Mumbai is a “city that never sleeps”. It signifies the fast pace of growth that has taken place in urban India. If people wish to have a cutting chai at 2 am, they will get it; if someone needs medicines to buy at midnight, they will find the drugstores open to help you with what you need. Recently, even the Mumbai cabinet approved the 24 hours open policy for stores, which is an absolute favorite to the people of the city. However, the speedy lifestyle often becomes monotonous for the people and eventually results in a lot of stress.

What can be done to overcome this?

Well, a road trip or a weekend getaway from Mumbai sounds like an answer, doesn’t it? Even if you work six days a week, you can definitely pick a nearby destination and take a one-day road trip from Mumbai. Sounds fun, right? You can look for the best weekend getaway places, which can help you, take a much-needed short break from the busy life, and unwind yourselves.

To help you with this, we have created a list of the top 5 road trips that you can take from Mumbai, Take a look!

  • Lonavala/Khandala

We can never forget the famous song “Aati Kya Khandala” from the movie Ghulam. Khandala is one of the popular places to visit near Mumbai. Situated about a distance of 5 km from Khandala is Lonavala. You can reach these places in an hour and indulge in many activities like adventurous climbing, trekking, hiking, valley crossing, rock climbing, etc. While you are in Khandala, you must visit the ancient jail, where the founders of St. Xavier’s College were restrained by the British. N Lonavala, you can see the famous Tiger Point, Della Adventure, Bhushi Dam, etc.

  • Daman

We have seen rivers, forests, and mountains. Now, let’s look at one of the best beach destinations and perfect weekend getaway options near Mumbai – Daman. There is the Devika Beach, the Mirasol Lake Garden, the Jampore Beach, and the churches. The drive itself is wonderful – whimsical roads, smooth curves, and typical countryside to feast your eyes on. Also, other reasons to visit Daman include the cheap liquor and fuel, which will enormously cut down the overall cost of your next road trip.

  • Matheran

If you love a nature lover, then you are sure to fall for this place. Matheran is recognized for its lovely weather and luxurious greenery. You will not see any motor vehicles here. You can relish great food. Matheran is a perfect weekend getaway from Mumbai, particularly during the sultry summer.

  • Alibaugh

A road trip from Mumbai to Alibaug is one of the most sought-after. Today, it is a much-crowded destination, for families and for couples. If you want to go for a weekend getaway then Alibaug needs to be on your bucket list. You can enjoy amazing food, water sports, and many activities in Murud Beach, Kashid Beach, and even Nagaon Beach located near Alibaugh.

  • Igatpuri

If you are feeling agitated lately, start your car and plan a road trip to this small hill station. The meditation center and temples in Igatpuri will help you find inner peace. You can also experience camping expeditions, fun treks, zip-lining, etc.

A simple look at the list above leaves you longing for the next holiday. So be prepared, some of the best domestic holiday packages await you. You can even book a domestic flight from Mumbai on our website. Do share your experiences or any suggestions related to road trips from Mumbai with us in the comments section below.

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