is to visit the two most important tourist tea plantations, Pedro Tea Estate and Bluefield Tea Gardens. You can take a walk to visit the tea plantations, interact with workers who can taste various types of tea, and they will introduce you to how to extract tea. It will be a fun thing to explore the tea plantation, especially for all the tea lovers.

Location: Nuwara Eliya – Sri Lanka.

6. Nine Arch Bridge in Ella

Woman sits on the Demodara nine arches bridge the most visited sight of Ella town in Sri Lanka
Woman sits on the Demodara Nine Arch Bridge the most visited sight of Ella town in Sri Lanka

Nine Arches Bridge, also known as The Bridge in the Sky, is an iconic building in the mountainous Ella region of Sri Lanka. The bridge is a magnificent stone bridge surrounded by green tea plantations with staggering mountains in the background. This ancient construction is 91 meters long and 24 meters high which continues to amaze tourists with its beauty. Six trains pass through this nine-arch bridge every day, the bridge offers you some fantastic scenic beauty for all the nature lovers who can capture tons of photographs over the bridge.

Location: Between Ella and Demodara station.

7. Whale Watching at Mirissa Fishery Port

Whale Watching at Mirissa Fishery Port
Whale Watching at Mirissa Fishery Port
Image Credit:
Beach and Bliss Mirissa

If you are lucky enough, you can also casually find the mighty Blue Whale and mischievous Dolphins playing underwater, showing a spectacular show. You can be a part of an exciting Whale watching cruise from Galle to Mirissa Fishing Port. You can see Blue Whales, Bryde’s Whales, Killer Whales, and Pilot Whales. It is an absolutely unforgettable experience and one of the best things to explore in Sri Lanka for kids.

Location: Mirissa Fishery Port – Sri Lanka.
Timings: You can witness the magic from only November to April at 6:30 am to 11:00 am.
Cost: Watch the whales for INR 6000/- per person.

8. Hike to the Top of Diyaluma Falls

Magnificent view of the Diyaluma Falls
Magnificent view of the Diyaluma Falls

One hour from Ella, Diyaluma Falls offers an exciting trail for hiking as one of the things to explore in Sri Lanka. Diyaluma Falls is the second highest waterfall in Sri Lanka and offers magnificent views from the top. There are many small pools for swimming along the hike. On the way back, you can witness the rubber production which is nearby at a small local village.

Location: P2MJ+7H3, Colombo -wellawaya, Colombo – Batticaloa Hwy, Koslanda, Sri Lanka

These are the best soul-satisfying things to explore in Sri Lanka that fascinate everyone to make it worth planning a wonderful Sri Lanka holiday. Add to it, the Sri Lankan Government’s online process for obtaining the Sri Lanka Visa. 

You can take a moment to see the vast range of activities and experiences it offers to those who set foot in its scenic landscape. From ultra-modern facilities, skyscrapers, shopping complexes to swaying nightlife, it is the perfect luxurious destination.

Do let us know your favourite things to explore in Sri Lanka in our comment section below.

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