Are you planning a holiday in Southeast Asia? If yes, then you must read this! Some of these scams in Southeast Asia aren’t that hazardous, but some of them can spoil your vacation. Southeast Asia has a lot of gorgeous places but be alert to what can happen to you. Take a look at the common scams in Southeast Asia that you can avoid on your holiday.

1. The Ping-Pong Show

Ping Pong Show
Ping Pong Show for adults

If you decide to visit Bangkok’s red-light district, you will see several people selling you their ping-pong shows. And, if you are perplexed, they will inform you that there is no entrance fee and that you simply pay for your drinks and enjoy the show. If you decide to take one of these offers, chances are you’ll be upset as you will end up paying more than you had planned. This is one of the most common scams in Southeast Asia, and hence it is advisable to go to one of the places where it is known!

2. Children’s Scam

Kids in Southeast Asia
Kids scam in Southeast Asia

Kids in Southeast Asia look loveable, but some of them are also trained to rob people. One of the famous scams in Southeast Asia is that a kid on the street will ask you for milk and food. Eventually, you will feel sorry for them and go and buy food for them, only to see that kid return the things you bought to take the profit. Always be careful around kids in Southeast Asia.

3. Bike Thief

Stack of cash
Cash scam in Southeast Asia

This is one of the most common scams in Southeast Asia, especially in cities like Ho Chi Minh City. The thieves pass by on a scooter while you’re talking on your phone. They are so fast to take your phone and your belongings away that you can’t do anything about it. Hold your bag steady and avoid speaking on your phone when you’re walking or biking.

4. Gas Station Scam

Gas station scam in Southeast Asia

The most common scam in Southeast Asia is the gas station scam. This usually involves the attendant misleading you into thinking that they’ve filled up your tank with the amount that you requested. But in reality, they have filled less and left you short of the mark.

5. Scam of a Drug Dealer

Type of drugs
Drug scam in Southeast Asia

This is a very dangerous scam in Southeast Asia. A random guy will approach you on the street and offer you drugs approach you on the street and offer you drugs. You think you could buy some weed to relax, but you’re stopped by a cop who asks for your legalization and searches through your pockets. Once he finds it, you’re given the chance to bribe him or face the legal consequences.

6. The Special Message Scam

Special Message
Special Message scam in Southeast Asia

The target of this scam is typically white or western-looking males who are traveling around the town on their own. It begins with a girl who approaches you on the street and offers you a “special massage” for an absurdly low price. You agree, and after getting to the “salon,” you are robbed by three big guys who will take you to the ATM and take all of your money.

7. Taxi Scam

Taxi in Bangkok
Taxi in Bangkok

This is the most common scam in Southeast Asia to watch out for. This occurs when the driver refuses to use the meter. This is a very common thing in many countries, and you will often have a harder time finding a driver who agrees to use the meter. By refusing to use it, the driver can charge an excessive rate for the journey, and you won’t even realize how much you’ve been overcharged.

8. Gem Scam

Fake gems in the market
Fake gems in the market

There are perhaps more fake gems than real ones sold in marketplaces in Southeast Asia. Many commonly sold gemstones, like sapphires, emeralds, rubies, garnets, peridots, turquoise, etc., have their fake counterparts, and even colored glass can perfectly replicate many different gemstones.

9. The Fake Monk Scam

Monk is praying in the temple
Monk scam in Southeast Asia

In many countries, fake Buddhist monks abound wherever there are innocent tourists to exploit. These fake monks will approach travelers and ask for money, often pointing to numerous notes and coins already put inside their alms bowl. These are the normal people who disguise themselves as monks by dressing in the same attire and shaving their heads.

Final Thoughts

With all these scams, dishonesty, and fraud, you’d be doing well to not have completely lost your faith in humanity.

Remember that this article is a collection of all the scams that we have experienced in multiple countries over time.

In conclusion, the existence of these scams is certainly no reason to avoid Southeast Asia. There’s so much beauty, magic, and splendor in this part that it overshadows the negative aspects like scams and unfair tourist prices. Hence, if you are looking for safe Thailand holiday packages, you can connect with our team, who would recommend you the best!

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