Ever dreamt that there was an escape button on the keyboard of life? Well, as there isn’t, we are there for you! The common truth is that every individual in this universe needs a holiday at some point – A break from the boring routines, environments, work, and more. And what better break could be there than a perfect HOLIDAY! A holiday on a cruise that would truly excite and refresh you.

So if you are planning of taking a holiday on a cruise, then there is a very good chance you need to plan for a Dream Cruise. Dream Cruise, a new line of Genting HK— now carries millions of tourists every year. Featuring a whole fleet of quality, Dream Cruises aims to be a leader in the global cruise industry, meeting the requirements of Asian travelers. Dream Cruises offers stimulating journeys, which are Asian at heart and universal in spirit.  

Overall…Dream Cruises are all about fun holidays at sea and ashore! So if you are ready to cruise, then take a look at all that Dream Cruise has to offer.

  • Little Dreamers At The Sea

Want your children to spend a perfect and meaningful holiday at sea? Come and join the Little Dreamers Academy at Sea! Your little dreamers can participate in age-appropriate themed workspaces to learn about music, culture, arts, science, and many more. After all, Dream Cruises believe in helping every child’s dream come true!

  • Esc Experience Lab

Enjoy the Esc EXPERIENCE LAB and experience heart-thumping, leading-edge VR that transports you into worlds and realism you never even knew occurred. Feel your stomach drop on their Finger Coaster full-motion VR rollercoaster that speeds through fantastic underwater worlds and even takes it into space with the Star Wars.

  • Live Shows

Enjoy a variety of brilliant talents of well-known Chinese Opera singer Yimo, elegant Dream ballroom couples, and gorgeous dancers along with the high-level gymnast Imfera from Ukraine. Be enthralled with the extravagantly produced best live performances of all time.

  • Meetings and Events

Bring your vision to life with Dream Cruises. Discover the liberty, flexibility, and hassle-free accessibility that come with consolidating your event on the open seas onboard our cruise. Featuring the luxury of authentic Asian hospitality pooled with only the premium experiences from around the world, Dream Cruises provides the most exclusive settings and venues for your corporate events.

5. Dining

Their stylish dining area features diverse menus daily for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. A wide selection of drinks is available. Halal dining is also available at Dream Dining Room Lower upon demand.

Our aim is not just to help you with a holiday tour, but also to offer a gamut of services that suit your needs. We consider that bringing individuals and places together is a noble event. Moments that people enjoy with their loved ones are truly magical and blessed, and breaks and holidays are both a reason to get this blessing. And so we attempt to gift you a holistic experience filled with energizing, soothing and rejuvenating moments that you would treasure for eternity.

Exciting isn’t it? So why wait? Plan your holiday with Dream Cruises and book your Dream Cruises Packages with Akbar Travels today! 

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